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                 Gerard Coté — Chief Hope Offerer


1980’s – Became aware of the sharp increase of turmoil in America

1990’s – Focus broadened and shifted to sharing about foundational national and individual health issues

2000’s – Actively involved in researching and sharing about causes and solutions to America’s growing crisis

2010’s – Creating innovative ways demonstrating the direct tie between individual and national health issues

2020’s – Sharing vital message with a very disillusioned and ill audience using various multi-media platforms


As a Vietnam-era, combat helicopter pilot, Mr. Coté was immersed in the abject chaos that results from open, violent conflict and aggression.  He witnessed and experienced the disruption and destruction that violent conflict creates… on both sides.  He learned an important life lesson… military aggression and coercion will not alter people’s beliefs… sadly, it becomes yet another obstacle to overcome on the path of recovery and peaceful coexistence.

He became keenly aware that the tremendous expense of lives and logistics did not change anything… that most of the people were pawns in an unwitting struggle… that —in this particular case— was ongoing for three generations.

After his return, he experienced the misguided wrath and anger of many of his fellow citizens… the result of misdirected information and misguided leadership.  He vowed to devote his energies to sharing the futility of armed aggression and conflict… to help find ways of educating and channeling the misguided energies squandered on divisive political agendas.

Throughout his mid-life, he honed his problem-solving skills and became aware of his knack for recognizing comprehensive overview solutions.  Buckminster Fuller’s vision and work guided and shaped his outlook and practices.  He became aware of the polarizing effect of generational, social, and economic influences on the country.  As an ardent Constitutional student and a comprehensive observer, he became aware of the foundational shifts away from generations-old social norms and began to see the consequences of these shifts.

His goal has remained the same over the past 4 decades: understanding and expressing the profound changes in American society.  Sovereign Hope is the result.  Hopefully, it provides you with an easy-to-understand blueprint and benchmark of where and how successive generations of Americans deviated from the genius of the Founder’s vision and accomplishments… hopefully, enough to cause you to become actively involved in restoring our tattered Constitutional Republic to its original simplicity and esteem.

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