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Corona Virus Crisis Update

breath…    CHOICE…   balance

July 1, 2020… A New Years’ Update


6 months ago, no one could or would have predicted that the next chronic malady to affect spaceship earth would have such universal impact… on virtually every level of our lives. An invisible force that targets the very means of human life… our ability to breathe.

Breath, or respirations, define human life.  From time immemorial, breath has defined the very essence of life.  12 to 20 times a minute, we affirm our unconscious desire to continue on our individual journeys… each and every minute… till it stops.

This Pandemic…
and other significant events…
have highlighted this most basic affirmation of life.

The Pandemic also reveals glaring flaws in the direction that mainstream medicine has taken.  The industrialized world has created a version of medicine that dramatically differs from the ancient and traditional versions authored by Hippocrates and other notable ancients.

The ancient versions have been altered to primarily reflect the contemporary intellectual or egoic mind, as demonstrated in this Compilation of Medical Oaths. Reading all five versions covering this 2,400 year time span clearly demonstrates changes.  Versions 3 & 4 demonstrate a more legalistic tone created by the contemporary mind.  Version 5 is an attempt to return to the more fundamental meaning of the original Oath.

The medical establishment today is predominantly guided by versions 3 & 4.  What has this crisis revealed about their methods?  If we use the Natural Law of Cause and Effect filter, we can see that the populations of those industrialized nations that heavily rely on this new version of medical procedures has suffered the most… coincidence or consequence?  Read on before you decide.


Our intellectual evolution has taken us from a sacred place of ‘medical service without fee or covenant’, to a highly structured and virtually exclusive realm of specialists and patented concoctions.  As a result, mainstream medicine has dramatically curtailed, if not eliminated our ability to find true healing.

If you step back and look at the current pandemic, you can see this playing out before your eyes.

Since the onset of this crisis, the industrialized medical machine…
which is funded and driven by major pharmaceutical giants…
has told us that the only solution to this problem is their drugs…
which they don’t currently have.

We are unwittingly being forced into participating in their Worldwide Deprivation Experiment. We’ve been told that we’re in the midst of a very serious crisis… that they have no immediate solution… that their only solution is over a year away… and that it’s experimental.  But cover your face… keep hiding… and above all, keep away from other humans.  This is patently a recipe for human and social disaster, for any civilized societies.  Think about this for a minute.  What is the normal and predictable response if you tell people that there is an imminent and life threatening crisis and you have no solution?

We are witnessing humanity’s responses… and as the monotone message of ‘the vaccine is the only solution’ is incessantly repeated, the people’s reactions are becoming more and more adversarial and polarized.  Why?  Because there is NO HOPE in that message.

So, here is the potentially fatal flaw
that this crisis has laid bare for all the world to see…
if only humanity could catch its breath
long enough to truly understand what they are saying.

What we’re witnessing in the United States is an unabashed melding of the political machine and the medical machine to convey messages rooted in single-minded control.  For the last several months their messages have elements of scarcity… confusion… and control.  First, quarantine… then lock-down… then partial lifting… no masks… masks??

And what is the predictable outcome of all their actions?  Confusion… resignation… hopelessness… and now, rising anger.  People want leadership.  Followers need Leaders… America more than other countries.  Our Republic was established on a platform of active and limited government leadership.  I believe that much of the recent reactions are rooted in the fact that ‘We the People’ do NOT have the benefit of COMPETENT and MORAL leadership.

The moral tone of this nation has deteriorated over the past three generations and the current moral tone is reflected in the current national leadership.  Our Country… comprised of 3,142 Counties… the places where we live… has essentially devolved down to become a place of business.  The major focus is on money… making it and flaunting it.  Citizens are viewed through the narrow lens of income-producing units, not proud caretakers of a unique Republic.

It’s become quite apparent to me that the political machine
and the medical machine have a common theme…
control through confusion, distraction and exhaustive fear.

I’ve paid attention to the messages, and sadly, I’ve yet to hear one scintilla of hope emanating from either group.  They do however, seem to encourage disagreement and conflict.  Look at one issue… the current confusion over wearing masks.  This appears to be another form of distraction… keeping citizens from learning about and accessing other established natural support modalities.

Doesn’t all of this make you wonder… why the single minded focus on just a vaccine?  Isn’t it curious that the incessant drumbeat of confusion, fear and helplessness resonates effortlessly between the political and medical camps?

Are they telling us that the only answer is a patented pharmaceutical drug?  …that our immune system wouldn’t or hasn’t responded to anything else?  But… wait a minute… isn’t this ultimately about our immune systems?  Shouldn’t there be more focus on that?  …on what it takes to make them stronger and more resilient?

Why doesn’t the pharmaceutical machine care about the myriad of other ways to support our immune systems?  Why aren’t they sharing about these other ways to maintain and support our immune systems?

Another question comes to mind… isn’t the point of a vaccine to trigger the immune system?  Are they seriously saying that there is nothing else that can be done to support and strengthen our immune systems?

This makes a rational, intelligent person like myself wonder…
how did humanity survive for millennia before this pharmaceutical machine existed?


This crisis highlights that we are getting more and more out of balance… on several levels.  Even though the United States represents less than 5% of our Spaceship’s total population of 7.8 billion people, we are considered the world leader, primarily because of our lofty (although partially unfulfilled) founding principles, and the humanity this country’s attracted, that causes it to excel in financial and technological areas.

We are NOT choosing well, and are multiplying the consequences for US and our fellow travelers, both domestically and internationally.  Because we are choosing to ignore the infinite Spiritual Energy source, we are creating an energetic imbalance.  Here’s my brief overview of the chain of events…

  • NOT CHOOSING this Spiritual Energy causes an accentuated intellectual or egoic state of mind…
    which encourages external signaling and priorities…
    which encourages self-aggrandizement…
    which encourages material distraction…
    which encourages industrialization…
    which results in environmental issues…
    which affects the quality of life and true advancement of humanity.

Another way to say this is that we have created a disconnected Choice – Consequence relationship.  We are increasingly distancing ourselves from our Natural World and the Natural Law by ignoring or not dealing with important issues.  The more we ignore, the more damaging consequences we create.

Add to that the exponential population growth.  Remember, at the time the United States Republic was formed under the Constitution, the world population was estimated at approximately 990 million souls, with the original colonies comprising approximately 4 million souls.  While this spaceship of ours can sustain us… the way in which we deal with our basic requirements needs to change dramatically.  We’ve become poor stewards… using extremely outdated and wasteful methods and technologies that exacerbates our current problems… all the while making our home less and less habitable.


Returning to Balance is the key to regaining health on all levels…
Spiritual, Emotional and Physiological.

Accessing and Utilizing Spiritual energy creates Emotional calm which in turn allows physiological healing.

The byproduct of active Spiritual Energy is HOPE… an energy that is sorely missing from all of our processes today.  Currently there is no hope reflected in much of our dialogue, choices or consequences.  We as a nation are the epitome of hopelessness today… due mostly to the single-minded direction and control exerted by the political and pharmaceutical machines.

A glaring example of this can be found in the homogenized media’s daily headlines… the daily number of new cases and death count. Never before in my lifetime have I witnessed tracking every person’s daily health.  ‘We’ humans are all walking petri dishes… constantly evolving based on current environment.  Pointing a spot light on a normal human function is needlessly causing alarm and panic… is this necessary?  Only if you want to keep a population on edge and off balance.

Then… what about the death count?  Why the incessant focus on the very small percentage that die? (2.727236842105263e-7)  Why not give more attention to the vast majority who don’t?   ‘We’ of that vast majority need support… we need encouragement and hope… we need to know the information gathered over centuries that would show us how to support and strengthen both our immune systems and our environment… because they are inexorably linked.

If we take what they say seriously, we would believe that there were no solutions before the pharmaceutical industry took control of our medical institutions… and sadly, that is what a majority of the public seems to think. By ignoring the rich several thousand year history that existed before the modern patent driven pharmaceutical industry evolved, the pharmaceutical industry condemns those they are charged to help and protect to unwarranted suffering and death.

People of moral courage need to emerge and become Leaders to the aimless and disillusioned  Followers. 

History is replete with examples of crises and leadership issues.  It tells us something we should intuitively know… you get what you focus on.  Focus on fear and failure and you’ll get it… focus on Faith and success and you’ll get it… clearly, our focus needs to change… TODAY.   The 3 generations who  currently have the ability to create changes are choosing poorly if at all… and these choices DO have consequences… both now and later, because consequences don’t magically disappear.

My sincere hope is that we 3 current generations ground ourselves in the infinite Spiritual Energy available to every single soul on our spaceship… and allow it to guide us to better choices… choices based on hope and health… along with faith and trust in each other… that allow for a seamless, productive and healthy relationship between we humans and spaceship earth.

This is energetically possible today.  We are being invited to participate in an energetic shift… a paradigm that could finally set our humanity on a path of peaceful and sustainable co-existence on all levels.

Are You Seeing Your Place in all of this?

Take a moment… find a quiet place… and as much as you can – set aside your egoic and intellectual programming… to allow Spirit – ‘that still small voice’ within you – to guide you toward peace and calm… toward the eternal truths and principles necessary to get back on course.  Because… we are most definitely off course.  We are staring at an already large list of consequences that keeps increasing – because we continue ignoring Spirit and our Natural Laws.

Each one of us have unique gifts and talents.  I believe that if we allow those to surface and blossom, then the path of our reclamation and health will become evident.  The Good News is that going with the flow of healing energy requires much less effort than fighting it.

It is your individual choice that makes up our local, regional, and world choices.  And much like our human bodies… we can tolerate some level of dis-ease (social dissension)… BUT when the preponderance of cells becomes too acidic (antagonistic), that body will become dysfunctional, conflicted, toxic, and cease normal functioning… think cancer (anarchy).

We have contaminated both our internal and external environments enough to create the current reactions.  It is now up to us to recognize that our poor choices are creating these unwanted consequences.  We MUST CHANGE THEM… or risk eliminating ourselves from the equation.

We are in a real-time, humanity changing event… right now.  What we are experiencing is the culmination of millennia of social abuses…  centuries of exponential growth…  and decades of environmental abuses.  The ever growing population coupled with the accumulation of these abuses is causing our current environmental and health crises.  How does it feel to be the recipient of other generations’ poor choices?  Not so good… is it?

So instead of continuing to find fault with past generations’ choices, how about we work together and make better choices?  Choices that reflect our whole being and the best parts of our rich heritage?  I  view the current events as a gift… an opportunity to quickly and decisively alter damaging habits and patterns!!

Every generation has the benefit of hindsight.  For ‘We the People’, that entails looking at how we allowed ourselves to lose control over the basic fundamentals of our lives… our ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ vision.

Two questions emerge…

  • Can ‘We the People’, recognize and remove the fear built behemoth we’ve allowed to be created by the current self-serving and controlling leadership?
  • Do we have sufficient credentials to effectively guide fellow nations away from our current unsustainable path?

Do we have….
The fortitude to listen and follow our ‘still small voice’…
The desire to find non-partisan leadership that restores our foundering Republic…
The strength and fortitude to once again lead the world toward ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Please consider the following points:

  • Viruses predate humanity… they are essential to the earth’s environmental balance and their activity level is indicative of that balance… i.e. more imbalance equates to more activity.
  • The pharmaceutical/medical industries have inappropriately highlighted this single virus to cause needless fear and panic… and gain unwarranted control over you.
  • This viral protein and its message are not going to magically disappear with a shot.
  • This viral message is trying to tell us about the environmental imbalances we’ve created… thankfully, healthy immune systems heed and adjust.
  • Powerful pharmaceuticals have created multiple chronic disease categories, which translates to a compromised immune system.
  • People with compromised immune systems will continue to succumb and no amount of hiding will stop that.
  • We have to stop relying on distractive, pharmaceutical shortcuts and start focusing on natural and durable immune support… as humanity has done for millennia.

So, to my mind… the answer to my question above is consequence… not coincidence.

When we create a clear thinking and feeling chorus of ‘We the People’…
who wants our Republic whole and healthy on all levels
then we can truly benefit from the wisdom imbued in our founding documents and past generations.

I pray we do…  because the clock is ticking… and it’s getting LOUDER

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