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Thank you for visiting the Sovereign Hope website. 


This site was created out of a desire to memorialize America’s unique generational history… highlighting the circumstances that formed our country.  Our nation was borne out of a spiritually guided desire grounded in CHOICE… the ability to choose their destiny, livestyle and leaders.

The result of their efforts was/is the form, structure and society that we know as the united States of America.  Our country was uniquely formed and organized… as a Constitutional Republic,  where the citizens are the owners , who chose a unique type and style of government.  While this freedom to choose afforded the founders several options… it also was frought with several obstacles… all of which will be discussed on this website.

The most fundamental thing to focus on here is that the founders became the owners of this country.  Upon the signing of the 1783 Treaty of Paris, the colonial inhabitants became fully vested owners… in full and complete control of their land, affairs, and destiny… they were on equal footing with all of the royality in Europe… they became Sovereigns…  So…

Welcome Fellow American Sovereigns!  

This title recognizes your legally traceable heritage as outlined and recorded in the Treaty of Paris, 1783 which grants full Rights, Title, and Ownership to ‘We the People’ of the United States.

It means that the Several Generations that make up this country…
Were comprised of Leaders and Followers
Were guaranteed a Faith based environment…
One that recognized Faith, Family, Trust, and Honor
Who has the Right and Authority to make decisions…
Decisions that include managing and controlling your County, State, and Federal governments and officials!

Does it seem like I’m speaking of a foreign country?

Looking at America today, it would seem so…  Why?  The very simple answer is…
…Because several generations unknowingly gave up control of their Rights and Authority
and by extension their control over their system of government!!

Does it seem like the elected managers of our country work for ‘We the People’??
NO, and here’s why. 

These managers -over several generations- have manipulated and fractured
the Sovereign Owners into many squabbling and opposing groups…
effectively dividing and conquering the ownership base of this country.

Once divided, it was easy for them to quietly take control away from you.

The following pages are provided to help you understand how that happened.
These Analyses and Articles will also help you understand the original concept and structure,
because what we have today is NOT what the founders created for us.

The People ARE America… and several generations of The People have been treated poorly.

The 4 current generations of Americans have inherited fundamental problems that need fixing.

That’s why I created the
Sovereign’s Guideline to Resurrect Our Constitutional Republic

If you desire to step up and PEACEFULLY AND CIVILLY  join ‘We the People’ to restore our rightful place as Owner/Managers of our unique Constitutional Republic… then we welcome you!!!

The following pages are the life work of the Founder and Director of Sovereign Hope.  They represent both inspiration and perspiration… and will provide you with honest and forthright constitutionally-based analysis and direction.

I invite you to look at the pull-down menus at the top of the page.  They provide easy access to a variety of articles categorized into convenient groups.  If you have any questions or requests, please use the Contact Us page.

I appreciate your interest and believe in my heart, that because you care, there is Hope for America.

WELCOME… and please share this website with those you know,
so that ‘We the People’ can build the necessary consensus that will once again lead
to Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

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