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A Disturbing Paradox

Authoritative – having the power of special knowledge; showing confidence;
being in control, with the expectation of respect and obedience

Abuse – to use something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong


Authority Derivatives

  • Authority is a natural extension of the Divine (Energy) Law.
  • Humanity’s historical roots demonstrate a need/desire for authority.
  • Humanity’s roots also demonstrate a love/hate relationship with authority.
  • Authority is intellectually derived through External, and Internal forces.
  • Authority is exhibited through Derived, Forceful, and Consented forms.
  • Authority is demonstrated through generational Leaders.


Abuse Derivatives

  • Abuse, once experienced, is never forgotten.
  • Abuse is rooted in fear.
  • Fear is a survival-generated emotion.
  • Typically, abuse is an emotionally driven over-reaction of an instinctive survival response to control.
  • Habitual abuse is a purposeful pattern based on experiential results that satisfy the abusers’ need/desire for this type of unhealthy gratification.
  • Sadly, recorded human society demonstrates that abuse is the rule, not the exception.


Authoritative Abuse (AA) Derivatives

  • AA is demonstrated in many ways… physical, intellectual, and emotional.
  • Ironically, AA has been used as a form of a rite of passage… (Ponder institutionalized, militarized, and socialized traditions.)
  • In a fear-dominated atmosphere, AA can quickly become a de-facto human condition.
  • When AA becomes an accepted form of interaction, society will rapidly devolve into anarchy… a crisis that destroys the social trust fabric.
  • AA fomented the Revolution of 1776, and it again is manifesting into the current cause of citizen dissent and anger, which is growing exponentially toward a crisis of national proportions.


Words Have Power

The mere pairing of these two words conjures up powerful emotions to anyone who reads them and has experienced the energy they convey.  Words, do indeed, have power.  They convey an energetic impact that directly affects those who hear them.

As experiential beings, living in a mass-media age, virtually everyone has either witnessed or personally experienced some form of Authoritative Abuse.  AA is a repugnant and moral rebuke to a civil, and sustainable society… so why do humans tolerate and even participate in it?  Two answers come to mind.

The first I’ll describe as the mirror effect.  Essentially, the mirror effect is an intellectual identifier of perceived and relatable character traits… what we see in another person that we identify with… and relate to… because we have similar desires, wants, and needs.

It’s what got William J. Clinton elected… twice.  How could a man with questionable moral ethics and a decided lack of moral character get elected and re-elected?  Because his values and character mirrored enough of the electorate to give him the necessary votes.

The same thing happened with Donald J. Trump in 2016.  His projected views, values, and rhetoric mirrored enough of the electorate to give him the necessary votes.  Based on the four-year preview he gave us… we now know that he does not have the moral character, patience, discipline, or team-skills to act in a position of moral leadership, which is required to handle the demands of this most important office.

Leaders without Followers create nothing…
Followers without Leaders go nowhere.

The second is deeply rooted in the Leader/Follower dynamic.  This symbiotic relationship is as old as time… and is as important now as it was then.  Societal progress depends on this natural, and powerful relationship.  But, what happens when Leaders break trust and resort to Authoritative Abuse?


Mutual Responsibilities

Both Leaders and Followers have specific responsibilities in order for this relationship to provide mutually beneficial and sustainable results.  If either party shirks their best-efforts contribution, the overall outcome will suffer.

Occasionally, Leaders —for a variety of reasons— will resort to AA as a short-cut way of creating the result they deem necessary.  While their Followers may notice what happened, they may ignore this insult and view it as an aberration… and rely on their established pattern of mutually beneficial experiences.

BUT… if the aberrations become the status quo, the Followers will start exhibiting signs of discontent… everything from speaking out to lashing out.  If the Leaders do not pay attention and recognize their mistakes, they risk disruption of this vital relationship.


Nature Abhors a Vacuum…

…Another way of saying that something will replace the natural Leader/Follower form of societal collaboration if it continually breaks down.  Enter the Authoritative Abuser relationship.

To use another abhorrent phrase… an Authoritative Abuser is three-fifths of a person… not quite whole… in this case because they are lacking in spiritually-grounded moral character.

You may recall the three-fifths Compromise from the 1787 Constitutional Convention… a sad example of a darker kind of exigent compromise… one of several that became necessary to create the federal union… the same Constitutional Union we are so callously disregarding today.


Authoritative Abusers Rely on Crisis

Authoritative Abusers prey on the mirror effect to gain a foothold in people’s lives.  Their typical entry point is through a crisis situation… either one they take advantage of, or create.  Their participation and control vary proportionally to their egregious behavior… the more overt… the shorter their control.  Several European monarchies aptly demonstrated this pattern.

Intellectually (not morally) attuned Authoritative Abusers, are adept at realizing that their subjects have limits… that they will only tolerate so much, at a given time.  Sadly, the pattern that ensues is one in which the Abuser methodically adjusts their abusive patterns… keeping their subjects controlled… all the while increasing control over them… because the ultimate and only goal of an Authoritative Abuser is fear-driven domination and control.

This results in either abject submission or rebellion… reference the American Revolution of 1776.  The Declaration of Independence is a clear and concise record of grievances and is a good example of how a society extricates itself from under an Authoritative Abusers’ control.


Political Parties Covert Accomplices

The 2-Party Collaborative Alliance (2-PCA) has unwittingly created the perfect storm for the current AA crisis and impending anarchy that grips the US today.  Their multi-generational manipulation of citizens’ rights has now put them in the spotlight.  Suddenly, their private, constricted, and complicated election processes coupled with their meager and contrived party choices highlight a failed and manipulated system… one that is outside of Constitutional bounds and also is currently beyond the citizen’s control.

To use a metaphor… think of the 2-PCA as forest managers… collectively responsible for all the forests in our country.  They realize that fire is the biggest threat to their resource and must come up with a plan to prevent it.

Their version of management is to simply restrict citizen access, because citizens can’t be trusted to use this resource wisely.  In the short term that seems to work.  It takes several decades to realize that this shortsighted plan actually makes matters worst.

By limiting access, the 2-PCA stopped citizens from removing the debris that naturally accrues… thus allowing continued accumulation to the point where it became a dense tinderbox awaiting a disastrous result.

To extend the forestry metaphor, some frustrated and angry citizens are wanting to do a “back-burn” to contain this destructive pattern.  If calmer minds could prevail… they would see that a “back-burn” involves more destruction and loss… and potentially total loss of control… because the 2-PCA could completely close the forests… (declare martial law).

Over several generations, the 2-PCA has effectively taken control over one of America’s most cherished and sacred Constitutional rights… the right to freely and openly choose our elected officials.

The 2-Party Collaborative Alliance is another clear example of Authoritarian Abuse.  Today, in our country, the 2-PCA is operating our government virtually outside the bounds of our Constitution.  (See Fence-Menders)

They have deftly usurped control over our US and State governments… so that today, “We the People” have virtually no say or direct control over our government’s size, scope, or administration.


Mad vs Angry

Our citizens’ long-simmering anger is quickly turning to blind rage… an emotional level that impairs reason and positive outcomes.

In contrasting Mad vs Angry…
“mad” describes an intense or uncontrolled emotional state…
whereas “angry” is a more measured or moderate emotional response.

Mad describes the current political climate and rhetoric today.  Reason and civil discussion have been replaced with yelling, ultimatums, and threats of violence.  We are at the brink… and we have been (unwittingly) brought here ostensibly by ONE highly-visible Authoritative Abuser… Donald J. Trump… carried by the “Trump Base”.


The Trump Base

The mere fact that there is a “Trump Base” should give ALL Americans pause… and ask the questions… who makes up this group and what causes them to feel this way?  The “Trump Base” —dominated by Babyboomers and Gen-Xer’s— is a barometer of the profound and growing anger in the US… which —if not constructively managed— will erupt into full-blown anarchy.

My observations are that they are the overt portion of ordinary Americans who participate… they recognize they’ve suffered decades of abuse… but do not recognize that it is at the hands of the 2-PCA.  Like an iceberg, they represent the minor, visible portion of Americans’ voices and feelings.  They’ve been led to believe that the “government” is the problem… an inaccurate but convenient obfuscation.

In my humble opinion, all Americans have a right to be angry… they’ve had their constitutional rights violated and their voices suppressed… they’ve lost both their visibility and voice in our governmental process.

The 2-PCA has covertly, and skillfully gutted the Bill of Rights and subjugated the citizenry of this country into a submissive, gagged population.  Instead of ignoring or dismissing these well-meaning but misguided citizens, fellow Americans should look at the root of their complaints… because if we did… we would find a commonality —if not uniformity— with their grievances.

Sadly, the “Trump Base” —misdirected and fueled by pent-up rage— is blindly rushing headlong toward outright anarchy.  Their shortsighted rage is preventing them from hearing… seeing… or understanding how their particular brand of blind rage is destructive, both domestically and internationally.

My fervent hope is for them to pause, reflect, and redirect their energy into a more constructive
reform campaign, one that focuses its’ considerable anger on the true Authoritative Abusers…
the 2-Party Collaborative Alliance.


DJT… Authoritative Abuser in Chief

Donald J Trump (DJT), has deftly tapped into many Americans’ unrest and anger and fomented it into the rage that permeates our political and social landscape today.  His incendiary and divisive language has created this angry, mad, and volatile base… which is poised to be the pivotal force in the upcoming elections.

These followers have unwittingly become pawns.  Lacking any constructive guidance or morally grounded leadership… they parrot rhetoric that makes thinking, rational citizens lose faith in their judgment and sense of values… which creates our current and deepening political divide.

In classic Authoritative Abuser fashion, DJT is manipulating their legitimate emotions and feelings into a self-serving destructive force… powerful enough to topple and destroy the delicate balance that has been the uniqueness of our Constitutional Republic for over 230 years.

Could DJT’s maniacal plan be to create a Russian-style republic,
where he would have Oligarch status that rivals Vladimir Putin?

DJT has demonstrated repeatedly —since boyhood— an open disdain for societal authority… sadly a learned trait passed from father to son.  He has continually displayed an egoic arrogance that in no uncertain terms lets us know that his narcissistic interests and priorities are paramount… regardless of how they conflict, hurt, or damage others… or violate the rule of law.  He has made it abundantly clear that he has contempt for the values and principles that most Americans consider sacred.

Are there that many Americans —who are so angry— that they are
willing to destroy their very way of life in an attempt to quench his/their rage?

It’s quite apparent that DJT has changed from the person who ran in 2015.  His tone, language, and demeanor now show no signs of solving problems… but of sowing seeds of violence, revenge, and anarchy.  It’s a debatable point as to whether either version —then or now— accurately represents him.

I am an Army combat veteran, who took an oath to defend and protect our US Constitution… so the most polarizing event to me in the past several years was on January 6, 2021… and it involves DJT’s 187 minutes of inaction.

While his supporters promulgated violent acts on the Capital building and its inhabitants —against those who took an oath to protect and defend it— he sat watching the violence on television in the White House… for 187 minutes.  Despite numerous pleas from his immediate family, staff, attorneys, and political advisors over those 3+ hours… he steadfastly refused to call for a stop to the violence.  WHY??  Was this a reflection of his true feelings of avarice??  Was this a true reflection of his lack of moral character and disdain for what most Americans hold as their guiding principles… our Constitutional rule of law??


Accountability in the Shadow of the Capital

In the three years since that perverse display of Authoritative Abuse, his rhetoric and actions have amplified… all declaring his narcissist belief that he was wronged… that he suffered an inexcusable tragedy… and is openly calling for revenge and punishment for anyone who defied/defies him.

This begs these basic and critical questions…

  • Does DJT really believe that he’s being treated unfairly? 
  • Is his sense of right, wrong, and justice that skewed?
  • Is he taking advantage of America’s deep-seated trust in our Rule of Law? 

Simply put… America operates on the honor system… “Innocent until proven guilty”.
When a person abuses that trust —especially through perjury— they must be held accountable.

These are critical points to understand… because they get to the heart of his intent and purpose. 

  • IF... he truly believes that he’s being treated unfairly —in the face of exhaustive investigations on virtually every level— can we trust his judgment and sense of reality?
  • IF… he knows what he’s done, and is saying these things to further his narcissistic agenda and avoid accountability for his actions… can we trust his judgment and sense of right and wrong?

this is NOT a game show, where performers vie for approval and ratings…
This is real life at the highest level… with profound consequences. 
It is time that Americans hold DJT accountable for his selfish choices and destructive actions. 

DJT wants to co-opt the justified anger of many law-abiding, Constitutional-believing Americans and use it to avenge his misguided sense of events.  I implore you, PLEASE… DO NOT HELP DJT HIJACK our unique —and guaranteed— rights of responsible free speech and assembly… those built on longstanding values of civility, decorum, and the Rule of Law… which represent the accumulated generational traditions of our Constitutional Republic.


America’s Been Here Before

Current American generations are in a similar place as the Revolutionary War generations.  They too, were in dire straits… facing a bleak and uncertain future… desperately lacking manpower… munitions… supplies… and tactical advantage… they were out-provisioned and out-garrisoned at every level.

If you know this bit of history, you know that it was their strong and unwavering faith in their beliefs and purpose that caused them to succeed against insurmountable odds… culminating in the miracle Battle of Yorktown.

America is currently in an equally critical emotionally charged, energetic Crisis… one that’s generating an intellectually dominated, fear-driven, downward, energy spiral.  This political Crisis was indirectly promulgated by the 2-Party Collaborative Alliance… and then fanned by the inflammatory language of an angry and vindictive sociopath.

America is accelerating —in real time— toward disaster… toward a potential collapse of our Rule of Law.


It’s Time for A Personal Spiritual Reckoning

I encourage Americans —from all four generations—
to set aside time at dawn’s early light…
to personally resolve this critical soul-level issue.

I sincerely encourage you to get up early…
And in the quiet, early light of dawn…
Deeply, seriously, contemplate your understanding and feelings about this man,
and the character that he displays.

Reflect his energy against the energy and light of your soul/Spirit…
Can you honestly own and support his actions and rhetoric in this sacred space?

Contemplate if his rhetoric and actions align with;
The principles and values of our country…
Our Constitution…
Of those who took that oath and died defending it?

Forget the technicalities around all the lawsuits…
Just look at the fact that there are so many of them…
Look at his defiant and arrogant response to them…
His inflammatory and demeaning language…
His complete lack of ownership/responsibility…

Is this the man who mirrors and epitomizes your personal and family values…
Who could accurately represent you as the leader of our Nation?…
A nation founded on the principles of equality, fairness, stewardship, consensus, and consideration?

I pray in the light and reality of a new day…
A new reality blossoms over you individually…
And collectively spreads over our country as a whole…
A reality grounded in a sacred honor…
Propelling hope and unity…
One that causes us to choose to rebuild our tattered Republic…
Not further destroy it.


Accountability Perspective

One more thing… if your soul/Spirit enlightens you to choose this morally guided path, also consider the patience it will take to be part of this morally inspired healing.

Trust me… it will take patience, support, and time for DJT’s base —those who are deeply immersed in his/their rage and anger— to resolve it… and hopefully, once again become contributors to the generational fabric that can be our Constitutional Republic.

I’m asking you to be kind and considerate to them… family, friends, co-workers, and community members… to help create the atmosphere that encourages them to join in this morally supported decision… so that we too resemble the founders, who willingly put everything they owned on the line… up to and including their “lives and sacred honor”… to create what we’ve collectively inherited.


America Needs Another Miracle of Faith & Action

Grassroots Americans need to summon their individual, morally-grounded, resolve into a unified, faith-driven initiative that visibly manifests into actionable results.  Morally-inspired, community and regional Leaders need to rise up and rekindle the smoldering embers of decency and values that have been decimated by the relentless fear and subversion tactics promoted by the 2-PCA and Authoritative Abusers.

How?  Perhaps the answers can be gleaned from the following questions…

  • Is it possible that over the next several months, a silent majority of morally-grounded Americans, can unite and find a way to focus their energy on powerful faith-based initiatives that highlight proven, experienced, moral Leaders/leadership?
  • Can this groundswell of moral energy translate into articulate and determined Leaders/leadership programs at both the State and National levels?
  • Can these morally-grounded, articulate, and determined Leaders/leadership programs champion a campaign that purports Constitutional allegiance instead of party allegiance?
  • Can Americans unite with the focus of only electing Statesmen… those who will prioritize inclusive State and Federal government consensus within Constitutional constraints over the current exclusive partisan division?
  • Can current generations of Americans unite and champion a return to the ‘no party’ system of government created by the founding generations —that operated until 1828?
  • Can enough Americans unite around this critical representational issue that would reinstate our original Constitutional form of a Republic… so we can once again function as originally designed… without political party domination and interference?

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
— George Washington

Finally, I pray that we can —daily— quiet our minds enough to once again hear our “still small voice”… to feel, and harness the divinely inspired energy that also guided past generations… toward self-determination and true whole-being prosperity

Because our collective clock is ticking… louder and louder…


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