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The Natural 1 in10 Social Interaction Relationship Explained

Knowing this most basic energetic demeanor creates essential wisdom & calm.


Mankind is blessed with a unique gift… the ability to reason.  This gift —and curse— has elevated as well as damaged us, as history aptly demonstrates.  Leaders and Followers both share two of the three skills necessary for productive interaction… the ability to Comprehend and Process information and thoughts.  The trait that sets Leaders apart is the ability to effectively Envision, and Communicate that information.  It is this communicative aspect that distinguishes Leaders and sets them apart from Followers.

I want to clarify an important point at the outset of this article. 
Being either a Leader or a Follower does not create any implied hierarchy…
One is not inherently superior to the other…
Both are Equal and critical to Humanity’s function and progression.


Founders Awareness

In researching past civilizations, societies, and governments, the founders looked for traits that caused those earlier groups to thrive.  What became apparent to them was that those who organized under the Leader/Follower structure had greater stability and success.  Although they did not write about this specifically, it’s obvious to me that they grasped the significance of this dynamic, and thought enough of it to use it as a model for their new government structure.

Any study of ancient civilizations… from biblical times onward, demonstrates this dynamic.
Successful societies adhered to this natural human interaction.

We must remember that being endowed with Leadership traits does not guarantee that it will be done correctly, or well.  I contend that effective natural Leadership is divinely inspired… that it demonstrates moral qualities.  When we look at the founding period, the name that immediately comes to mind is George Washington.  The other leaders of his time also thought so, enough to consider him “the indispensable man”.  What made him seem this way?  There are identifiable traits.



Every Human being is similar… from physical to emotional characteristics… and at the same time, we are all unique.  In other words… our commonality is in our obvious physiological sameness, while our uniqueness is in our subtle energetic differences.   An example of this would be that we all have similar fingers and unique fingerprints.

This uniqueness is further defined as moral/spiritual (internally driven) and intellectual/egoic (externally driven) energy.  I contend that the moral aspect is “imprinted” on our soul and is the root of our internal guidance.  The intellectual is “created” as part of our tangible form… and is the accumulation of various lineages that form our external guidance.

Mankind’s challenge has been to recognize, accept, and live with both… enough to grow and advance.  That is because life is not as simple as being born with your unique energies, features, gifts, and talents… it’s complicated by the fact that you show up in a pre-existing set of circumstances, which will have an impact on you… both the energetic you and the physical you.

Since we are all energetic beings, portraying energetic patterns, it follows that our life patterns also demonstrate differences.  We are all born into a very specific energetic patterning… and those circumstances can assist or challenge our natural gifts and talents. This is how ancestral, social or familial patterning affects us.  It is something that can make developing our natural gifts and talents easier or harder… if they get developed at all.  Sadly, some souls become so distracted that they never have the chance to share their uniqueness with the world.


Energetic Patterning

Another subtle but ever-present trait is portrayed in how we interact with each other.  I contend that this fundamental patterning is as natural in the physiological as it is in the intellectual realms.  For example… in our bodies, certain cells hold sway over other groups of cells, directing their energies and efforts.  This all happens seamlessly, with harmony and precision.  I contend that this same patterning is present in our intellectual and energetic patterning… that a few naturally lead and the majority follow seamlessly, with harmony and precision.

A small percentage of any population are natural leaders and the balance of the population are natural followers.  Since this is an inherently natural trait – an internal trait – it happens almost by default… unless external ancestral, social, or familial patterning overrides this natural tendency.

This is the least talked about, most consistent, and obvious patterning among humans.  If you look back through recorded history – and are aware of it – you will see it… if you look at our society today, you will see it.  The study of human history is littered with it.

Just becoming aware of this phenomenon is in itself a paradigm shift, because it creates awareness of —and hopefully an understanding of— our most basic tendencies toward human interaction.  Understanding this can also create calmness because by being aware of and accepting our natural tendencies, we are free to celebrate our gifts… discover and hone our talents… ultimately pursue happiness… all while making the world a better place because of our contributions… hopefully without needlessly pursuing any externally imposed patterning.


Natural Leaders

What do all these natural leaders have in common?  From my perspective, the common trait they exhibited was a strong moral conviction… a defined internally guided sense of right and wrong.  They openly demonstrate an understanding and empathy for those among them who look for guidance and direction.  They understand and demonstrate responsibility.  These leaders essentially are servants… subjugating their egos to be of service to others.

Conversely, unnatural leaders have the common trait of using followers to advance their own agendas.  These leaders have a robust ego… their decisions and leadership demonstrate self-aggrandizement traits.  This type of leadership eventually creates dissension and tends to weaken a society… and if let go long enough, can cause disruptions or disintegration of that society.


Natural Followers

Equally as important to this equation are the remaining majority, the Natural Followers.  Natural Followers make up the bulk of the fabric of our society… and have in all societies since the beginning of time.  They are essential to the evolution and advancement of any society.  In a way, Natural Followers are blessed… they are free to find and grow their gifts and talents almost exclusively… if allowed to do so – this is critical to understand.

Their natural role is to be this supportive group that contributes the bulk of the energy necessary to maintain and advance any society.  Sadly, many situations arise, prompted by external traditions, where their gifts and talents are not realized because of an overriding pressure to pursue hereditary patterns, such as doctors wanting their children to be doctors.

Also, portions of our current society have developed combative and antagonist patterns… they view Followers as weak, and not worthy of their consideration.  Such a viewpoint is the byproduct of an overactive, externally driven, fear-based egoic mind… that has little tolerance for other’s viewpoints.  Thankfully, the antagonist’s viewpoint is the farthest thing from the truth.


Natural Followers Identifying Traits

There are several unique traits of Natural Followers.  Natural Followers have no inclination to create solutions to their situations.  If their Natural Leaders are doing a poor job of leading them, the natural followers become dissatisfied… they may complain, and even act out… but typically will not entertain the idea of figuring out a better way… it’s not in their nature.

Natural Followers are typically a trusting group… they innately believe that their interests will be cared for… that their place and purpose is to follow and support their leaders.  It becomes quite evident… very quickly… that an egoic and corrupted leader could quite easily take advantage of this natural tendency… and sadly… this sums up a large part of human history to date… what I call the one-step-forward… two-steps-back pattern of human history.  Our human history is littered with amoral leaders who ultimately set back the advancement of civilization… and caused a lot of pain and suffering.


Ancestral Barriers

I contend this created another equally profound situation… and this is concerning our experiential history of pain and suffering.  Since we are creatures of ancestral (social, ethnic, and familial) patterning… those experiences created negative patterning, ones that subsequent generations instinctively followed, to all of our detriments.  Over countless generations, this ebb and flow relationship has unfolded… it’s become the tableau of societal patterns of ethnic hatred and abuse… and is the historical record of our cumulative journey.

Ponder this…

Every single interaction,
Since the beginning of time,
Between every single energy form on our planet,
Has created our present moment.

Sadly, it shows that our progress has been painfully slow… that intellectual fear has dominated much of human history… which is what makes the founder’s wisdom and boldness so remarkable.  They had the insight and courage to not only recognize and propose such a model for government, but actualized it as well.


Leader/Follower Subtleties

Since the Leader/Follower relationship is one of the most essential of human interactions, it carries with it responsibilities on both sides.  Without an understanding and adherence to those inherent traits, this relationship would break down… and such a breakdown would severely limit each group’s ability to function and thrive.

This relationship is not a simple either/or proposition… there are subtleties in it as well.   Here is how I see this relationship interact.  It accounts for the various energetic subtleties, from most intense down.

  • Leader-Leader             The most exceptional… a visionary… a selfless type… very few
  • Leader                           Visionary… a selfless type… yet recognizes exceptional leaders
  • Leader-Follower         Recognizes their place in the hierarchy… wants to help guide
  • Follower-Leader         Unburdened by leadership… yet helps others with minor direction
  • Follower                        The most important… willing to trust… accepts and participates

Understanding these gradations gives more insight into the functional structure of any society.  This is alluded to in ancient texts.  (See Exodus 18, 13-26)  It demonstrates a practical and effective way that faith and trust play in people’s daily lives.  Foremost, there is a natural inclination to TRUST… and to meld naturally into the various categories… ultimately freeing up valuable energy to excel and focus on betterment and happiness within each group’s natural comfort zone.


Continuing Wisdom

Hopefully, it now becomes apparent why the Founder’s chose this method of human interaction as the basis for their indirect form of Republican government.  They recognized that portraying their interdependence in this trusting way would create the most efficient and harmonious method of managing their day-to-day affairs, whether locally in their state or among the several states.

Their far-sightedness extends to us today because they shared that this type of Leader/Follower relationship would serve this country well, even when we grew to be 300 million strong.

They recognized all the benefits that adhering to this natural form of human interaction would bring… and that this was – and is – one of our most basic of human traits… this Leader/Follower relationship.  It is now incumbent on the current generations to recognize and reaffirm this most basic energetic demeanor.


Our Role

As descendants and inheritors of this most unique form of self-governance, we all —Leaders and Followers alike— must strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance, cooperation, and TRUST if we are to solidly move forward and reinvigorate our ownership and reorganization of our Constitutional Republic.  Since it’s “the water we swim in”… most Americans —from all generations— do not see the uniqueness of what we are capable of having… because we do NOT have it now.

Whether we Americans realize it or not… the world looks to us for guidance and leadership.  Why?  Because we are the caretakers of the only truly humane governmental operating system on our planet.  We must realize that “We the People” are the example of the best that mankind can be.  We need to wake up from our egoically distracted state of mind.  We need to once again become aware of our gifts… our responsibilities… and hopefully decide to embrace them again.  We need to start living up to that potential… we need to once again Lead from our Moral / Spiritual selves.

Technological advances combined with an 8 BILLION world population have brought us to a crossroads that we can NOT ignore.  Ignoring our chance to properly manage ourselves demonstrates a careless disregard for ourselves and those who look to us for guidance.  As a World Leader, we need to find the path back to Gratitude, TRUST, Honor, and Morality.

‘We the People’ could actually have the ‘Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness’ that was once identified and preserved for us through these unique documents.  Preserved… and waiting to be Reclaimed.


I can assure you…
you would like having that lifestyle again…
and wouldn’t it be nice to go two…
maybe three steps forward for a change?

…and provide a hope-filled future for our heirs
and the rest of the watching world at the same time?

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