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Many Hands make the Work Light  – John Heywood


This page contains information and links to organizations that Sovereign Hope
recognizes as important and integral to the recovery of our lost Republic.

This page will grow as I find and highlight new groups.


National Center for Constitutional Studies

Founded 50 years ago (1971)… NCCS is among the oldest non-profit, non-partisan information sources regarding all things Constitutional… from the documents themselves, to the authors and support material surrounding their creation and dissemination.  They –still today– provide accurate renditions of the Constitution, as well as Educational Programs and Seminars.

One book of particular importance is THE MAKING OF AMERICA, by W. Cleon Skousen, one of the foremost Constitutional scholars in American history.  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to truly understand the simplicity and complexity woven into this unique document.  He painstakingly breaks down all the elements that led to the creation of our Constitution, as well as the Constitution itself and the amendments.  If you want to know and understand our Constitution, you need this book.

As an aside, NCCS’s Principals have been a faithful friend to me and my endeavors over the past 4 decades, always available… and I want to publicly acknowledge their support and encouragement.  I highly recommend them as a source of accurate information regarding all things Constitutional.  Learn more at NCCS.


Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association

The CSPOA was founded by Richard Mack, a former Sheriff of Grant County Arizona because of his desire to share critical and hard-won experiences learned during his tenure.  His message focuses on the Sheriff’s position and role as the highest constitutional law enforcement officer in the County, State and Country.  The Sheriff’s authority supersedes ANY state or national agencies.

Learn more about how you can directly and indirectly support and assist in his most important and foundational efforts at Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association.


Founding Defenders

Founding Defenders is a home-grown group located in Southern Nevada.  This group is an excellent example of “boots on the ground” involvement and education.  I have been involved with them for several years and hold them up as a role model for others to emulate, in both word and deed.

If every county in the united States of America, had a similar organization, we would once again have a strong and vibrant Republic.  Learn more at Founding Defenders.


Patriot Academy

Patriot Academy is a beacon of light.  Through their founder, Rick Green, they focus their energies on educating the next generation of leaders with a host of programs designed to instill historically and biblically accurate teachings.

Taking President Ronald Reagans quote seriously… “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”… they are providing a hands-on, multi-dimensional approach to learning that will have a lasting impact on its participants.  I highly recommend their programs for any young people as a way to get grounded, accurate and thought-provoking information and guidance.  Their curriculum provides a way to learn about and support our tattered Constitutional Republic.  Learn more at Patriot Academy.



If you are aware of, or are part of a group or organization that fits this profile, please let me know.  I am most interested in highlighting the ground-up efforts that it will take to resurrect our Constitutional Republic.




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