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A Comprehensivist Viewpoint
Revealing Our Lack of Moral Leadership


In this article, I’m sharing observations that have been ruminating in my mind since last summer.  It dawned on me that adherence to the various mask mandates was an obvious, visible litmus test of our current human population’s thought processes… and a less obvious indication of a Lack of Moral Leadership… and that this behavior accurately mirrors my Leader/Follower hypothesis.


Litmus Test Definition

: A test in which a single factor (such as an attitude, event, or fact) is decisive.

Litmus Test has Scientific Origins
It was in the 14th century that scientists discovered that litmus, a mixture of colored organic compounds obtained from lichen, turns red in acid solutions and blue in alkaline solutions and, thus, can be used as an acid-base indicator. Six centuries later, people began using litmus test figuratively. It can now refer to any single factor that establishes the true character of something or causes it to be assigned to one category or another. Often it refers to something (such as an opinion about a political or moral issue) that can be used to make a judgment about whether someone or something is acceptable or not.


Obvious Observations

Last summer and fall, I traveled around the States of Oregon, northern California, and northern Nevada.  Regardless of what County I was in, I noticed virtually the same reaction and response to the mask mandates by the general public… a vast majority wore them and a small minority didn’t.

County policies, as expressed by the Sheriff —the chief law enforcement officer— varied, but what struck me was the consistency of the public’s response… demonstrating their beliefs with their mask preference, if you will.

(And when I say the ‘public’ I’m referring to those who are generally out,
not those working in businesses bound to unconstitutional corporate or government policies.)

Another interesting observation was that jurisdictional policies didn’t seem to matter.  In sparse, rural counties with no legal mandates, the Leader/Follower mask pattern prevailed.  I attribute that to the overwhelming influence of the regional and national pharmaceutical/politically controlled media… which also supports the Leader/Follower hypothesis.

IMHO, the media grossly misrepresented the situation and ignored basic scientific facts.  Their misrepresentations and omissions coupled with the ‘worldwide vaccine deprivation experiment’ mandate that was unilaterally forced on the world population, understandably wreaked havoc on well-meaning local and regional Leaders and Followers alike… enough to coerce many of them into the mask-wearing frenzy.

That was the first time in my adult life that I’ve experienced such a universal, calculated, divisive, and manipulative campaign of misinformation… all focused on driving people —by any means possible— to get a vaccine.  Bribing and coercing people with their freedoms, privileges, and livelihoods caused polarization and outright dissent.   I can certainly understand why these parochial and forceful campaigns caused many to resist on those grounds alone.


Leader/Follower Analogy

Regardless of the discord represented within each group… what struck me was the overall consistency of their responses, and how they perfectly aligned with my Leader/Follower hypothesis.  (See Leader/Follower article)

To recap the article highlights… humankind since its beginning naturally falls into one of these two categories.  All known societies demonstrate this… even animal groups demonstrate it.  Two things are relevant here…

  • Being in either group is not a status position… there is no inferred superiority.
  • Both groups are equally important, valuable, and necessary for the advancement of human society.

I say human here because animals appear to be smarter than humans in this regard… they naturally demonstrate and follow this necessary trait.  Necessary?  Absolutely… have you heard the expression… ‘too many cooks spoil the stew?’  It eludes to people artificially placing themselves outside of their natural energetic space because of some external influence.  To explain…

I contend that when our infinite soul/spirit incarnates into our finite human body, it comes with a set of life instructions and goals, and within those instructions are attractions to help us find and become part of our Leader/Follower cohort… with our ultimate goal of being of service through our unique gifts.  Many times that natural, energetic destiny is thwarted or overridden by influential people… parents, social or community leaders, or religious hierarchy… to name a few… and can become an obstacle to finding our true identity and purpose on our brief human walk.


Learning From This Litmus Test

As I became aware of the natural Leader/Follower mask choice, I marveled at the way it manifested so visibly… Followers wearing masks… Leaders not wearing masks.  The Mask Litmus Test made both groups identifiable and visible.  What also became apparent to me was the markedly different energies associated with each group.

The reasons for either group exhibiting their choices are much more complex… I would say even muddled… but an informal survey confirmed that —generally speaking— Leaders didn’t wear them because there were no existing laws or good scientific evidence, and Followers wore them because Leaders told them to… and interestingly, their participation ranged from fully onboard (the double mask wearers) to barely compliant (the chin mask wearers).  Overall though, the lack of moral leadership caused a polarization that was startling and palpable.


Natural Law Science Ignored

Those who understand Natural Law Science were disturbed by the one-sided deceit and pseudo-truths.  Historically, True Science —by its very nature— adheres to elements and patterns of Natural Law… and that perspective was missing from any of the pharmaceutically driven dialogue.  Collectively, the misinformation and resultant discord created hostility that drove the groups further apart.

I have great empathy for those who were/are forced to adhere to the current pharmaceutical model, either knowingly or unknowingly… i.e. through their own choice or their medical provider’s choice.  They were/are virtually trapped into compliance because of the very premise of that model, which exclusively focuses on and uses pharmaceuticals as their singular treatment regime.

This model relies on invasive methods and synthetic concoctions designed to overwhelm and subdue bodily processes, instead of supporting the natural healing mechanisms to regain a robust immune response.  These insults result in compromised bodily functions, which results in a compromised immune system, creating a host of unresolved, underlying conditions, which makes their Followers more vulnerable.


Egoic Fear-Driven Processes

These myopic treatment methods are predicated on an egoically-driven, fear-centered, misunderstanding of the unique and seamless processes that are our durable human body.  They are based on an unbalanced, limited view where virtually everything around them appears to be antagonistic, essentially their enemy… which invariably creates a frightening and exhausting worldview.  Their language is peppered with combative and energy-draining terms.  The resultant hopelessness becomes ingrained and hard to overcome.  This literally becomes the ‘water they swim in’… they know nothing else… everything becomes a fight… and their worldview, their lives, and their bodies become unbalanced.

Even today, with all of our supposed intelligence and sophisticated equipment, there is much about how our body’s function that is not understood… and there is a simple reason.  Essentially, mainstream medical study stopped focusing on the systemic intricacies that comprise our whole body and started focusing on the parts… on overpowering and controlling individual processes to the detriment of the whole process.  Does the word contraindication ring a bell?

I have sadly witnessed many go down that short, dead-end road.  Why do they do it?  Because the pharmaceutically-driven, medical-leadership that they relied on, coopted them into their limited worldview.

Being egoically driven, and based on fear and conflict… these choices do not allow for any hope or balance of energies… and it doesn’t take long to become terminally out-of-energetic-balance.


Underlying Conditions

IMHO, this current foray into artificially-contrived, pharmaceutical manipulations is short-sighted, disrespectful, arrogant, dangerous, and certainly counter to the body’s natural healing methods and processes.  And we have proof of that… they are called underlying conditions… or chronic ailments… things that this group is tacitly complicit in creating because of obvious neglect of fundamental body balance, and yet they still force their pharmaceutical insults of our human bodies.

What happened to Hippocrates’ guiding principle… “Do no harm?” 

Obviously, their current egoic arrogance chooses to ignore it.  I cannot dismiss the thought that there is criminality in their actions… as demonstrated by the egregious way that the pharmaceutical leadership prey on unsuspecting Followers for profit, by getting politicians to legally shield them from any financial liability, all while creating a toxic and tortured life for those unsuspecting Followers.


Benefits of Natural Law Science

Conversely, understanding and utilizing Natural Law Science creates a synergy that aids and assists the body’s natural healing processes.  Humanity’s gift of free-will-choice creates an atmosphere of curiosity… and over the past several thousand years, much of that curiosity has focused on our human body.

The result is a vast repository of skilled observations and anecdotal experiences of our ancestor’s successes and failures in creating and maintaining human health through natural means.  On each continent, records of their progress show distinct yet similar approaches… all grounded in an almost sacred respect for the environment and the marvelous and durable functions that are our human bodies.

Why aren’t the benefits of all that wisdom part of our current national dialogue… why isn’t it front-page news… the topic of all the high-priced infotainment media types?  The obvious answer is in who controls the various media… as evidenced by the overwhelming amount of pharmaceutical-paid commercials that the general public is exposed to on a constant basis.  It’s a validation of the vast influence and profits associated with this lucrative industry.


Spiritually Grounded Truth

Thankfully, Spiritually grounded truth always has a way of being present and maintaining a presence through Souls who’ve chosen this path of service.  They glean and share information that can provide the energetic balance necessary to return humanity toward a path of natural healing and health —if humanity’s Leaders choose to hear it and place importance on it.

These Souls share the truth about the undeniable marvel that is our electro-biological body… about how our cells operate with microscopic electrical precision… through its invisible yet essential, connective intimacy… providing meticulous chemical balance and function that defies both imagination and intimate knowledge.

My hope is that this current crisis morphs into an equally overwhelming surge of individuals choosing to highlight our human body’s faithful service as our soul’s carrier and companion from time immemorial.


Innate Directives

Predictably, when Leadership directives contradict internal Natural Law directives… Followers still begrudgingly follow… because that is their natural proclivity… but it does not mean they will like it… which also predictably, causes grumbling and conflict.

Why?  Because…

  • Generally –for both groups… our internal soul directives nudge us toward health and well-being-oriented decisions…
  • Specifically – Leaders’ external decisions are not reflecting the Follower’s internal nudges toward well-being.

Remember, Leaders and Followers alike are innately oriented toward those nudges… BUT the key to following those nudges is hearing them. Observing the current situation, it appears that the Leadership is ignoring their innate directives in lieu of temporary egoic distractions, such as power, control, and status.


Less Obvious Observations

I contend that the inter-generational lack of moral leadership has caused Followers to develop a long-term disregard that has morphed into apathy and outright hopelessness.  And this is the crux of the problem… the underlying problem that’s generally plagued our country’s history, and specifically our current generations for the past three decades.

Our united States has been void of Moral Natural Leadership…
Leadership whose highest priority should be to protect those in their care. 

          • Instead, we’ve developed an egoic, fear-driven, national leadership…
          • That has become petty, arbitrary, and over-controlling…
          • That is way outside its constitutional jurisdiction…
          • That is using contrived means to control and force compliance…
          • Which has manifested the current mob-mentality pushback.


Moral Leadership Traits

Moral Leadership has always been the crucial ingredient in our evolution toward ‘peace on earth and goodwill toward man’.  True, natural, spiritually-nurtured Leadership carries with it an invisible yet palpable energetic presence that true, natural, spiritually-nurtured Followers gravitate toward and willingly follow.

America’s colonial period presents a stunning example of powerful, focused, spiritually-nurtured Leadership… Leadership strong enough to overcome the Follower’s widespread fears and survival-oriented choices… both of which threatened the unification of the colonies.  The Constitutional Convention was a touch-and-go affair… and without an 11th-hour compromise regarding Representation, and the tabling of their most divisive issue –Slavery… we would not have the guiding documents that offer us the same redemptive hope it offered to their generations.


Leadership Degradation

The current nano-seconds of human history reflect the decidedly precipitous degradation of our moral Leadership.  In the last 3 decades, the Leader’s technologically-driven and dominated worldview has unbalanced the Follower’s views and stifled their actions.  Egoic pursuits and intellectually-dominated distractions and pleasures have virtually replaced any semblance of spiritual/egoic balance… and without it, neither Leaders nor Followers are truly effective or productive.

The very freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights are the ones that provide the atmosphere where moral leadership can grow and mature.  The industrial age and the more recent technological age have produced a degraded and inferior type of leadership model.  This contemporary model is now based on the premise that the priority of our country has changed from People to Business.  When Business became more important than People, everything shifted… values, perceptions, laws, and treatment.

People’s external skills became more important than their internal gifts.  People became principally viewed as work units… with their value based on their productivity.  Comingled in this misguided thought process was this egoic perception that humans could build an exclusive world that they controlled and dominated… which spawned this destructive, energetic shift.

The headiness associated with this egoic shift caused the baby-boom generation to wholeheartedly embrace this alluring path for their brief walk… and the consequence of their choice is profound and two-fold… an abandonment of spiritually-guided principles, and the indoctrination of their offspring into this materialistic, egoic, and fear-based lifestyle.  The net result?

Today, we have myopic, intellectual controllers… not visionary, moral leaders… and the irony is that there is less choice, freedom, and opportunity.   NO ONE —neither Followers nor Leaders— wants to be externally controlled… and it shows by the innate resistance being displayed virtually everywhere.

Please Remember This,
External Force WILL NOT Create Internal Acceptance.


Gift of Internal Leadership

I contend that the soul-derived gift of Internal Leadership creates a spiritually-pulsed desire and resonance that connects and encourages those who experience it.  The gift of Natural Internal Leadership creates a hopeful, can-do atmosphere… where Followers and Leaders are willing to externally choose mutual goals that provide mutual benefits.

Reflecting again on the long view… enlightened humanity’s spiritually-nurtured goal has always been responsible stewardship over this earth, through peaceful and productive co-existence with it.

Responsible stewardship can ONLY happen in an environment that balances intellectual/egoic and spiritual energies… one that creates a worldview that we can and should teach… and through it —HOPEFULLY— learn how to respect and befriend the marvel and mystery that is our human body and our ensconced Soul… and recognize that our body is an extension of —and wholly reliant on— our earthly environment for sustenance.


Regarding Masks and Virus

Since the core premise of mask-wearing is about viruses, I’ve included a summary from my article entitled Corona Virus Update, published over a year ago.  These points are as salient as when I originally published them.


Please consider the following points:

  • Viruses predate humanity… they are essential to the earth’s environmental balance and their activity level is indicative of that balance… i.e. more imbalance equates to more activity.
  • The pharmaceutical/medical industries have inappropriately highlighted this single virus to cause needless fear and panic… and gain unwarranted control over you.
  • This viral protein and its message are not going to magically disappear with a shot.
  • This viral message is trying to tell us about the environmental imbalances we’ve created… thankfully, healthy immune systems heed and adjust.
  • Powerful pharmaceuticals have created multiple chronic disease categories, which translates to a compromised immune system.
  • People with compromised immune systems will continue to succumb and no amount of hiding will stop that.
  • We have to stop relying on distractive, pharmaceutical shortcuts and start focusing on natural and durable immune support… as humanity has done for millennia.



Ultimately it all comes down to Choice…the most undervalued and unappreciated gift bestowed upon each one of us through the enlightened structure of our Constitutional Republic.

This Choice starts with YOU and extends through your family, friends, community, County, and State.  Each Human was/is given the gift of free-will-Choice… because each human carries a unique soul that’s here to participate in and grow human consciousness and its own experience.

Our founding documents highlight fundamental Choices that set our Country apart from any other in the world.  Choice is the nectar that humanity has always desired… and yet, the 3 current American generations are not really aware that they have this powerful gift.

How do I know that?  By watching how oblivious and careless they are with the Choices they make…

Choices regarding:

              • Their environment…
              • What they eat…
              • What they focus on…
              • How they care for themselves…
              • How they interact…
              • How they represent themselves…
              • How they manage their County and State governments.

Our egoic-child-likeness is showing, and it’s not a pretty picture.

While we languish in apathy and excess, millions are clawing to sneak across our borders, so that they can have the opportunity to choose better,  And yet a majority of those living here, fail to even recognize, let alone make any substantive choices regarding their health, freedom or future.


Positive Takeaway

So, what’s the positive takeaway from all of this?

My hope is that identifying the elephant in the room, i.e. the lack of Moral, Natural Leadership, will create an awareness that causes both Leaders and Followers alike to pause… take a breath… and realize how destructive this leadership vacuum is to all of US.

I urge Americans to:

  • Reflect on whether their energetic proclivities lean toward Follower or Leader…
  • Reflect on how to best use their Follower or Leader energy…
  • Become aware of the damage that this current egoic foray has caused to our ONLY home – Earth…
  • Recognize the damage it’s caused to each other, as benefactors of that environment.

Additionally, I hope this helps diffuse the current highly-polarized environment and allows for beneficial dialogue that causes Natural Leaders to rise up, and Natural Followers to once again actively support them.

Any group without positive, moral leadership will quickly devolve into chaos… does that feel familiar?


Redemptive Hope

As the Sovereign Hope motto says…
Hope & Love Changes Your View…
Faith Changes Your Life.
Allow your Hope-nurtured, Spirit-led curiosity to seek out and understand the
Natural Laws regarding your marvelous albeit temporary companion —your human body…
To Trust in and Love what you’ve learned…
To manifest the Faith needed to apply and persevere in your newfound wisdom…
One that balances intellectual and spiritual energies…
And results in a more vibrant, human immune system…
All of which allows you to pursue and utilize your unique gifts to the benefit
of preserving our earth, maturing our humanity, and furthering your soul growth.

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