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Whose Laws Are We Following?

This should be a simple and obvious question – and answer –
and I can show you very quickly… it is not.

This is one of the fundamental disconnects with the four generations of Americans today…
and most are not aware of the serious implications this presents.

In the United States of America, there are several sets of laws that we follow, all designed to work together, with a specific pattern of blending and subordinating from the former. We purport to be a people who value the rule of law.  Most believe that no one is above the law.

The upshot of all these laws is that we as a group of people are conditioned – to our core – to follow laws… even if they appear senseless and/or contradictory to our conscience or our Organic Law.  The following delineates the progression and subordination of the United States of America’s Rule of Law.

God’s Law… Spiritual Energy

The first of these is God’s Law as enumerated in the ancient texts, which shows man to be in the image of the Supreme Being, and delineates ways of conduct and interaction.  To “be in the image of” denotes an energetic state of being… what we would call our Spiritual Essence.  This essence is our energetic guide or conscience.

We’re Energetic beings… who – through Choice – direct and use the energy at our disposal.  We have two foundational energies available to us… the infinite God energy and our finite human energy.  Our Spiritual Essence is connected to the infinite God energy… it reflects eternal knowledge, truth, goodness, and love.  Our Intellectual Essence is our limited or finite mind energy and is rooted in survival, so it reflects our experiences, cautions, and fears… ultimately, the unknown.

Incidentally, the fundamental reason for the exploration and subsequent
colonization of the Americas was that rulers in the colonist’s former countries
were not honoring those biblical directives. 

Many of the colonists were persecuted for their beliefs…
most were no better than slaves…
with little hope of advancing themselves or having a better life.

Sovereign Law

Sovereign Law is our acknowledgment of this Spiritual Essence or energy.  It implies that we are in charge of our destiny and are only answerable to God.  Sovereign Law is considered the root or basis of all man-made laws, what we call the Organic Law.

Sovereigns, such as Kings, hold the highest form of power or control on earth.  They create laws as part of their management and dominion over the earth.  All of these laws would be subordinate to God’s Sovereign law.  When the colonists won their Civil War with England, the King of England granted them Sovereign status over themselves and the land they inhabited as part of the Treaty of Paris, 1783.

This immediately put them on the same footing – legally – as every other King or ruler on earth.  The former colonists, then set about creating their own subordinate laws to structure their newly formed American society.

States’ Constitutions… The root of our American Organic Law

When initially formed, each of the colonies was created by formal documents called Charters that outlined their Rights and Responsibilities… a management plan for their daily lives and interactions.  If you read these original Covenants, you’ll see that they all mirror each other, and formally recognize that the citizens subordinate some of their God-given rights so that they can peacefully co-exist and function.  These morphed into what we now know as State Constitutions.

The US Constitution… An Overlay To Create Unity

The US Constitution is a further subordination of the Sovereign People’s rights so that they could peaceably interact with each other as States and – as importantly – present a unified front to the world, which made them a formidable force, and not an easy target for other countries to divide them.

  • So, the order of the Rule of Law for the United States of America is:
  • -Sovereign God,
  • -Sovereign Rights from God,
  • -Recognition by Treaty of Sovereign status,
  • -Subordination of some Rights through our State Constitutions, and
  • -Further subordination of some Rights through our Federal Constitution.

Effectively, our Federal Constitution is a streamlining method for laws that the People (residing in various States and through their Representatives) deemed most common and necessary to all the states… a basic platform if you will.  With the Federal Constitution in place, all the states have a uniform platform to build their State Constitutions off of… to take principles that apply to all the states and expound on them for each State’s particular needs.  From this point, both the States and Federal Government – as an extension of the States – created further subordinations for clarification and management purposes.  This was all done through the creation and structure of our Federal Constitutional Republic.

At this point, it becomes obvious that the US Constitution is a uniform subordination of higher laws and rights. The express purpose of this hierarchy was to create uniformity throughout all of the states… all while preserving the people’s rights and authority as the ultimate rulers of their lives, and as Sovereigns over the various forms of government they created.

So how did all of this get turned around and the US Constitution made to seem more important?… to seem like the supreme law of the land?… to seem more powerful than the Sovereign People?

Some would answer that all our laws emanate from the authority of the US Constitution, which specifically enumerates the power to make laws to Congress alone.

And some would be partially correct… although, they are not accounting for the higher sets of authorities… AND one other notable and quite discrete and overriding exception… a creation early in our history that has had a disastrous effect on our original Constitutional Republic… The Executive Order.

Executive Orders

We are a nation governed by laws… we are conditioned to accept
and obey laws that the Congress and State legislatures create…
which is what makes the following an ugly stain on the Political
Party leadership of this country.   For those not familiar with this,
I’ll give a brief history.

Executive Orders have existed since George Washington’s presidency… only they had no power of law but were merely presidential directives sharing the president’s observations and advice. President Lincoln morphed this docile custom into a very powerful tool that essentially combined the legislative and executive branches… thereby instantly destroying the equal and separate branches established under the Constitution.

Lincoln’s version of Executive Orders

At the start of our second Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln saw that he was rapidly losing control of the entire situation, he created – out of thin air – this far-ranging power grab in a desperate attempt to fulfill his party’s agenda of controlling the States and their populations, ostensibly to re-create a unified nation.  The results were completely opposite, and IMHO drove a deeper wedge, one which still affects our country today.

He, with the stroke of his pen, essentially wiped out one of the founder’s fundamental tenants… equal and separate branches. This unique and important structure was specifically created to disseminate power and prevent king-like situations, where one person or group had control over the others.

Lincoln’s new version of the Executive Order did exactly that.  It was essentially an edict, which had the force of law.  He used it to wield a very potent power over the Southern States… and incidentally, he even used it against citizens of the Northern States, suspending their habeas corpus rights and jailing many for the duration of the war. Even as he used it, he had grave doubts about its validity.

Nowhere in any constitutional writings does it say that the President, acting in this role, had the power or authority to usurp the roles assigned to other branches of government, which is exactly what his version of Executive Orders does.

Limited Commander in Chief Authority

President Lincoln was a very intelligent man.. a lawyer and a politician.  He knew that he had to find some way to tie his creation to the Constitution for it to have even a glimmer of credibility, so he ensconced the Executive Order under the mantle of commander-in-chief, which is only briefly mentioned in the Constitution.

Part of Article II, Section 2 states, ‘The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and the Militia of the several States when called into the actual Service of the United States’.

That’s it, the only mention in the entire Constitution… and this authority is limited to a very specific situation… an actual military situation… and then only the management of it.

It does not convey a unilateral power to the President… if it did, the founders would have delineated the scope of that power, as was done in other areas of the Constitution.  Scholars over the years assert that the Founders gave the President the title to preserve civilian supremacy over the military, not to provide additional powers outside of a Congressional authorization or declaration of war.

After his untimely death, it should have subsided into history as a treacherous anomaly, but both political parties saw it as a tool to maintain an ironfisted control over the nation and realized that for it to continue, they had to fabricate a legal status for it… so the declared “State of National Emergency” emerged.

Political Parties Power Grab

Members of both major political parties recognized that this single tool could unilaterally rule the country, without regard for congressional input or citizen opinions.  This was a concise and conscious act on their part… they knew exactly what they were doing… that this manipulation would undermine and essentially gut the original Constitutional Republic… the very one they had sworn to uphold and protect.

The Declared State of National Emergency

As I’ve shared in several other articles on the Sovereign Hope website, (and primarily on the page – Executive Orders) this anomaly is the Achilles heel of the Republic, and in truth, is the primary reason for the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

Essentially, the State of National Emergency (capitalized on purpose) is the legal version of an end run that the 2 major political parties created to hijack the Congress and the country.  Their pattern was to greatly increase their unconstitutional activities in times of uncertainty… such as the Great Depression, and military conflicts… when the country was most distracted.

A declared State of National Emergency is a legal declaration… it is the vehicle they created for an Executive Order to exist.  This is not a euphemism… not some vague term… it is an actual identification of a specific legal situation, as I describe below.

Incidentally, the two major Political parties kept this under the radar for over 100 years, until a Senator from Idaho, Frank Church co-chaired the Senate Special Committee on the Termination of the National EmergencyTheir two-year investigation revealed a stunning fact… that 470 sections in federal law extend emergency powers to the President and the executive branch. 

Since this was created by, and still under the control and authority of the 2 major Political Parties, their watered-down solution never addressed the underlying and most egregious aspect… the destruction of the Separation of Powers clause in the Constitution… but instead produced the 1976 National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601–1651)… which essentially continues to condone this power grab.  The proper solution would have been – and still is – to remove all vestiges of this from our recorded law.

Here’s how it works…

The President declares a National State of Emergency, which triggers his official status as Commander in Chief, which “allows” him to create and sign Executive Orders that carry the force of law, regardless of their constitutionality… This is critical to comprehend!!

Declared States of National Emergencies and their related Executive Orders completely override the constitutional safeguards that carefully divided and limited governmental authority and maintained a constitutional bearing. They essentially take us out of the constitutional arena.  And that is where we are today… adrift in this vast ocean of unconstitutional policy and rules… all under the guise of Congressional authority… all jealously guarded and controlled by the two major political parties.

Incidentally, as of January 2019, there are 31 active states of National Emergencies on the books, which keep the legal position of Commander in Chief in full active mode. Shockingly, it has been continuously in force since the Depression of 1933.

Most Americans today are not even aware of the fact that we are not electing a President, we are electing a Commander in Chief… who has been subtly clothed with the authority to do whatever he chooses, whether constitutional or not.

If it hasn’t become apparent to you yet, I will state it clearly… this is a very serious breach of fiduciary responsibility by the 2 major political parties and the people who control them… and they do it openly and with impunity.

The 2 major political parties have essentially hijacked our Constitutional Republic and are operating it for their own purpose and gain – as a dictatorial progressive democracy – much to the detriment of the Sovereign People and the States where they reside.  …and we haven’t even talked about the oath that each of them took to attain their respective offices… you know… to uphold the Constitution???

Origins of the use of the word Democracy

The use of the word democracy cannot be found in any of the original and founding documents.  It is an outgrowth of the Progressive movement… which – as previously stated – took hold after the Second Civil War.  Calamities are the impetus that incites this group’s power grab for control… calamities like wars, conflicts, and the Great Depression.  These events also gave birth to the direct referendum commonly known as Initiatives.   Progressive Era politicians show their contempt for our Constitutional three-branch system and work diligently to find ways of usurping these powers from the legitimate sovereign people.

Sovereign Unity is the Solution

The key to finding a solution is understanding the power of patterning.  Sociologists will tell you that after 3 generations, a pattern appears permanent.  We are several generations past that point, so this is deeply ingrained in our cultural and cognitive patterning.

An aspect of patterning is the human mind’s desire to compartmentalize… hence the strong attraction to groups and group naming.  Political party affiliations, in some form, have been a part of civilized man’s patterning for millennia.  The founders recognized this tendency… and the equally important drawback was that the political parties were forms of group organizations, (forms of democracy) which are strictly majority-oriented.

They boldly attempted to rid the early republic of group (party) identification, but that attempt failed after only one generation, for two reasons:

  1.  Because the pattern was so deeply ingrained… and
  2.  Because of a lack of widespread inter-generational education regarding the very different and necessary changes they made on behalf of the people.

In hindsight, more energy invested in teaching the reasoning behind their actions might have preserved our Constitutional Republic.

10% Leaders – 90% Followers Unite

So now, we – the current generations – have some important choices to make.
The technical revolution has rapidly brought us to a critical point and allow
us a unique opportunity. Our current generations must consider the following…

  • Are there enough Faith-based people left in the 4 generations currently inhabiting this country…
  • Who truly understands our unique sovereign-owned, self-managed form of government…
  • Who would migrate to fill the 10% Leader positions
  • To affect an awareness and change campaign…
  • To create an awareness of what has been taken from the people?
  • And equally important, are there enough 90% Followers who recognize the importance of this…


Important enough to support those 10% of Leaders?

And together create the collective will necessary to correct this foundational wrong…

Which ultimately means taking control back from the (deeply) entrenched Political Parties.

I hope you now see that we are not a healthy, functioning Constitutional Republic. 

I hope you now see that what you feel in your soul is actually true…

That something is dreadfully wrong in America today…

That fear not Faith is the predominant energy running this country today…

That your collective input as a legitimate Sovereign People is necessary to correct this usurpation…

That peacefully restoring the Rule of Law is the only way to restore our Constitutional Republic.


   Are there enough God-loving Leaders and Followers ready to peacefully support each other?

   To take back control over the management of your country?

   To re-establish our Constitutional Republic’s original Rule of Law?

    And make sure that no one is above the law?

              so that we can once again become… ‘one Nation under God,

                           indivisible, with liberty and justice for all’?

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