Clarity from Chaos

2020 yearly review, published January 2021



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 We Can   ‘BE THE CHANGE’   We Want to See in 2021

WARNING:     The following document is specifically intended for US Sovereign Owners. 
It is wholly unsuitable for citizens of other political persuasions or other countries.


Congratulations!!  You endured the Chaos of 2020.  Now what?  What do you see happening this year?  More of the same??  Or something different??  That all depends on you… remember, everything that happens in your life is the result of your choices!

You, individually  –as a member of a family, a community, a State, and our Nation–  are the sole reason and driving force of all of this… OR NOT… it all depends on your attitude, choices and actions!  You were blessed with this ability to choose because of an often referred to but, evidently, little-understood document called The Constitution.

Our Constitution was created by men who were also deprived of many of their choices.  They rebelled… their Faith and beliefs inspired them to ACT and regain their freedoms… and once they did, they penned our now famous Constitution… memorializing the best way to maintain them for us, their progeny.



The method they decided would work best was a Republic… ostensibly individuals… grouped as States… choosing representatives (indirect representation). This required both Faith in  –and diligent management of–  those they chose to remotely represent them.

The Republic they created was one of limited government… delegating very limited powers for their overall cohesiveness and protections.  They understood their responsibility as SOVEREIGN OWNERS to manage themselves and these representatives… and viewed their EFFORTS as a privilege and duty, necessary to maintain their unfettered rights… and they believed that their descendants would appreciate, manage and maintain their personal freedoms through limited government as well.  (Evidently, they were wrong!!)

The Egoic Mind

Being astute students of human nature, they also knew of man’s egoic and prideful nature… of how some prideful men would ACT to use this unique government to control others.  So, they designed safeguards within its structure… safeguards designed to limit ambitious men… which would have worked had successive generations shouldered their responsibilities and managed their elected leadership.  Sadly, they DID NOT.

The founders also failed to convey their visions and cautions clearly and concisely to the general population… with something like ‘An Instruction Manual for Operating a Limited Republic’.

The only noteworthy written public record we have of their thoughts after the Constitutional Convention were the Federalist Papers.  Then or now, there is NO other ‘official’ reference material or ‘manual’ geared toward how the legitimate sovereign owners should manage their unique government.

Because this critical information was never reduced to writing for posterity’s benefit, subsequent generations fumbled along… not understanding the unique and powerful self-government tool they had at their disposal… not understanding their ultimate authority and control… so the founder’s fears of egoic intrusion started.

Slowly… ALWAYS IN TIMES OF CRISES… men of ulterior motives… organized under the guise of political parties… started encroaching on this framework of limited and balanced government. 

Some incursions were bigger than others… but they all had impact and debilitating results.  The outcome?
Today, we have a country completely controlled by political parties instead of sovereign owners –with many deeply divisive issues– which does NOT remotely resemble the original vision or structure.

Simply put… several generations of Americans  –while in charge of the affairs of our nation–  failed to recognize and uphold their responsibilities.  As a result the limited and balanced federal government that we call our Constitutional Republic is gone… it NO LONGER EXISTS… replaced piecemeal by a socialized form of a ‘progressive democracy’… ostensibly for the ‘good of the people’.



Ongoing events clearly demonstrate the complete usurpation of your individual right to choose what is best for yourself, your family, your community and your State.  Almost overnight… single-minded, fear-laden information swept across our Nation… and has been relentlessly repeated.  Why?

To saturate your thoughts with fear… so that your decisions are also saturated in fear.  Why?

Because fear encourages mobocracy.  Has it worked?

It has IF you are afraid– 
to assemble…
to move about freely…
to congregate for worship…
to work…
to not wear a mask. 

Please recognize that I am NOT encouraging no mask wearing as an isolated form of rebellion.
Your INDIVIDUAL decision should be made SOLEY on your health status.
It should be made with specifc regard for your immune health.
If you have UNDERLYING CONDITIONS, you SHOULD take extra precautions
until you return your immune system to a healthy state.

Please realize that your fundamental rights are being curtailed by an elite group of amoral, fear-driven, control-oriented petty tyrants using unconstitutional, marital law type edicts that encourages you toward mobocracy!  Who are these people?  You only need to look at the medical, pharmaceutical, political party, and news media leadership to find your answers.  These pseudo-leaders encourage a continuing and increasingly dangerous path away from our unique FAITH-BASED founding path of individual responsibility toward a mindless, chaotic, fear-based mob mentality.

Fundamental Differences

The past years’ events clearly show the difference between our original Republic and the current progressive democracy.  How?  First and foremost, in our former Constitutional Republic, the people’s rights were never compromised for the sake of fear.  In the original, true-functioning Republic, belief and FAITH in GOD and each other’s rights and responsibilities were paramount,  –there was no ‘dumbing down’… there was no ‘penalizing the masses for the mistakes of a few’.  In our former Constitutional Republic, persons were accountable for themselves… and as such, personal accountability and responsibility were held in high esteem… they were cherished as visible forms of their freedom and ownership.

In our former Constitutional Republic, the singular distinguishing characteristic of their leadership was a deep abiding FAITH in GOD, and each other.  Leadership felt a MORAL duty to provide caring and HONEST direction for those who trusted them in their positions of responsibility… a far cry from the our current leaders… whose singular motive is fear-driven control oriented toward allegience to political parties… NOT the Constitution.

Hindsight… An Accurate Teacher

Our early Republics’ history is replete with events that reliably mirrored their perspectives and actions.  When Faith and the collective will of the sovereign individuals to create lasting solutions were honored and followed… the outcomes were beneficial and moved our country forward.

Whenever the outcomes were based on fears that trampled individuals’ rights… the outcomes set them back.  Why?  Because the instigators of those fears failed to realize that until they actually dealt with the root cause, it would reappear –with more visibility and ferocity– until it was either dealt with properly… or it created outright conflict.  Sadly, several generations passed serious, festering, and unresolved issues down to US… resulting in the outright conflict we witnessed in 2020.

Slavery, Political Party Domination, Fiscal Irresponsibility, and Restrictive Centralized Medicine come to mind… and all 4 showed up with a vengeance in 2020.  They dovetailed into a ‘perfect storm’ of unresolved and related issues…  Why?  Because these issues were not originally dealt with through PROPER SOVEREIGN DERIVED CONSENSUS… to get to the root of these divisive issues… to the satisfaction of all concerned.  As a result, they were critical enough to essentially bring our society to a grinding and destructive halt… much to the dismay of our current so-called leadership.

People of Different Stripes

Those who oppose ‘We the Peoples’ right to have and make these choices are subconsciously driven by a primal fear… encouraged by a fear-motivated leadership… who know that targeting this basic survival level emotion will easily manipulate and control those followers… Followers desperately in need of Leaders.  (See Leaders/Followers)  Instigating and promoting this kind of fear is reprehensible and is akin to yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded venue.  Yet most respond… right on cue… like Pavlov’s dogs… succumbing to one of mankind’s oldest and most reliable instincts… survival.

CHAOS… Who’s Responsible?

Chaos triggers man’s primal fear/survival response… and it doesn’t care who it affects, hurts, or kills.  It urges the egoic mind’s protective nature and heightens irrational behavior.  Our health crisis glaringly reveals the serious limitations of our pharmaceutically oriented medical profession… whose ONLY answer is drugs… who is responsible for creating the underlying conditions plaguing our country… who has created this MOST VULNERABLE population that are now most at risk of death from a compromised immune system.

All the while, governmental leaders ignore their oaths and responsibilities… they do NOTHING to abate these fears and this panic… and equally as reprehensible, they contribute to it by focusing their constituency’s attention on meaningless and worthless rote actions that serve to distract the masses but do nothing to deal with the root causes of their predicament… their compromised immune systems!!

Who’s Responsible for You?

Ultimately, this is the $64,000 question.  Since personal responsibility was replaced generations ago by blanket FEAR DRIVEN ‘thou shall not’ rules and regulations, many in this country now actually believe that the ‘government’ is responsible for their health, safety, and welfare.  Just another sad reflection on how little of our founding principles are actually understood today.

Is my statement true? 
For it to be true, there would have to be a huge bureaucracy…
catering to many factions…
irresponsibly spending huge amounts of money…
all the while telling the general population what they can and cannot do.
I guess it’s true! 

And what is the outcome of the current situation?  It will end in financial and social disaster taking us deeper into the current sixth mass extinction… unless YOU do something different NOW.  Things like developing a more lovable and sustainable demeanor toward yourself… each other… and our planet… by DEVELOPING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for yourself and stop looking to the ‘government’ to take care of your existence.  How?  Create CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY LOCAL COMMUNITIES  –away from government control–  that supports your common beliefs and needs.



WHAT IF you allow yourself the luxury of stepping back from your DEEPLY-INGRAINED, socially and experientially developed opinions and habits?  You could have a paradigm shift that could alter your life and the way our country deals with issues!!  (Think of the saying… ‘walk a mile in their shoes’.)

Visualize Yourself…
Truly treating others as you want to be treated…
Truly taking responsibility for all your actions…
Truly being responsible for all your financial outcomes…
Truly caring about your own health and well-being.

What would our country look and act like if those simple forms of self-worth, empathy and discipline were honestly followed?   It would look and act like a Republic built on morally-driven, individual choice and foundational goals!

We are All The Same… and at the same time… All Different

To explain… ‘WE’ as humans all possess the same spiritual, biological, intellectual, and social traits… that is our commonality… our ONENESS… the same oneness eluded to in ancient sacred texts.  At the same time, ‘WE’ are all different in our gifts and skills and our experiential paths.  Each one of us is unique in our perceptions, choices, and path.  I identify these two distinctive aspects as different yet compatible energies.  See Faith Not Fear

Humanity’s challenge… since the beginning of time… has been to recognize and meld these two into a way of life that allows for harmony and growth.  Governments since the beginning of time have sought to meld these unique aspects.  As recorded history demonstrates, most attempts resulted in failure, as they were based on dogmatic beliefs centered on limits and conformity.  Then our founders conceived a management system based on FAITH and INDIVIDUAL UNIQUENESS AND RESPONSIBILITY… a system that openly acknowledged each person’s uniqueness and desire to thrive in collective harmony.

This system was totally unique  –and simultaneously natural.   It was so unique in fact, that it has never been emulated to this day, anywhere else in the world.  This uniqueness has been our country’s crowning achievement and downfall… and the responsibility rests on the heads of every generation since the founding period.  Humans… without overt fear-driven control… naturally find ways to co-exist.  It’s only when survival oriented, fear-driven thoughts dominate, does degradation and chaos ensue.

Each generation was (and is) responsible for understanding and sharing the meaning and process of having and maintaining our unique Constitutional Republic… and because successive generations have FAILED in their responsibilities to teach it to their children and newly arrived immigrants, the essence and meaning of our Republic has lost both its visibility and functional role in our lives.

Our ‘Coffee’ Republic

Let me demonstrate what I mean with an analogy… about a cup of coffee… or tea if you prefer.  Imagine a hearty cup of freshly brewed and strong hot coffee (or tea)… much like the founders’ visions and actions in creating our Constitutional Republic.  It was an eye-opener, a jolt that our fledgling nation needed to get them on the right track toward a morally-grounded, self-managed, harmonious, and sustainable lifestyle.

You (they) enjoy partaking in this potent beverage, but eventually, it gets depleted and cools off… so you need a refill… much like generational change or immigration.  What would happen if instead of getting a refill of your hot beverage of choice  –(our unique morally, sovereign-based, constitutional principles)… you got plain tepid water instead –(political-party based hierarchy, tradition, and control)?

The result is a watered-down cup instead of a refreshed cup of the same… and that is what I contend has happened over several generations of our American experience… so that today, we cannot even identify what we are drinking… or who we are as a people… or what we have as a governmental structure.  We have diluted our Constitutional Republic’s cup with other country’s tainted and failed processes… to the point where we cannot even recognize or understand our original and unique principles.

We have diluted our founder’s vision to the point where these other country’s socialist models are now touted as the way ‘WE’ should be… and that saddens me to my core. 

‘WE’ current generations of Americans have a choice…
‘WE’ always have a choice…
and I implore you to CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY…
to choose to see the errors of our parents and grandparents ways…
and to choose better for ourselves and our heirs.

‘We’ current generations need to make THIS CRISIS a bellweather event that changes the course of American history back toward our founding roots… back toward the principles of our once proud Constitutional Republic guided soley by our unique Constitution… without the encumbrances of the political parties.



Points of Clarity…

  • Humanity relies on continuous interaction (both social and viral).
  • Humanity is predictably adaptive (both social and viral).
  • America is sorely lacking in moral leadership and direction.
  • America must regain knowledge of & faith in our original established process.
  • Chronic health diseases –now called ‘underlying conditions’– are serious immune compromises.
  • Allopathic doctors are not teaching patients how to develop & maintain a healthy immune system.

Points of Chaos

  • Information without context is confusing, worthless, and damaging.
  • Most Americans blindly follow any perceived authority without any personal assessment of why.
  • Morally deficient leaders incite fear in the general population.
  • Fear now dominates and guides most Americans’ decisions.
  • Our nation has unwittingly become part of a Pharmaceutical Worldwide Deprivation Experiment.
  • Many Americans mistakenly believe their bodies are germ-free, that bacteria, fungus, and viruses are foreign.
  • Most Americans believe that viruses are our enemy.

Regarding The Covid Response

The polarization and resultant isolation encouraged by the current amoral-leadership and followed by the general population demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of–

  • The ideals, disciplines, and documents that founded our Constitutional Republic…
  • Our bodily functions, and the critical role that bacteria, fungus, and viruses play in our immune health…
  • the fact that viruses are nothing more than natural, necessary, messengers that have been around probably longer than humans.

Are you at all inclined to take back your responsibilities and commensurate freedoms…

To once again make decisions for yourself based on Faith-based moral considerations?

What are you willing to do to get them back?

My peaceful recommendations are

        • REASSERTING your sovereign ownership;
        • Holding ALL leadership accountable for their irresponsible behavior and actions;
        • CHOOSING to again have faith in each other and our Constitutional process;
        • CHOOSING to re-institute our simple, stream-lined original Republic.


What do you have to Gain?
A way of life STILL sought after by most of the world.

So… Let’s save the best part of US… our Constitutional Republic.


January 10th Addendum:
A note to any of you inclined toward first resorting to armed conflict…  While it may appear to create an immediate solution, it only prolongs and exacerbates the core problem.  Wouldn’t our energies be better used to patiently create a morally driven long-term solution based on consensus-driven, fundamental needs?




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