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The following words of wisdom, from a preeminent 20th century thinker, is the impetus for this


You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

– Richard Buckminster Fuller

  • Do you believe in God and your God given right to choose what is best for you?
  • Do you believe the US is a Constitutional Republic?
  • Do you believe in a limited form of government?
  • Do you believe in the Rule of Law?
  • Do you want to restore your Sovereign Rights?


The events over the past several months have crystallized into the following outline.

This is a distillation of several key elements that I view as important for Constitutional Sovereigns to know, understand and utilize to return to a life based on the premise of a Sovereign-controlled, limited government that promotes ‘Sustainable Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’.

Our founding principles are based on the following key points:

  • The early Colonists knew that some form of government was necessary, so they willingly relinquished some of their rights and created subordinate governments for their well-being, as seen in the original Colonial Charters.
  • After the first Civil War (1775-1783), ownership of the Colonies (now States) was vested in ‘We the People’, which made them Sovereigns with complete authority.   See Treaty of Paris
  • The Sovereigns then created a unified Federal Government with limited and enumerated powers as outlined in the Constitution.     See Federal, State & Colonial Constitutions & Charters


Consider the following analogy.

See FenceMenders



Over the 11 generations (Howe & Strauss) since 1791, some of those generations allowed their Managers to stray outside The Fence.  These successive and repeated forays have resulted in extensive losses of Sovereign’s rights.

The current political leadership Crisis makes the following clearly evident:

  1. The 2 major political parties have effectively taken control of all aspects of The Sovereign’s government.
  2. Several recent generations of Leaders have violated their Oaths by abdicating their responsibilities to the Sovereign owners of our country.
  3. Their self-serving management style has resulted in Crises in virtually every aspect of our lives.
  4. The net result of their actions is a severely fractured society that’s become immersed in a Fear/Control pattern, that’s endangering our collective health.



After several decades of observation, I’ve gleaned some foundational precepts:

    • That we are all energy beings… We have the ability to choose where to source our energy.
      See Faith not Fear.
    • That the unit of measurement of mankind’s’ progress is NOT a decade or a century… it’s a Generation.
      See A Moral Choice.
    • That mankind’s fate is the responsibility of each generations Leaders.
      See Leaders/Followers.

Using the above filters, it becomes readily apparent that each generation’s energy choices and the resultant outcomes are directly tied to each generation’s leadership… whether it was inspired and consequently constructive… or whether it was spiritless and consequently destructive.

My comprehensivist viewpoint observes several past generations of poor choices and associated shortcuts that has created a growing list of damaging consequences.  Sadly, the 4 generations since the 1960’s created dismal results… so-much-so that we find ourselves today on the brink of world-wide system failures and environmental collapses.

Because of our position as a world superpower during this time period… we’ve caused our poor choices and shortcuts to affect other nations.  Collectively we’ve created a world-wide list… which has become so extensive, that it’s now affecting Spaceship Earth’s fundamental operating system… Earths Biome. See Corona Virus Crisis Update.

Please realize that everything that is happening IS RELATED…
from intensified weather phenomena,
to intensified chronic health issues,
to intensified environmental breakdowns.

We are experiencing the culmination of a multi-generational leadership failure.  This unchecked collectively amoral leadership overtly focused on materialism and profits rather than caring for those entrusted to them… which consequently put our world population at risk.



What we now have is disarray, on many levels of the Leader/Follower relationship.  Polarized… fearful… stressed… describes the general emotional state of the various classes of our current generations.  Leaders became takers… instead of viewing their position as one of honor, they became parasites…  taking advantage of those who entrusted their care to them.

  • Politically it looks like an out-of-control dictatorship being overseen by the political party’s Commander-in-Chief who mostly operates outside of the Constitutional Fence.
  • Medically it looks like a pharmaceutically dominated and driven system that has produced the most pervasive and deadly list of chronic dis-eases or ‘underlying’ conditions in world history.
  • Socially it looks like figureheads and influential people garnering fame and fortune with little care for the distraction and disarray they cause to their followers.
  • This destructive combination is the Current Leadership Crisis…  and this Crisis dramatically impacts those of us who are the Faithful Constitutional Remnant.

These various levels of leadership have become hardened, sometimes hostile and mostly fearful… some clinging to various fragments of the Constitution… but sadly, with no desire or plan to join together and resurrect our unique Republic or reestablish our form of limited government.  Many rally around 2nd amendment rhetoric… with seemingly little understanding of the ramifications of the consequential conflict they flirt with.

  • IMHO what’s needed is a comprehensive, integrated and peaceful NEW MODEL.
  • This NEW MODEL would provide a cohesive structure and guide back to a Sovereign controlled Constitutional Republic of limited government…
  • To once again operate with a common trust at a State level…
  • And to provide a Sovereign controlled limited structure at a Federal level…
  • Thereby creating complete Sovereign control… that could lead to our peace of mind!



We need a New Model because the Existing Model is NOT working… on several levels.  Our collective, inter-generational leadership failures are creating these environmental and health crises.

We need to STOP the wholesale destruction of our most necessary life support system… Spaceship Earth’s Biome… because we are currently causing our own destruction. 

Over the past several decades, I’ve had an increasingly uneasy feeling when watching the pell-mell rush of seemingly mindless technological growth.  The thought that kept coming to me was… ‘We’re going faster than we can understand and assimilate’.

Two things have collided to create the current list of Crises:

  • Shortcuts compounding shortcuts… and
  • The body’s inability to adapt and bounce back.

As I pointed out in The Business of Government… shortcuts developed in Crisis mode create more problems… and while our bodies have admirably tried to adapt and find balance (homeostasis)… the constant assault on so many fronts have caused a noticeable deterioration in its ability to bounce back… hence the growing list of chronic dis-ease.  These assaults run the gamut from environmental, nutritional, economic, and political… all resulting in increasing social dysfunction.

We current generations are living the consequences of our choices… and when I say ‘our’ choices… I mean those made on our behalf by various leadership positions… whether political, medical or social.



This New Model acknowledges the few and critical items that are catalytic and essential for orderly, sustainable and evolutionary life on Spaceship earth.  This list of basic and critical items is in descending order, as I perceive it.

SPIRIT-  …that mysterious energetic spark that IS the basis of everything.  The I AM… the Alpha and Omega… the breath of life… the still small voice… the basis of ‘Nature’s God and Nature’s Law’ (Th. Jefferson)…  the all knowing, unseen energy that mingles with – and nurtures our soul.

WATER-  …the most important and distinguishing compound on Spaceship Earth.  This molecule –and its derivative components- are the source of all life in our unique bio-sphere.
In both its gaseous and liquid forms, it has been co-opted and become a toxin carrier.

SOIL-  …the repository of basic minerals, gases and organisms that cumulatively become the support and transfer mechanism of nutrients to various species.
Soil has been assaulted with over 9 MILLION TONS of pesticides sprayed worldwide!!!

MORAL AUTHORITY-  …that spiritually invigorated awareness that guides and moderates mankind’s egoic tendencies… …the result of a balanced Spiritual and egoic melding…  our most powerful humility.
Our Moral Authority has been diminished by distractive and Egoic focuses.

SOVEREIGNTY-  …the spiritually guided understanding of mankind’s stewardship over Spaceship Earth’s resources.  It’s the highest form of beneficial authority and is only subject to the Creator’s authority.
The US is the only legally organized Sovereign Nation.



This New Model is an adaptation of the Founder’s basic plan.  It provides a method to regain our Sovereign status and control and –as important- STOP the wholesale destruction of our most necessary life support system… Spaceship Earth’s Biome.

The New Model recognizes our desire for evolution and adaption within the constraints of responsible moral limits… it functions within the guidelines of observational merit and positive results.  ‘Anecdotal’ once again becomes relevant and important.

Implementing this New Model is necessary because for the first time in mankind’s history… there is enough human energy and corresponding needs on Spaceship Earth… to cause enough imbalances to affect our ability to constructively sustain our existence.

The New Model seeks to replace the current disconnected state of affairs in our country.  It recognizes the accumulation of poor inter-generational choices and their resultant consequences… and proposes a Spirit-based, hope-filled, Faith approach to do better.



The Faithful Remnant are those who still adhere to our Constitutional Republic’s core values based on limited government through ‘We the People’s Sovereign ownership.  We see the opportunity to emulate the Founders vision as a gift and privilege… and humbly accept the responsibilities associated with this commitment.

We recognize our responsibilities:

  • to honor God and respect each other…
  • to uphold the sanctity of life…
  • to nurture and protect our values and uniqueness…
  • all while respecting our individualized participation in our common society.

We recognize and honor everyone’s right to their individual choices and consequences… and fully allow everyone the opportunity to experience them and take responsibility for them.

We also recognize that many of the cumulative consequences that our country are currently facing, are destructive to our Constitutional Republic.  We respectfully allow others their choices… and the fruits of their choices… and expect the same in return.



The New Model uses the natural driving force of social interaction to achieve its goals.  The goal is to recreate morally driven, whole, and functioning communities centered on mankind’s need of nutritious agricultural commodities… going Back To Our Roots.  As needs are met, tangential needs and opportunities could be added.

Faithful Remnant Communities are localized groups whose common beliefs create responsible, interactive, morally-sound and accountable communities.  The participating individuals combine their unique gifts and skills to create a functioning and sustainable community centered on Spiritual and Constitutional values.

The New Model is based on our primary need for vital nutrients and is supportive of their sustained output.  It recognizes the need for clean, toxin free water, and nutritionally dense toxin free food… the basis of sustainable, healthy life.

The goal is to find established farming areas and operators who currently support -or are willing to support- sustainable, organic farming methods… and need assistance to establish, maintain and/or expand their operations.  While capital is a commonly recognized need, efforts need to be made to identify other methods of support, ranging from labor to specialized services, to consumer involvement on several levels.

Efficient initial implementation would pair farm communities in need of capital and services with people looking to find consistent, reliable food and water sources… creating the Win-Win of a healthy, localized, socially productive community.

Faithful Remnant Participation will morph to include other ideas and needs as the basic unit matures and blossoms.



My vision of the organizational method is to resurrect a proven vehicle that dates back to early English common law… the Common Law Trust.  (See Common Law Trust Essay)   As the attached article shows, this method of Association has a long and effective history in both English and American history.  The reason I am attracted to it is quite simple… it allows the participants to maintain complete control of their affairs… with no room for governmental intrusion or control.

Consider this…  With the Corporate Form version, you must apply for –and maintain- a license from the appropriate government agency… which is subject to unilateral revision, sanction or revocation.  With the Unincorporated Form (Common Law Trust) you notify the appropriate government agency that you’ve formed your group.  The government cannot prevent or limit you from forming or operating your organization.

The Unincorporated Association (Form) represents Sovereignty in action… it is the ultimate ‘owners making ultimate decisions’ about their lives.  It’s no wonder that it’s currently frowned upon by the current corporate monopoly that seeks complete control over all of your activities.

Additionally, they offer all the benefits of the current government controlled version… those being; entity shielding and capital lock-in, limited liability, legal personhood in litigation, tradable shares, and fiduciary powers and duties.

Using this method would greatly streamline and stabilize the organization and operation of these various Faithful Remnant endeavors.



In order for our currently abandoned Constitutional Republic to return to it’s former place of a limited government overseen by it’s Sovereign owners… and to once again  become the shining example of moral, self-rule… ‘We the People’ -in our capacity as the rightful Sovereign Owners- MUST re-assert ourselves through our natural and originally uncluttered Leader/Follower hierarchy.

Our goals are:

  • to attract and engage morally inspired leaders and followers from all 3 current generations…
  • to draw on each generation’s experiences, strengths, needs and desires…
  • to build off of existing infrastructure…
  • to benefit from past generations efforts of carving out productive land and establishing functional communities.

Also important, is recognizing that the 2 major political parties have created polarizing views and positions that are contrary to our Sovereign management… and the well-being of the Individuals and States that form our country.

And -as importantly- that they are contradictory to our personal well-being and sustainability.

Since we are respectful of others opinions and viewpoints… and do not want to impose our opinions and viewpoints on them… we choose to delineate, clarify and clearly identify ourselves as those Americans who consciously choose to support and resurrect our Constitutional Republic and its form of limited government.

We acknowledge other’s viewpoints and invite them to also take responsibility for them, both socially and financially.

We, the Faithful Constitutional Remnant, believe and honor the saying… ‘All Choices have Consequences’… and invite all others to understand this fundamental relationship.

From this point forward,
We choose a moral and ethical way of life,
Based on a belief in God and our Sovereign ownership,
And on a nurturing and sustainable environmental model,
That seeks to replenish our souls, the land and our bodies.
And as such,
We encourage both visionary leaders and followers to come forward…

and become the Faithful Constitutional Remnant.

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