DELAYED REACTIONS… Our Young ARE Paying the Price




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Our Young are Paying the Price

It recently occurred to me that a society’s health can be judged by how they treat their young,
after all, they represent the future of that society. 

Based on this one aspect, America is failing miserably.

We are actualizing Washington’s prediction that
“America can only fail from within, when the people lose vigilance”.


This note is a wake-up call for those of you who care about your health,
or if you care about your loved ones, especially our youth.
My passion is understanding and overcoming the challenges that affect our health,
both nationally and personally… because one closely affects the other.

Personal Health

Today, my challenge is to be positive, and I admit that it’s a challenge… because this information is about how some of our fellow humans are deliberately toxifying our environment by producing a product that is having grave and discernible consequences on all of us, especially our young.  This is done strictly for profit, and in the face of evidence that clearly shows the destructive and damaging effects created… which IMHO insults the public trust.

​What I’m speaking about is a product called Round-Up, which has been marketed by Monsanto since the 1970’s.​  The key ingredient is glyphosate, a modified version of the critical amino acid glycine, the second most widespread amino acid in our body (click here for more info).  Without getting into all the chemistry, I can summarize by saying that this organophosphate is a water soluble chemical that immediately kills plants and insects, secondarily kills soil life, then pollutes and toxifies our water and air, and finally wreaks havoc on the digestive membrane in our gut.

This has been going on for decades, and the farming practices are getting worse, not better.  Roundup is now being used as a pesticide and a desiccant… a drying agent so farmers can control their harvest window… so the crop receives a heavy dose to kill it, which contaminates it further, and insures its toxicity for all who touch or consume it downstream, whether animal or human.  To get an idea of how dangerous pesticides are, look at this Laundering Article.  The amount of crops and contamination are astounding!!

Groundbreaking research by Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board certified researcher and clinician, clearly shows the immediate and damaging affect that glyphosate causes, which leads to many of the named diseases affecting our young today… diseases such as Autism, Attention Deficit, Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, Obesity, Major Depression, and Cancer. FYI, his research has also led him to ways of neutralizing the threat.


National Health

America was founded on, and can only operate successfully when trust is at the core of our thoughts and actions.  Trust anchors our beliefs and should guide our actions. Trust should guide how we view the world and how we engage it.  To be without trust, is to become fearful… tentative and wary… welcome to America today.

Your first question should be… how can our regulatory agencies allow this to happen?     …and I would agree with that question.  (Click here for more info)

So, who is ultimately responsible for the serious breach of fiduciary trust of these officials?

— Is it the President?

— Is it the Congress?

— Is it the political parties?

— Is it the EPA officials… and if so, at what level?


The sad truth is that because of political manipulation, agencies like the EPA have become puppets for potential major corporate offenders.  IMHO, the key leadership with the EPA have, and are, violating not only existing statutes, but more importantly the public trust with their consequential actions.

If you looked at that list and said “none of the above”… you get the gold star!!!!   Why? (for the rest…..)  Because “We the People” are the ultimate authority in this country… the buck stops with us.  Ultimately, we have, and are, allowing our representatives — at all levels — to mis-represent us, simply because we do NOT manage them in any way whatsoever.  We actually have bought into the lie that the political parties have been selling for the last 50+ years.

If you looked at that list and picked anyone or any group on it, you have also bought into the lie that the political parties — with NO oversight — will manage this vast bureaucracy for your benefit.


Your Health

Sadly as the statistics show, the rise in the above named diseases is rising exponentially… at about the same rate as the rise in glyphosate products…. coincidence??  I doubt it… and so do many advocacy and research groups around the country today.   BUT…. nothing will happen till “We the People” insert ourselves into the equation… AND at this point, it needs to be a pretty loud and dramatic insertion, to not only get their attention, but create some long overdue change.

Many millions of people have already suffered needlessly, and many millions more of our youth are experiencing horrific consequences just because some corporations have profit as their most important goal.  What will it take for you to weight in on this?  To send a message to our government managers that their behavior is not acceptable….

My question is….
How long will we wait??…
How much more of a crisis do we need to experience??…
Before we say…. ENOUGH!!!!

If this speaks to you… please pass it on….  Thank you!!

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