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April 2016

Thank you for finding the time and being of interest to peruse this website.

After spending over 25 years researching our Constitutional beginnings and watching how the current situation was deteriorating, I felt it was time -to once again- put forth a Constitutionally based reference for anyone who is interested in learning about, and understanding our American uniqueness.

As many of the documents will indicate, America is truly a unique entity in both form and structure.  It’s inhabited by people with all the normal tendencies, wants and needs.  We all want Freedom, Peace and Prosperity.  Sadly, Americans are being asked to make decisions about how to achieve them without having good information to base those decisions on… which will create an even worst situation.



Imagine, if you will, that you were given something that you’ve only heard about…. but never seen…

The doorbell rings, and there are several large boxes on your doorstep.  The delivery man tells you that you have received a very unique gift, that once assembled, it could really make your life much better.  You open them up and find an array of very interesting parts… but no instructions.  

Depending on your current emotional state, you will probably do one of two things:

  1. If you are feeling pretty good about your life and have some energy to spare, your curiosity will probably cause you to spend some time and try and figure out how to put it together and see what it does.
  2. If you are feeling tired and overwhelmed and have no energy to spare, you will probably view this as another thing to deal with… and probably won’t.  It will either go into storage or get tossed.

In my mind, that is exactly where most citizens are today.  The boxes represent the unique ideas and structures wisely created as the result of America’s first civil war, (more commonly known as the Revolutionary War).  

Even though it was a tumultuous time, they never lost their vision, one based on faith, that they could have something better.  And do not be deluded into thinking it was an easy task.  Various geographic regions had diametrically opposed views, religious practices, and lifestyles… yet they managed…. through open debate… lots of open debate – with the wisdom of several highly moral men… and through the process of CONSENSUS, to finally distill down to a quite simple document, a way to live peacefully and create an environment where their mutual interests and security was assured.



What we lack today, is an understanding of exactly what they created.  Sadly, the current state of fear in this country has exhausted many… and created an apathetic attitude that is not willing to find out any more.

I am a baby-boomer, and I implore all of you from my generation, and the two other succeeding generations who currently inhabit this country, to seriously look at this now.  We as babyboomers are the only generation left that has an actual memory of what it was like to live in a land where hope and curiosity were part of our daily habit.  Sadly, that went away… replaced by fear… not of our making… but replaced none-the-less… and it has been taught to our children and their children… so that now… fear pretty much dominates the American landscape… and it does NOT have to be that way.

We have so much to hope for in America… so much to live for…
only because of amoral leadership, we’re being led to focus on the wrong things!!

We must take a moment… take a deep breath… and look around… at our families… our neighborhoods… our country and realize that we still have a lot in common… that we NEED each other…. that we need much better leadership… that together we can once again create harmony… safety and prosperity.

I present to you… on this website…. a basic set of instructions – if you will… that will give you a clear idea of exactly what’s happen… and how to get back on track.  The good news…. the REALLY good news, is that you have complete legal standing to do this.  It is perfectly within your authority to do this… and I’m sure many of you do not even realize you have this authority.

Sadly, that is by design… there are some who do not want you to know… defy them… learn about this most precious gift… a gift so precious that people have risked their lives to come here and have it.

I invite you to take the time to learn about… and more importantly act on this information.  And be forewarned… it will be a challenge… because… part of our current learning is that we are a democracy… and the fruit of democracy’s is opposing factions… and we have that today in America.  We need to RELEARN our heritage, relearn the art of CONSENSUS… to take the time to hear each other and find out what our true common feelings and needs and wants are… and find a way… once again, through consensus, to have them.

I reiterate what George Washington cautioned us in his Farewell Address, ‘do not let the political parties have control over this country, because their agenda is not your agenda’.  The documents and history lessons shared here are self-evident… take the time to find out… and in doing so… I guarantee you will find the instructions on how to assemble the parts in the boxes into a vehicle that will serve you and this country very well.

Again, I thank you for taking the time… after all, time is all we have… and the time for this unique experiment in human collaboration is fleeting… we must act now or lose the opportunity.

Be Well,


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