Can the District of Columbia Be A State?

Jurisdictional Issues Explained



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Can the District of Columbia be a State?

Identifying Jurisdictional Issues & Sorely Needed Solutions

What follows is a Constitutionally based explanation of original intent and purpose…
how that’s been manipulated into the untenable mess we have today…
and how We –the true Sovereign Owners– can simply and effectively fix this.

The current political-party-managed government is desperately struggling to look organized and functional.  As the days of the current political-party oligarchy go by, their contrived crises are making their administration look more chaotic.  They continually defy their Constitutional mandates with blatant attempts to limit more of our freedoms by tampering with our Constitutional protections, and by demonstrating a complete lack of understanding about the underlying virus related choice issues.  Their outright assault on our most cherished SOVEREIGN RIGHT TO CHOOSE is building toward a long overdue confrontation, one caused by their relentless unconstitutional national usurpations.

One bizarre and (IMHO) patently unconstitutional piece of legislation that keeps surfacing would allow the District of Columbia to enter into the union of States as an equal and sovereign State.  There are two things that jump out as being  very wrong about this.  The first is that the 2 major political parties would even legitimize such a discussion.  The second is that those trusted to monitor and follow governmental issues on our behalf (newspaper editors and analysts), do not seem to recognize this as an issue.

This proposal generally points to the level of chaos that pervades our country today… and specifically points to the continual erosion of the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic.  I am dismayed at both aspects since this clearly defies our written Constitution.  How?  By demonstrating the 2 major political party’s complete disregard of  the District’s role and purpose in our Constitutional Republic.  This is yet another blatant attempt by the 2 major political parties to cause more damage to our already severely-compromised Federal Republic’s operating structure.

Their reasoning is as shortsighted and dangerous as our current governmental process is unconstitutional.
It appears that the Democratic Party wants this to give themselves a majority of (unconstitutional) senators.

Even the most casual student of our Constitutional Republic should realize the absurdity of such a proposal.  Serious Constitutional students should recognize its outright fallacy… both practically and legally.

Constitutional Language Is Clear

The District of Columbia is clearly identified in our Federal Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) to have a specific purpose and function.  It is to be a separate legal jurisdiction for the several States of the Union to conduct their exclusive business in… additionally, it is to be their exclusive domain and unfettered work place.

The founders were well aware of the jurisdictional need to create a NEW, ENFORCEABLE AS WELL AS SUBSERVIENT STATE’S MANAGEMENT SYSTEM… one that would continue to operate on a separate level… INFERIOR TO THE STATE’S AUTHORITY.  Their clear and recorded solution carved out a very specific and separate physical as well as legal place… and that place was a 10 square mile area voluntarily ceded from Maryland and Virginia along both sides of the Potomac River.

The District of Columbia was purposefully removed from the States… it was intended to be the sole and exclusive domain of the newly created Federal Government.  The original Congress ‒duly appointed to act as the consortium of States– was clearly mandated to exclusively occupy and manage this separate land mass.  It was their own district… to be and remain separate from the contiguous land mass known then as the Colonies… and now as the States… TO BE –IN PERPETUITY– PHYSICALLY AND LEGALLY SEPARATE AND SUBSERVIENT.

Ultimately, it was each States’ legislature’s responsibility to meld any new laws created in this separate jurisdiction into their own jurisdictions through their individual Constitutions for their Sovereign resident’s awareness and benefit.  Think of the States as a constitutional buffer… effectively all federal directives are filtered through them.

The newly created District of Columbia was a unique and separate legal jurisdiction…
It was specifically created for the collective States to use as their designated meeting place…
and also to create policy that the States would adopt as part of their State Constitutions…

Disrespectful Proposal

The current proposal to convert this jurisdictionally unique and separate land mass into a sovereign State for the purpose of GAINING A PARTY-CONTROLLED, POLITICAL, SENETORIAL ADVANTAGE is an insult to those Sovereign State Republics and their Sovereign Inhabitants who understand, support and respect our Federal Constitution.

It is also a glaring indication of the arrogance of the 2 major political parties… who write and propose legislation that clearly contradicts and subverts the very document they took an oath to support and defend.  Can you see that the 2 major political parties have NO REGARD WHATSOEVER FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED REPUBLIC?



I have presented you with clear, concise and salient facts.  Our Constitution is clear and plain in its intent and description regarding the District of Columbia.  The democratic-party-managers are overtly willing to violate it for party gain… what should ‘We the People’ do to them? What actions should we consider?

Consider this analogy before you decide…

You have a rental property located in another part of the country that’s been in your family for generations.  You want to keep it, but logistically, it’s becoming harder to manage… so you decide to hire a property management company.  They assure you they have lots of experience and can easily deal with the complexities surrounding this endeavor… so you hire them to manage it for you.

Several years go by, and you coincidentally happen to talk to someone from the same town where the property is located.  You are surprised and shocked to find out that the management company has made major changes to your property… essentially using it as their own and financially gaining from it… all without your knowledge or approval!!  What would you do?

Obviously, since you had a written contract, you have grounds to pursue legal action to reclaim the property, but it goes much deeper than that, doesn’t it?  THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY NOT ONLY VIOLATED THEIR AGREEMENT… THEY VIOLATED YOUR TRUST.  They took advantage of you for their own selfish gain, completely disregarding your ownership and rights.  Would you knowingly hire –let alone retain– anyone who looks to circumvent your mutual agreements?

You use the legal means available to you to recover you rightful possession, but the sting of their betrayal still lingers… just thinking about the property stirs unpleasant emotions.  You wonder why they did it… were you too naïve?… or too trusting?… or were they too arrogant?  Regardless… this experience damaged your opinion and confidence in human nature.

Interestingly, as you go through the process to reclaim your rightful property, you learn that the managers have committed several very serious criminal acts… they are guilty of unlawful conversion of your property, fraud, embezzlement and a host of fiduciary violations.


The Real Life Version

Our ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT was set up as a direct, sovereign-owned and controlled system with simple, straight-forward operating parameters, that WHOLLY RELIED ON TRUST.  It was designed to provide easy access and interaction BETWEEN THE SOVEREIGN OWNERS AND THEIR DISTANT REPRESENTATIVES.

The original 3 representatives were ­­‒in effect‒ hired to manage the Sovereign’s affairs in the distant Federal Congress.  Originally the People directly hired their federal district representative, and the States directly hired their 2 Federal Senators… Sadly, that changed over 150 years ago… (See National Government).  Now, the 2 major political parties unilaterally control the selection and management of these federal offices.

REMEMBER, YOUR FEDERAL DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE’S PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY IS TO BE YOUR ADVOCATE IN THIS SEPARATE JURISDICTION.  They swear an oath to vigilantly protect your interests.  What are they supposed to do?  First and foremost, zealously guard against any incursions on your freedoms as described in the Bill of Rights… with an overall focus of honoring their oaths to stay within the limits as described in our Constitution.  Do you honestly feel that their words and actions depict these goals today?

NOT AT ALL!  From my perspective, THEY ARE DOING EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE… by proposing, supporting or passing legislation that directly contradicts the Constitution.  Their actions diminish your sovereign authority and freedoms by flagrantly disregarding their constitutional mandates.  And since the 2 major political parties unilaterally control virtually all government offices and functions… we Sovereigns of the several States have been relegated to a place of silent shame… having no voice or affect on the current national proceedings.  This in-and-of-itself should cause you great alarm.



HOPEFULLY, my analogy clarifies your current position as a powerless, disenfranchised Sovereign State inhabitant.  HOPEFULLY, you also see that there are readily available ways to regain your authority.
HOPEFULLY, the thought of regaining control over your life and freedoms is creating a deep and focused level of resolve in you.
HOPEFULLY, you are ready to engage in some simple steps to regain control as a Sovereign inhabitant of your County and State.

Regarding this article, I propose two solutions… one specific to the District of Columbia statehood proposal… and one that addresses the broader, more profound underlying issue of political party subversion.


District of Columbia Solution

The District of Columbia solution is straightforward and uncomplicated… actually, it’s already part of federal governmental policies.  Since the District of Columbia is THE PRIMARY FEDERAL ENCLAVE, the residents should be treated the same as those in other federal domains.  The following example should provide clarity.

Consider a military base.  Everyone there are base residents, NOT base inhabitants, since the BASE IS DEFINED AS A SEPARATE AND INFERIOR LEGAL JURISDICTION… one that has no constitutional provision of residency.  Base residents are therefore legal inhabitants of one of the several States.

Even though military personnel occupy that military base, their sovereign ties are to their Legal County and State of Record, and as such, they retain all the rights and privileges of their legal domicile regarding representation and voting.  So, it follows that all residents of the District of Columbia are legal inhabitants of one of the several States… having exclusive representation and voting rights there.  For those born in the District of Columbia, their parents’ legal State of Record becomes their legal State of Record.

Simple, right?  So why create legislation that creates confusion and defies the Constitution?  This is yet another example of how the 2 major political parties foment and disenfranchise people to gain more control for themselves.  This is –constitutionally speaking– a non-issue, and should only be looked at to identify the instigators so they can be sanctioned for their unconstitutional actions.



Broader Underlying Solution

The broader, underlying solution must deal with much more profound and serious Constitutional violations.  Those who concoct and PROMOTE ANY UNCONSTITUTIONAL INIQUITIES OR LIE ABOUT THEIR ACTIONS should be immediately held accountable by appropriate means, prosecuted for Oath Violations and further prosecuted according to their level of responsibility and involvement in any unconstitutional schemes.  Remedies can extend from punitive measures, to removal from office, to incarceration… and should be as swift and forceful as the bold arrogance that created these violations.

18 USC Ch. 115: TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES clearly defines the various levels of responsibility and participation and provides clear penalties for them.

§2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

§2382. Misprision of treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

Remember… This is Collusion on a Grand Scale…
… and where is the best place to hide a colossal scheme like this?  In plain sight.

Do you remember the Enron Scandal?  That elaborate scheme bilked people out of billions of dollars.  Why do I bring that up?  Well… the 2 political parties actions makes that look penny-ante.  How?  Because what the 2 political parties are doing is the most serious thing you can do to another human being… take away their God-given rights… essentially reduce them to slaves… by steadily reducing the force and impact of our carefully delineated Constitution… which was specifically written to guarantee those rights to us… all under the ruse of creating a Progressive Democracy!

The audacity of their actions defies imagination… AND… to add insult to injury… the political parties have been flagrantly disregarding our Constitution for several generations –with impunity.  Apparently –in their minds– their actions are acceptable.

So, what do you say… because ultimately YOU HAVE THE FINAL SAY.

For me…
There actions are criminal and they MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IMMEDIATELY.

Further…  The duration of their FIDUCIARY VIOLATIONS speaks volumes to their  ARROGANCE AND DISREGARD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Evidently ‘We the People’ hold little, if any, regard in their eyes.


Constitutional Remedies

GENERALLY… Our Constitution was formulated on three universal and foundational principles… Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.  The Constitution and Amendments can be further articulated as delineating 286 unique principles as described in W. Cleon Skousen’s book, The Making of America. (Please see NCCS)  I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to truly understand the simplicity and complexity woven into this unique document.

SPECIFICALLY… I propose that ‘We the People’ rely on two key parts of our Constitution for remedy… County Sheriffs and Grand Juries, to quickly and effectively identify, and hold accountable those who have violated their Constitutional Oath and Fiduciary Responsibilities.

County Sheriffs are the Sovereign’s elected peacekeeper… they are directly accountable to ‘We the People’ and are unhindered by statutory entanglements and limitations… and as such, they are uniquely positioned to maintain Constitutional order and decorum… and if need be, become the buffer between unconstitutional agents and the Sovereign County’s inhabitants who elect and support them.  The sheriff is the highest foundational enforcement office… their authority supersedes all others.

The sheriff is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, but is an organic part of all State Constitutions.   Their legal standing and authority is federally supported by one of the Reserve Clauses, the tenth amendment. (See Reserve Clauses)A former Sheriff, Richard Mack, has created a national education forum called the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer’s Association, which teaches County Sheriff’s vital information regarding their Constitutional authority.  (See CSPOA)

Grand Juries are identified in the 5th Amendment, and as such, are provided for in all State Constitutions.  Currently only about half the States have active Grand Juries.  There are listed pros and cons about them.  Most revolve around the independent and secretive nature of a Grand Jury… its apparent lack of accountability, lack of judicial structure and oversight… which (IMHO) if they are empaneled with honest, non-partisan and moral people, could be beneficial in our current partisan environment.

The biggest hurdle in this particular Grand Jury process could be that the Attorney General is also a partisan elected office, which –in this case of dealing with political party abuses– could pose a problem with impartiality.  It would be up to the Sovereign People in that particular County or State to make their voices heard, and to make sure this process is non-partisan, fair and equitable.


Ultimately, It Is All About ‘We The People’

AT ANY LEVEL, OF ANY PROCESS, IT ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO THE INTEGRITY OF THE LEADERSHIP AND PEOPLE INVOLVED.  All agreements, whether written or oral, rely on the integrity of the people participating in them… to their heartfelt intentions of either honoring or circumventing their obligations… to follow either their Faith-based convictions or fear-based experiences.  You can have the best document ever written… but if it falls into the hands of a fearful and malevolent people… it will result in dire and unintended consequences.

THE CORE CHALLENGES facing organized  societies have always been rooted in understanding and demonstrating MORALITY AND HONOR IN THEIR WORDS AND DEEDS.  This is especially true in our Constitutional Republic, where moral leadership coupled with remote representation are the cornerstone of our governmental process.  Since many of those in current political offices have been swayed by abhorrent party ethics and egoic personal gain, ‘We the People’ must now –WITH CLARITY OF CONSCIENCE AND PURPOSE– hold those violators legally accountable for their serious and continuing Constitutional violations.

‘We the People’ ultimately hold the power to return our unique Constitutional Republic to its former limited and balanced form of government… one grounded in a deep abiding Faith in God and Trust in each other.  ‘We the People’ must encourage and promote solid moral leadership, free of political partisan entanglements… leadership whose time and attention is focused on managing OUR COUNTY AND STATE PRIORITIES, not some arbitrary political agenda that seeks to deprive US of our freedoms and choices.



One day…
Thanks to the internet…

Americans woke up and understood that they’ve been lied to for over 100 years…
And they finally realized their true authority and sovereign power? 

America could be restored to its former glory and freedoms…
Virtually overnight!

‘We the People’ could once again freely choose… Freedom, Prosperity and Peace…

If you can, then we are over half-way there



I pray that you do, and encourage you to

To participate in this GREAT CONSTITUTIONAL RESET…
that returns Constitutionally grounded law and order to your Sovereign Counties & States.

It will benefit US all, in many ways.


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