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Self-Care Awareness Month is a new Annual Observance in September…
Our Constitution also has a September anniversary… Sept. 17, 1789…
…Honor Both – Give of Your Care and Attention…

Most Americans today have no idea how much they need Constitution-Care… most have no idea how far removed we are from its principles… its structures… its directives.  Essentially Constitution-Care is the national version of Self-Care.  When either is allowed to fall into a state of neglect, the consequences can become life altering… even life threatening.

Constitution-Care… much like personal Self-Care – is innate – when we are internally guided as to what each is, and how it should function.  Each is derived from our most basic needs and desires… and both are in need of our attention today.  Also, please remember that both require certain awareness’s to identify problems before they become life-altering.

Our current national tragedies are evidence of critical neglects and failures of the principles that created both the Declaration of Independence and our Constitutional Republic. Those faith-based hopes and beliefs originally galvanized “We the People” into a nation where individual opportunities and responsibilities could flourish.  Sadly, since the 1860’s, “We the People” have let those ideals and values slip away, unknowingly allowing these cherished principles to be subjugated by some fear based people.

I contend that what we are witnessing is directly attributable to the failed leadership of the 2 Major Political Parties (2MPP), who have exclusively controlled this country with an iron fist over the past 160 years.  How did this happen?  The broad answer is… slowly and methodically.  The 2MPP have perfected the processes of “bait and switch” and “generational progression”** to achieve their goals.

**Generational progression is where processes – whether rules or laws –
are put in place during one generation, but not implemented or activated
until sometime later, possibly even into the following generation. 

Human nature causes most, if not all of these to go unnoticed… especially now where so many things – including these new tragedies – completely distract us from paying attention to the continual onslaught of new regulations.

The 2MPP have taken advantage of the trusting nature of “We the People” and have created a monolithic system of pseudo-ownership which now completely controls essentially all the processes that manage and control our daily lives.

I say pseudo-ownership because even though they have no legitimate ownership, they act as if they do… wielding exclusive power and control over virtually every level of OUR government, including all of the related and tangential subdivisions.

If you doubt this…
Ask why there are no other political affiliations openly active or present today?
The simple answer is that they are NOT allowed.

Americans have no idea of the scope of this collusion.  I believe they would be truly shocked at the enormity of the web that currently entangles them.  Certain situations give glimpses of lost rights… but in general, most Americans are completely oblivious as to how little of their Constitutional rights are intact.

This scheme is so complete – and so well perfected – that few cracks or flaws can be found in it… AND another huge factor – in the 2MPP favor – is that it has gone on for so long… that all the current generations are completely immersed in it… and accepting of it.  This has become the “water we swim in”… so comparison is virtually non-existent…

UNLESS we step back and ACTUALLY look at our Constitutional foundation… of what was originally enacted… at what the founders envisioned and structured… then – and ONLY then – we can see the gross and egregious violations that have been perpetrated on “We the People”

Look for the Signs

The signs are everywhere… and will only be seen when you have a Constitutional reference or filter.  Signs show up in a variety of ways… language, procedures, habits, patterns, etc.

Since the Constitution cannot be outright banned… the 2MPP found ways to circumvent the parts that legally limited their control and power grabs. Whether by amendment, the legislative process or outright usurpation procedures, they’ve managed to completely subvert the intent and form of our Constitutional operating system to be under their control…

So instead of being controlled by the Constitution,
they are now in control of the Constitution,
by either operating outside of it or manipulating it to fit their needs.


Just look at basic key words such as Republic and democracy as an example.

The founders – after exhaustive research – ultimately agreed that our particular collection of societies and Colonies would best function as a Republic… that a Republic would have the best chance of succeeding into future generations. (See Republic Mechanics for further explanation.)

As a Babyboomer, throughout most of my adult life, I never heard our country described as a democracy… yet over the past 10 years, that word has slowly crept into our lexicon to describe our governmental process.  Since the 2016 election cycle it’s become the dominant descriptor.

Why?… because the 2MPP have chosen this time to thrust it into the public arena.  Their language is now peppered with “democracy”… and our homogenized media blindly regurgitates it… never questioning – why the change?  …because to the best of my knowledge… “We the People” did NOT choose this major identity or operational change.

In my humble opinion (IMHO), the aggressive use of the word democracy is the final phase of a several generation process to completely ensconce the 2MPP in ultimate control of this country.

Follow the Progression of Events…

The very meaning of the word democracy describes power being “invested in the group”, versus the meaning of Republic, which is power “invested in the individual.”  The founders understood this… and it also coincides with the Treaty of Paris, 1783 which grants all right, title and interest to the individuals of the colonies… NOT any political groups or organizations!

The 2MPP are positioning themselves to be “the group”… and once they accomplish this final sleight of hand – and with a few more generations under their belt – they are finally in position to totally control this country – IF the Sovereign People continue to allow their reign.

The timing is also generationally prompted… since we are in a generational transition… with the Babyboomers relinquishing operational roles and millennials assuming them.  Babyboomers have demonstrated a decided lack of involvement or interest in governmental matters, and the millennials have little understanding of our constitutional heritage or processes… so this is the perfect time for the 2MPP to insert this critical language change and finally gain overt and complete control by de-facto placement of themselves as “the group.”  Both generations have deftly played into the 2MPP hands… Babyboomers by abdication, millennials through lack of knowledge or experience.  Either way, the 2MPP have achieved what they started back in the 1860’s… Dominant Legal Control over a population that has no idea or understanding of the gift that was created… given to them… and then lost.

The Missing Link

In my decades of study and research, I’ve identified a critical missing link that would have – and potentially still might – change the course and fate of our Constitutional Republic.  The founder’s conclusions and assertions that a Republic was (and still is) the best vehicle is still valid… BUT – I contend – we actually still haven’t seen it fully function… because we’ve never actually operated according to the specific plan that they so carefully laid out for us. 

Initially, they meticulously planned all the details encompassing the creation and structuring of their new Republic… then, all their focus and energy shifted to implementing their plan… and IMHO they failed to grasp one very important and critical detail…

That the uniqueness and processes that describes this new and
radical way of self-government
should be conveyed to “We the People”
of the several states in a plain and simple pamphlet or book…

call it a “How To” or Owners’ Manual for the New Republic.

This Owners’ Manual should have outlined;
the sweeping changes that they created,
the uniqueness of the new system,
the social and emotional environment necessary for its function,
and the responsibilities of each of the Sovereign People in order for this
“grand experiment in human collaboration” to work successfully.

But that DID NOT happened.  They literally created this unique document in secret… and virtually kept it a secret… by not sharing the essential “How To Do It” portion.  So, naturally “We the People” were essentially clueless… and as a result the people went along in the same way as before, not understanding much of the new document or their responsibilities to it.  That, as history shows us, was a recipe for disaster… and the ideals of the newly minted directives virtually disappeared along with the founders, as they left public life.

What ensued was a cobbled-up, mish-mash of ideas and procedures… all instigated and instituted under the old party system which never was discarded, as the founders urged.  To further complicate matters, this checkered restructuring process was constantly interrupted with civil unrest, conflicts and military skirmishes.

Qualities of our Constitution & Republic

Our Constitution is a distillation of Ideals and Values that mankind has yearned for… but never achieved… up until the founding period.  Recorded history shows only a few instances where a people’s ability to live in peace was actualized, and those were short-lived.

The gist of our Constitution – and its’ unique processes – is that the very essence mankind has yearned to have for millennia had been actualized.  The founding generations – in a moment of blinding faith, honesty and candor – gleaned from their frail existence… the very best that mankind could be… and distilled it down to words on paper… words that can still guide us today… IF we CHOOSE to let them.

BUT… do those words hold the same value… the same meaning… the same impact as when first written?  I contend that they DO NOT… because the faith based energetic environment in which they were formulated has been abandoned.  Current generations of Americans are immersed in FEAR.  They mistrust themselves, others and most everything around them… not a recipe for success… especially for a Faith Based system.

Signs to Look For

  • Any organization or person using the term progressive democracy… they either do NOT understand our founding principles or documents… or are trying to SUBVERT them.
  • Any organization or person trying to convince you that The Constitution and its initial Amendments are a limit on your rights and freedoms… exactly the opposite is true… they are written limits for the government managers (paradigm shift!)
  • Any organization or person promoting money as a solution.  The 2MPP have accumulated a combined national debt burden of approximately $27 Trillion dollars.  To put that in perspective – if that’s possible – that’s over $81,000 PER PERSON in the United States today… and their claim is that YOU owe this money… they have no ownership or responsibility for it!!

This ONE FACT ALONE should cause “We the People” to  IMMEDIATELY
take back control of our government from the 2 major political parties…

To banish their existence… and

Chalk up this near catastrophe to “what happens when you don’t understand
and follow your Constitutional Republic’s guiding documents.



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