Stop Calling It A Federal Government

This Article describes the destruction of our Constitutional Republic because of the passing of the 17th amendment.



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We don’t have a Federal government…
haven’t since 1913.
We have a National government.
​The US started with a Federal system but changed.
The following chronology will show how this happened


Distinction & Importance

What is the difference between the two… and why does it matter?  There are many complicated and obscure definitions that show very little difference between these two forms of participation… so I will attempt to clarify this for you.  My simplified definition goes to the root of the intent of each word.

The original term of Federal was used in the context of many acting as one.  It is a compact or alliance between established entities, in this case the original colonies.  These already organized groups wanted to further define themselves through this collective arrangement, voluntarily submitting some rights to this new entity, for their greater good.  Essentially, bottom up… many speaking as one.

Contrast this with the term of National, which assumes ultimate control… a top down approach.  It highlights the misguided notion of a democracy, or majority rule.  In this usage, the term National really means political parties assuming the role of supreme leadership as another established structure.

The founders were very clear that in the form and structure that they envisioned and created, the political parties had no place, as they would only add another unnecessary layer, which would –in fact– isolate the people from direct control or management of their government.


The first 100 Years

The first 100 years in America were turbulent at best.  Uncertainty and wars kept the fledgling nation in a state of flux.  The political party landscape was never fully settled, so after approximately 30 years (1830’s –essentially one generation) –despite the founder’s strong warnings– the political parties emerged again, and were officially recognized and presented candidates for various offices.

The exclusive nature of the political parties (us against them) coupled with fervent and divergent beliefs regarding slavery, and England’s recent abolition of slavery, created the perfect storm that became the second civil war (1861) that the country endured in less than 100 years.  This civil war was a disastrous event that further polarized the North and South, severely eroded the peoples trust and confidence and helped set the stage for another significant event.

After the war, tensions remained between the North and the South.  The war left glaring differences between each region.  The South was decimated while the North was relatively untouched with a huge industrial base still intact.  Consequently, the North posted significant growth in production and revenues.

Another major factor that would fuel future problems was the record immigration.  The huge surplus of workers provided an opportunity for unscrupulous business owners in the North to exploit these people.  All this, coupled with the country’s first major economic shift from an agricultural to an industrial based society led up to a third less violent revolution at the end of the nineteenth century, which was called the Populist Revolt.


The Populist Revolt

Citizens, many recent immigrants, were angry over their apparent lack of rights and lack of control over elected officials, and reacted with a focus not seen since the first civil war (1776).  Over a period of approximately 20 years –from 1894 to 1915– a backlash swept across this country.  It took many forms, from voting out federal incumbents, to cleaning out statehouses; but the most significant and lasting impact came from the laws and amendments that were written to deal with their problems.

Sadly, they missed the most important thing that should have been changed… the removal of the political parties… because IF they had studied the founders… and IF they had any understanding of what the founder’s Republic was based on… they would have recognized that as the most important need to address.

The Populist Revolution was the founders’ worst nightmare because the constitutional amendments that were enacted directly contradicted what the founders tried so hard to warn us about… and avoid… and further strengthened the political party’s hold on the country.


The Need For Change

The prime motivator for the new laws and amendments was the blatant influence and control that rich and powerful men had through the political parties, over the Senate.  People felt that the Senate was bought off and they were suffering because of it.  Their frustration and the events related to this indeed called for change, but not the radical & misguided type that was actualized.

This was driven by a feeling of powerlessness against the wealthy industrialists.  The people’s goal was to find a way to curb their power and influence.  The only way they saw to do that was to create a larger and stronger government, one which would be able to control these industrial giants… and why wouldn’t they?  After all, they only acted based on what they knew… because in the countries where they came from… more government seemed to solve the problem.

They did not understand the founders’ principles, nor their inherent power over these elected officials… thanks in great part to the influence of the political parties.  The parties saw a golden opportunity to manipulate the situation and grow their power and control.  They promised these unknowing people a better existence… sound familiar?… and sadly, not knowing any better, the went along with the desires of the political parties.

While the immigrant’s motives were legitimate and their concerns sincere, it’s obvious that not much consideration went into truly understanding the impact and ramifications that such changes would have on the foundational structure of the country, as well as their lives and their children’s lives.


The Seventeenth Amendment

By 1913, the party controlled Congress proposed –and the party controlled states ratified– this seemingly innocuous amendment in an attempt to gain more control over corrupt senators.  The amendment language changes who elects the senators.  Up until 1913 the senators were appointed by the states who had complete control over them and their vote… after 1913 the political parties presented their selection of candidates, and with great fanfare, senators were elected by the people who (unknowingly) had no control over them or their vote.

If you take a moment and think about this, you’ll realize that the new version Senator has no accountability or responsibility to the states they represent.  The states cannot legally touch them… these Senators operate solely at the behest of the party’s that put them in power, consequently all their loyalties are to the party.  How can this benefit the States or the citizens they purportedly represent?

This amendment virtually guaranteed the political parties unrestricted control over the Congress and thus the nation.  This amendment coupled with enough buying power to control media advertising virtually guarantees their continued control… and we wonder why graft and corruption exists in party politics!

This seemingly simple change dramatically altered the intent, balance, structure and consequently the stability of our originally conceived Constitutional Republic.


Original Federalism Vs Nationalism

The compromise that forms our union is called bicameral representation.  It combines Federalism (State participation) and Nationalism (Individual participation).  In the founder’s Republic model, the functions outlined in our original constitutional structure were indirect and separate, which created a power balance.

This balance was indirectly actualized by Representatives –one set for Individuals (House of Representatives), one set for States (Senators).  The founders recognized that the States were the foundation of our country.  The States needed to be kept as the fundamental unit of citizen organization.  Yet the States should not rule over their residents, so they were given a voice through their proportionate representation.

The goal was to create equality between Individuals and State’s needs.  The genius they conceived was our unique Republic through this bicameral form… or indirect but equal Individual’s and State’s representation.

Independence Hall – West

The Result 

The 17th Amendment completely undermined the most critical debate of the constitutional convention, which was over States vs. Individual representation.  This debate almost broke up the convention.   Look at what the amendment changed…

The 17th Amendment essentially changed the country from a Federal Republic to a National Democracy because since 1913 there has been no direct representation of the States in the Congress.

This is Critical to Understand!!

The individual States –part of the original active structure of the Congress– were immediately removed from any active role in their own future or destiny.

With the political parties firmly in control, the senators were now selected by the parties and presented to the people for approval.  The States’ had no say in it, so the States essentially lost their direct and active representation in the Congress… and the American people lost the benefit of that balance of their representation and power.

With all of this power and one other significant and unconstitutional amendment, the 16th –which allows unlimited national taxation powers– the newly empowered national government… controlled by the political parties… was poised to do exactly what it’s done… overpower and subdue their creator and masters — the States… and grow into a huge, out-of-control monster, that is not accountable to the States and ignores the People’s fundamental desires for peace and stability.

Instead of having a balance between States and Individuals, we have a political party-controlled National Congress that has usurped unimaginable control over both States and Individuals.  Essentially, the servant became the master.  All the money –and consequently the power– flows to Washington, DC and is manipulated by the political parties… bypassing the People and the States where they reside and ignoring their needs.

Had someone predicted this at the time, they would have been labelled as crazy… today, we are living that nightmare.


What’s Needed Now

Our United States of America –by any measure… whether religious, social, financial or political are in disarray and floundering.  Sadly, a majority of people that make up each state are unaware of how their rights and ownership has been usurped by the two major political parties.

It’s time for another peaceful revolution; to return our FEDERAL government to its true Constitutional form and to return the STATES to an active role in that FEDERAL government; to re-establish the States’ representation within the Congress, and most importantly… to return control of this country to the We the People.  (See Fence Menders)

This will only happen when ‘We the People’, finally hear President George Washington’s Farewell Address to the nation and heed his strong warnings about allowing the political parties back into a position of control again.  Ironically, his words have more impact today than when he uttered them.

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force.
Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master”.

It’s been over 100 years since this disastrous change was implemented… and we now have irrefutable evidence of the damage it has caused to us individually and to our emasculated States.  We are a nation enslaved by fear, all created at the hands of these two major political parties… all specifically designed to keep you controlled and subdued.


Hindsight is a reliable teacher

Is 100 years of hindsight enough for us?  Can you see the errors that have essentially destroyed our founders’ Constitutional  Republic… and your hope to live free of fear and enormous regulation?

In the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson, “I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical…  It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”

The questions are…

Have we finally learned our lesson?…

Are we willing to summon and sustain the energy and
focus to restore this grand experiment in human collaboration…
the only one on this earth that champion’s man’s right to true freedom and happiness?


Please Consider our current plight…
The current void of moral leadership has taken our country to the precipice of failure.
Only a focused and committed effort by all 3 current generations will save it.
Can YOU summon the internal fortitude expressed in the
last sentence of The Declaration of Independence?
“…we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”
Because without Honor, we forfeit any semblance of civil and spiritual progress.

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