Our Uniqueness



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I Invite Americans —of every generation—
to Become Aware of this Most Important Energetic Choice….
& to Consciously Choose Balanced Whole-being Energy


Who We Are

We are Energetic beings… who —through Choice—
direct and use the unique energy at our disposal.

Here’s the crux of our existence.

      • We have two foundational energies available to us…
        the infinite God energy and our finite human energy.
      • Ultimately, we are energy beings… an extension of the God energy…
        as demonstrated by the ‘breath of life’.
      • We humans are highly evolved cognitive beings, with creative thought abilities…
        capable of understanding the choice/consequence paradigm.

Our Spiritual Essence is derived from the infinite God energy… it reflects an orderly calm… rooted in eternal knowledge, truth, goodness, and love.  Our Intellectual Essence is finite… it is derived from our collective, experiential history, and it reflects our limited or finite mind energy.  It is rooted in survival and evolution, so it reflects caution, fear of the unknown, and limited perception.

An easy way to demonstrate this is to think of light and dark.  Faith —like light— is warming, comforting, guiding… and creates growth.  Fear —like darkness— is the absence of these qualities… more fear equates to more darkness… and virtually no growth.

Remember, Faith does not need to be understood to be enjoyed as part of the human experience. 
By its very definition, Faith is a comfort elicited in the human mind without intellectual confirmations.

Fear is rooted in the experiential, finite mind… an extension of our biological processes and experiences.  Since humans have a limited understanding of their makeup and processes, it is natural —if left to their limited intellectual mind resources— to become apprehensive and fearful.

Additionally, fear is a reflection of our cumulative experiences… reflected in our limited human understanding, and human death.  Energy rooted in fear ultimately creates division and separation, and unchecked, becomes chronic and toxic.  It leads to chronic dis-ease, or disruptive social patterns… it’s very destructive, both personally and nationally (think cancer).


FAITH is our Common, Collective Bond…   Our Oneness…

We reach our ultimate potential when we learn about —and practice— melding these distinct energies.


Energy Choice

It’s important to remember, that;

  • We MUST CONCIOUSLY CHOOSE this infinitely more powerful Spiritual Energy to access it.
  • This important choice CAN affect every aspect of our life —IF WE CHOOSE IT.
  • Yes, we can go through life without choosing it… we will function… just not very well.

Without a commensurate Faith energy input, we will remain out of energetic balance… and it will show up in every aspect of our lives, from our attitudes to our health.  In this way, the Faith/Fear balance is similar to the Acid/Alkaline balance necessary for biological survival and health.  Choosing to incorporate the Infinite God energy into every aspect of our life positively reflects in our individual choices and health… and ultimately in our social values and patterns.


Social Values

Advanced societies honor Spiritual energy, family, orderly social interaction and the rule of law.

Values, specifically familial values, are the core tenets of all societies.  Generally, the more civilized… the more advanced the principles.  Another way of saying this is the more trusting… the better the results.  In order for us to generationally advance… to have an ongoing healthy, productive, and sustainable society… we must consciously pass down these values… to understand, practice, and meld them… on a daily basis.  Conversely, whenever people and societies rely predominately on their intellectual energy, they allow their default fear to dictate their actions.   Intergenerational sharing, trust, consensus, and sustainability suffer.  Predictably, no good result will ever be achieved in that situation.

The founders understood this and integrated powerful FAITH based directives into their lives and their governmental process… they utilized it to create the most unique and advanced governmental structure (still) on earth.  Their Faith was actualized through…  and reflected in… the documents and governmental structure they created.

The foundational reason nothing is working today —or would work today— is because we’ve morphed into a nation immersed in fear… clinging to intellectually steeped patterns rather than choosing and honoring our Faith-based energy, values, and principles… as reflected in our founding documents.


Faith and Our Republic

Our Constitutional Republic is still the only true, citizen-owned, grand experiment in human collaboration on our planet. 

It was created in the Hope that people of common beliefs could have a place where spiritually inspired human rights permeated their daily lives thus creating unlimited opportunities… all guided by Faith and divinely inspired imagination.

Notice that the commonality of our country was and is our beliefs…
NOT ethnic heritage… which is the default commonality of EVERY other nation in the world.

So, all who come here have to overcome a deeply ingrained desire and pattern to cling to their particular ethnic heritage, and instead focus on a deeper and more profound heritage… our Spiritually derived beliefs grounded in Liberty, Justice, and Tranquility. Failure to emphasize and teach this predictably leads to fear-based factions, division, and leanings toward democracy.


Uniqueness of our Sovereign Constitutional Republic

The vehicle the founders specifically created was our Constitutionally limited Republic, which can ONLY function in an atmosphere of Faith and Trust.  A Republic and a Democracy are generally identical in every aspect except one…

In a Republic, the sovereignty is in each individual person.
In a Democracy, the sovereignty is in the group.

In our Constitutional Republic, there is no need to micro-manage people with thousands of petty directives, trying to externally control them.

If we had a functioning Constitutional Republic, the People (Sovereigns) would be internally guided through their spiritually nurtured conscience… they would know their position —as ultimate authorities— respectful of each other’s rights, and their individual responsibility of diligent oversight.

In our original Constitutional Republic, the people retain their individuality…
the rights of all are preserved, even the minority.

In the founders’ Constitutional Republic, the entire process was essentially indirect representation… it was based on Faith and Trust in others.  It was designed to relieve the people of their active, daily involvement in government, so they could pursue their lives, knowing their rights and freedoms were safeguarded.    (See National Govt)

Trust, Communication, Compromise, Consensus, and Agreement
were the watchwords that described their process.

The unique 3 separate branch government they created highlighted different levels of indirect representation and Trust.  The Sovereign Individuals were represented by the House of Representatives…  the Sovereign States were represented by the Senate… with the Executive (President) and Judiciary overseeing their actions… all for the benefit of ‘We the People’,  (See Treaty of Paris, 1783)  who were —and are— the ultimate sovereign authority.  The original intent was very well thought out, and sadly not what we have today.   (See Mechanics of A Republic)

Intellectual prowess… ego… control…  and conflict are the hallmarks
of this intellectually dominated democratic process.

Conversely, in a democracy, citizens act in a group which results in majority rule, with the rights of the minority ignored.  The founders studied all of the democracies that preceded them and found they were short-lived… they all failed quickly and violently.  Why??  Because majority rule ignores the uniqueness of humanity —each individual’s own version of happiness—and inevitably breeds factions, which when combined with Intellectual Fear create a predictably destructive combination. (What we’re experiencing today)

The founders hoped that if they created a system that required minimal input, it would endure… and prosper… and it might have…. if the founding generations had heeded a critical piece of advice from their leadership… do not re-introduce political parties back into the process of government.  Hindsight shows us that after only one generation, (in the 1830’s) a lack of understanding, confidence, and trust in the founders Faith based vision allowed the political parties to re-emerge. Since then, they’ve steadily manipulated the founder’s vision, turning it into the present mess… a hodge-podge of the world’s intellectual attempts of controlling and subduing people.


Fundamental Disconnect

Please reflect on the root motivator of all the edicts pouring out of the National government in Washington, DC… things like the Patriot Act… they are all based on, and deeply rooted in FEAR.

The question becomes, do these Fears really represent our daily view of life?
Do they really represent the values and beliefs of the American population?
A better question may be, why have we allowed a leadership immersed in Fear to manage this country? 

IMHO, there is a fundamental disconnect between what grassroots Americans feel today and what the national leadership feels.  Our party-controlled National government demonstrates a fundamental distrust/Fear with other countries… with our States… and with our citizens.

Who are the united States?

The united States of America, until recently (1960’s), was viewed as an honorable nation… a friend to the oppressed… a nation that judiciously used its power and influence to promote peace and justice… a nation that did not meddle in others’ affairs.  We need to decide if these qualities are still important to us, individually and as a nation.  If they are, then we need to make our feelings known… because this isn’t the message Americans or the rest of the world is receiving from our national leadership, or our actions!


Sovereign’s Challenge

Our challenge is to create a national Inter-Generational Awareness Campaign focusing on this single profound aspect… FAITH… to rekindle our awareness in the root of our Faith energy… which is intrinsic in every human being… our GOD essence if you will.

I encourage you to become aware of and nurture your own Spiritual energy…
your internal guiding light —through your own spiritually-based, soul presence—
and encourage you to hear and trust your ‘still small voice’…
The GOD ENERGY in you.
Morality would once again surface…  and become our collective guiding light. 
We all need to know this at our core…  that Faith energy will displace fear energy.

Creating a national FAITH Or Fear Campaign could be the common thread necessary to re-unite the people of this great country… to once again become a unified voice… that sends a simple NO CONFIDENCE message to our Party controlled State and National capitals… to create the necessary change to once again reflect our true Faith-based values and heritage.

Americans as Law Abiding Citizens

The founders created a unique nation…
rooted in the principles of God-given rights.

As a Sovereign People, the Founders believed in —and peacefully adhered to— their long-held Spiritual beliefs and newly created Constitutional beliefs.  Many generations later… do we?

Do we prefer orderly civil discourse to overt armed intimidation?  Sadly, we have unwittingly allowed armed intimidation into our daily lives.  We have allowed a process that arbitrarily substitutes fear-based edicts from a despotic Party-controlled national government that operates from a separate legal jurisdiction… the District of Columbia.   These edicts are seriously restricting our constitutional rights… eroding our respect for the Rule of Law… and ultimately suppressing our Faith beliefs… all under the guise of a progressive democracy!

Can you see the connection here…
All this is happening because we are NOT CHOOSING to include our
Spiritually derived FAITH energy into our daily choices!

Our original three-branch form of Republican government has been replaced by a despotic, Party-controlled, edict-driven process determined to overwhelm and subjugate us with fear-based rules contradicting our Republic’s Constitutionally limited structure.  Freedoms such as speech, privacy, and choice are greatly eroded… how long before the ultimate form of control (martial law) is unilaterally imposed?

Sadly, it happened in the spring of 2020 under the guise of a fabricated health crisis.  Since then… we are legally (yet unconstitutionally) barred from peaceably choosing fundamental rights for ourselves.  Since then, constitutionally guided responses have been ignored.

If you are reading this,
then YOU are experiencing one of democracy’s most powerful mis-guidances…
what is commonly referred to as The Color of Law.
This is where something is unconstitutional yet held to a standard of law and punishment.

Since then, our options have become increasingly limited, so conflict and armed response surface as the solutions.  As a combat veteran, I can assure you… that is not the answer…  that only becomes one more obstacle to overcome in order for us to regain the divinely inspired gifts we were so graciously given… and ignored.


Time is short…   the united States of America are in disarray.
We must restore —and profess— our guiding FAITH…
IF we are to
save this grand Republican experiment of human collaboration.
Can you be counted on as a critical part of the fabric that makes up our Republic?

To help continue the Generational Advancement of our Spiritually Guided Nation…
To help rekindle the Spiritual Flame that IS this grand experiment of human liberty…
To help it once again shine brightly by Supporting this  FAITH not Fear Campaign?

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