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Published July 2020 Revised June 2021


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Good fences make good neighbors.   Robert Frost



Today, I’m sharing with you, in the most direct way I know of…
how to deal with THE CORE ISSUE facing our beleaguered Constitutional Republic…

Our Increasing Loss of Control over Our Lives.

Fence Menders is based on the simple yet powerful legal premise that ‘We the People’ are the ultimate authority and have ultimate ownership and control over our County, State and National government.

It recognizes that our elected officials  —through political party collusion—  have continually and blatantly violated their Oaths… and strayed outside of their clearly defined Constitutional Fence creating a strangling amount of unconstitutional restrictions on US. 

It calls on all Americans to band together to repair our Constitutional Fence… by holding office-holders accountable to the Oaths… which ultimately would return our government to a limited and balanced Federal, Constitutional Republic. 

In other words, to reign in the political parties and put our clearly defined governmental process back inside The Fence, thereby regaining our lost liberties and freedoms.

Deferred Maintenance Needed

Why is this necessary?   Call it deferred maintenance… needed because various past generations neglected their duty to maintain this clearly defined Fence.  These generational neglects created huge incursions in our lives, our liberties, and consequently our happiness.  Their neglect let the political parties breach The Constitutional Fence and freely roam outside of it… to our detriment.

The current crisis again makes it abundantly clear that there are a multitude of very serious breaks in our Constitutional Fence… and as a result, more freedoms —and lives— are again being sacrificed and lost under the guise of crisis.

Potential Initial Discomfort


CAUTION: The following analysis may create feelings of discomfort,
even adverse reactions in some people…
because of the profoundly deep conditioning they’ve experienced over their lifetime
regarding party identity, participation and loyalty.


To some, what I’m proposing might create outright resentment… and I’m sorry if that’s the case… but please read on, as this is critical to understand.

If you have any of these feelings, I ask you to sincerely look at what you value the most… what truly matters the most… allegiance to our founding principles, our ideals, and freedoms… our Constitution… or allegiance to a deeply ingrained political habit or pattern.

By way of comparison, think of lifestyle patterns and ingrained habits that are not serving you well.  Are you going to maintain loyalty to them just because they’re deeply ingrained habits… even if they are killing you?  I hope and pray that our current plight has profoundly more impact on you than other deep-seated patterns and habits.

The Elephant In The Room

I am amazed that no one is willing to call out the political parties as the source of all of our current problems… so I will do it here!  It’s now time to stop being silent about the damage they’ve done and continue to do to our Constitutional Republic.  Over several generations, the two major political parties have colluded to exclude any other organized attempts to infringe on their monopoly.

The result?  They have quietly added a new dimension to our governmental landscape.  Through persistent, generational conditioning, they have quietly inserted themselves into the clearly defined original and balanced process… and they would now have US believe that they ARE the government… the only choice ‘We the People’ have!

Instead of just ‘We the People’ and those we directly elected to represent US and manage our three branches of government… the political parties have deftly inserted themselves between US and our Constitutionally described elected officials and created an entirely new and unnecessary level of unilateral control, an all-powerful, unconstitutional executive branch.



This started during our second Civil War (1861-1865), and has been building since then.  The creation and use of a dangerous new version of Executive Orders —a political party coup— summarily destroyed our balanced and limited government.

These edicts —that operate under ‘Color of Law’—
cause wholesale destruction of our Constitutional Fence.

States’ Adrift

The late 1800s were turbulent… with many crises that afforded both ruthless business magnates and the political parties the opportunity to further their stranglehold and control.  This created resentment… and the resulting pushback —called the Populist Revolt resulted in hastily concocted and sweeping changes to their political landscape.

Toward the end of the Populist Revolt (in 1913), a profoundly damaging event happened… the newly strengthened, post-war political parties concocted and passed the 17th amendment.   With it, the political parties backhandedly removed the Sovereign States from their Constitutional place in the Federal Congress.  With this questionable legislation, the 2 major political parties deftly inserted themselves into a position of direct control by substituting their politically controlled Senators into this critical role.

The Result?  Today, the 2 major political parties —through their national Senators— occupy and unilaterally control the U.S. Senate.  Please let this sink in…


These ‘new’ Senators have NO DIRECT CONNECTION OR ACCOUNTABILITY to the States they purportedly represent.  Consequently, the Sovereign States have NO REPRESENTATION in our current National Congress… they are NOT an active part of the national decision-making process.

Think about this…
The PRIMARY reason for a Federal Constitution was for States to create a forum to deal with their collective issues…
BUT the 17th amendment literally denies the States any ability to represent themselves in this forum!

Over several generations, the political parties have quietly and firmly entrenched themselves in this artificially created position of gatekeeper between ‘We the People’ and our government.

As a result, today,We the Peoples’ State Governments have no direct access to or control over our Federal Government!

This is dangerous to anyone who cherishes the concept of our People controlled Constitutionally limited government… who cherish our liberties and our ability to live freely.  They discretely accomplished this, over several generations, through social conditioning.

Social Conditioning

We tend to discount social conditioning and its effect on us… but we shouldn’t, as this subtle and powerful form of ingrained habit-making literally run all aspects of our lives.  Most of our choices… from personal habits, to foods, to relationships, to social conduct are created by this form of mostly unconscious conditioning… and managing our governmental relationships are no different.  When social conditioning extends beyond a single generation then it has a multi-generational impact.

Generational Impact

Generational impact is something that the political party system capitalizes on.  They count on the fact that people from one generation forget what a previous generation thought or did.  They use this ‘lapse’  to quietly and effortlessly gain control over critical parts of our freedoms… sometimes by passing ‘future laws’… ones that quietly take effect years or decades into the future.

The political parties have also deftly conditioned ‘We the People’ to believe that managing our government is beyond our comprehension… that they will do it for you because they want the best for you… but, I can assure you, they do NOT… and managing it is apparently beyond them too.  Their goal is unilateral control… through excessive top-down rules that strip away our choices… and they prove it every chance they get.  If we stop watching their lips and start watching their actions, it becomes obvious.

The political parties have also deftly conditioned a majority of the people in our country to literally run away whenever political or governmental matters arise… thereby assuring themselves complete and total control over the process that ‘Citizens’ rely on.

‘We the People’…
the true Sovereign Owners of this country…
are in a very dangerous place today. 

We’ve allowed this malevolent group to gain control of our rights and plunder this country.  Past crises afforded them the opportunity to solidify their control and grip over US… and the current Crisis is no different.

This current, manufactured health crisis is even more insidious… as it further reveals the colluded political party’s true intents and purposes… to further subjugate both Sovereigns and ‘Citizens’ of America alike… to effectively destroy any semblance of our unique Constitutional Republic… by eliminating our most basic freedom —the ability to freely choose for ourselves.

Constitutional Loyalties

I pray that you now recognize that party loyalties fly in the face of Constitutional loyalty… that the only allegiance any of us who claim to be Americans should have, is allegiance to our unique Constitutional Republic… as penned in our founding principles and documents!

The very same allegiance declared by Patriots throughout our history.  The very same allegiance declared by those who took an Oath to stand in harms’ way… or have made the ultimate sacrifice defending and upholding this loyalty Oath.

I can assure you that our founders did not give even the slightest inclination toward, or approval of, political parties… actually quite the contrary.  Many references by prominent founding members dissuade any practical need or use of them.  They specifically set up our Constitutional Republic to operate without political parties!



Finally, one of the most profound controls the political parties have gained over all of US, both Sovereigns and ‘Citizens’ alike, is the Election Process.


Originally, the Peoples’ participation in their Republic’s elections only required electing their Federal Representative every 2 years… that was it… only one local election to choose their direct voice and visibility in the Federal Congress.

The States, before they lost control of their Senators through the 17th Amendment, appointed Senators to represent their State in the Federal Congress… thus providing each State direct access and participation in this most important national forum.

The Presidential election was done exclusively through a non-partisan process using Electors chosen by the States… to eliminate any nationally controlled abuse or spectacle.  These electors were chosen from community leaders who demonstrated moral qualities… and they could NOT have any described political affiliations!!


By changing this process from one of local, non-partisan elections, to one with strict partisan participation requirements… they have bastardized the founders’ version of this essential process… thereby monopolizing their control over our entire government structure.  Now, narrowly defined parameters and huge sums of money are required to be a part of their exclusive national stage… resulting in poor choices, gridlock, and chaos.

Sadly, the current process is so far removed from the original that the founders would not recognize it at all.  There is no comparison to, or hope of salvaging, the original process in its present form.  Our only hope rests in the removal of the political party’s control so ‘We the People’ can reinstate the original intent, simplicity, and limitations.



From my comprehensivist viewpoint, the following points are quite evident…

‘We the People’, as the Sovereign Owners are the ultimate authority over any created government.
  • Originally, Sovereigns directly elected and controlled their County and State Governments.
  • The Federal Government was exclusively created by the States to provide the collective States with a SUBSERVIENT, seamless, harmonious operating system… to set a ‘binding collective template’ if you will.
The Federal Constitution is a written guideline for ‘STATES ONLY’ to develop limited and mutual policies.
  • The FEDERAL CONSTITUTION was specifically ensconced in its own jurisdiction to provide a clearly defined separation from the States’… and additionally to provide an unassailable forum to create and maintain common oversight through specified limitations without any individual State interference.
  • As such, the Federal Government’s ONLY legal jurisdiction is in the District of Columbia… it has no Constitutional, legal jurisdiction within any Counties or States!
  • The Federal Constitution was NEVER meant to directly control the daily lives of ‘We the People’.
  • Consequently, the President has no Constitutional authority over the Citizens within the several States!
The subsequent passage of the 17th Amendment overtly nullified States’ Rights and their participation and representation of their constituents by excluding them from their Constitutionally described forum.
  • This misguided legislation provided the entrée for Nationalism… for the current top-down oligarchy that currently controls this country… all courtesy of the colluded efforts of the 2 major political parties… what I’m calling the 2 Party Collaborative Alliance (2PCA).
  • The current crises result from the politically controlled National Senators heaping edicts and statutes on muted States, who have no say or control over their jurisdictions!!


******Please recognize that until there is a groundswell of awareness and action
to deal with these foundational issues, nothing would change.*******


FENCE MENDERS Proposes Several BOLD & NECESSARY Fence Mending Actions.

First —and foremost— ‘We the People’ need to wake up from this political-party-created nightmare…
and once again assert our rightful ownership and control over ourselves through our individual Counties and States…
Then ‘We the People’  need to literally take back ownership and control from the political party-controlled national government ensconced in the District of Columbia.
the current National Government is the exclusive creation of the 2 major political parties.
It was created solely for the purpose of controlling ‘We the People’…
by controlling our united States…
through our wealth and resources.
Every action required to do this is STRICTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
The managers and participants of the 2 major political parties are legally liable and culpable for their unconstitutional actions.
We must recognize that we are being duped…
and have been for several generations…
in a most vulgar and depraved way. 


The Founders carefully articulated and delineated the District of Columbia in our Constitution for a reason.  This ‘no State’s land’ was purposefully set aside to provide a separate and unique legal jurisdiction for the States to conduct the business of inter-State conduct and cohesiveness… it was never intended to be the national arbiter of daily life in America!!  ‘We the People’ MUST assert our Sovereign Authority and demand that this specific, subservient jurisdiction be returned to its original Constitutional limitations.

The current outpouring of martial law-type edicts from this
separate and distant jurisdiction is hopefully making my point!

The current Covid debacle points to another deeply disturbing alliance… that of the pharmaceutical industry and several of the political party-controlled and unconstitutional government agencies.  These potent and wealthy companies are using State and National government agencies to demand and force compliance with deeply flawed, illegal, and reckless policies regarding vaccinations with unproven and dangerous concoctions… all under the ‘color of law’.  ‘We the People’ MUST DEMAND that this dangerous and destructive collusion be stopped IMMEDIATELY, and those responsible are prosecuted for their violations.   (See Mask Litmus Test)


‘We the People’ MUST DEMAND a Separation of Pharmacy and State. (See Postcard)


I continually wonder what would trigger US to take back control from the political parties?
  • Will the current political and social chaos cause it?
  • Will the current reckless spending and exorbitant debt cause it?
  • Or will enough of ‘We the People’ wake up and peacefully assert ourselves… and take back control over our governmental process because deep in our moral core we know it’s the right thing to do?



‘We the People’ NEED A Ground-Up Plan

A peaceful Sovereign intervention will only be successful if it’s solidly rooted in a ground-up plan… which means that this effort must start within each State… at the County level… the most basic, identifiable, legal subdivision within our country.  (See My Counties for more information.)

‘We Sovereigns’ must assert their ultimate legal authority where they live… in their County.  County officials —at all levels— must be held accountable for their actions, starting with their OATH to willingly maintain and promote a non-partisan, Constitutionally limited form of Republican State government.

‘We Sovereigns’ need to actively seek out and encourage quality, morally-based candidates who will represent ‘We the People’ without party affiliation as their primary allegiance.  Individual Sovereigns need to STOP SUPPORTING ANY CANDIDATE OR CURRENT OFFICE HOLDER WHO PUTS PARTY LOYALTY ABOVE CONSTITUTIONAL LOYALTY.  The only way to get the political parties out of positions of authority is to stop supporting them energetically and financially.  If you truly believe in your freedom to choose, then find candidates that SUPPORT YOUR BELIEFS.

County Sheriffs need to be encouraged to be true Constitutional Sheriffs… to recognize that they represent the supreme law of the land and their County… higher than any state or national enforcement agencies.  As the Sovereign’s elected peacekeeper, the Sheriff is uniquely positioned to maintain a sense of Constitutional decorum… and if need be, become the buffer between unconstitutional agents and the Sovereign Owners who elect and support them.  The sheriff is a foundational office that reaches back hundreds of years to this currently ignored bedrock document… our Constitution.  (According to the National Sheriffs’ Association there are 3,081 sheriffs across the nation.)


The simplicity of this is breathtaking—
When enough Counties become aligned…
then States will become aligned.

When enough States are aligned…
then —and only then—

can the current National Government return to its original form of a Federal Government
which can —once again— be the active meeting place of State Republics.
AND all it requires is each individual Sovereign Owner
make their voice heard from their local County!


The Time is NOW

Remember Thomas Paine’s famous quote from The Crisis…

“THESE are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated”


I continually wonder…
what will it take to engage the American People in their lives?
…how far will they submit before they say ENOUGH!!!

We are at a major crossroads in America’s evolution…
past generations have allowed unconstitutional political operatives to corrupt our unique process…
our once simple, sovereign-owned Republic has been surreptitiously taken from US…
thereby creating our current unsustainable social and fiscal catastrophe.

‘We the People’ MUST stand up to these petty tyrants…
We MUST remove them from their unconstitutional and self-ingratiating positions of power!


Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.     Robert Frost


The founders understood exactly why they created their Constitutional Fence.

The burning question is…

Will current generations of Americans collectively marshal their Core Spiritual Energy

…and focus it to take up their role as Fence Menders?

Time will tell…  and time is fleeting.


Know your ‘Critter’ before choosing your fence…
Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time & energy.
  Gerard Coté



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