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President’s Day 2024

A Somber Comprehensivist’s Assessment


If you can find a quiet place… and listen… you can hear the fabric of America shredding.

We have arrived… we are here… at the appointed time that so many visionaries, pundits, and prognosticators have warned us about… that time in our short history when fear overwhelmed faith… and our Republic faltered.

Benjamin Franklin’s words come to mind… ‘A Republic… if you can keep it’

Actually… what you are hearing is your own energetic self sinking deeper into the dark and foreboding abyss of intellectual darkness and distress… that murky place where the tension is paralyzing… and hope seems frightfully far away.

If our country was a car… I’d say it has its check engine light on… and was in limp mode.
If our country was self-diagnosing… I’d say it has a 105˚ fever with serious inflammation that
—if not treated immediately— will kill it.


And like most things that affect humans… the cause of what got US here is not some singular momentous event… but is instead an accumulation of a host of continuous unheeded crises that caused our decline and destruction… and the most visible cause and damage can be attributed to the highest and most visible position of authority in our country… the office of President of our United States.

Much like our human health —which is also coincidentally declining at an alarming rate— this office… or more appropriately, those who occupy it… have lost sight of the fundamentals that created and sustained our national and personal health… our natural energetic balance.


Giving and Receiving

Challenging times hopefully create Givers & Receivers
Givers & Receivers hopefully create prosperity
Prosperity invariably creates Takers
Takers always create challenging times

This natural energetic balance is demonstrated in the age-old energetic act of giving and receiving.  When both sides honor and value their participation… mutual respect, and satisfaction are created that support and bolster both party’s experiential history.  But, when egoically-driven fear controls this exchange, it morphs into a dysfunctional pattern of giving and taking… where the taker does not respect or honor the givers’ contributions.  This energetic taking dramatically alters the balance and intent which creates mistrust… and if not overtly corrected… can lead to destructive imbalances.

The crux of our problem is, we are dangerously out of energetic balance…
and the source of that imbalance is rooted in the Presidency.


Our Energetic Balance

For decades, I’ve been sharing my ‘Balanced Organism’ thesis.

I believe that everything… from the entire universe…
to a drop of water… to basic hydrogen… is a balanced organism.
Astrologically… biologically… chemically… structurally…
all dynamically balanced energy.

Consider this a macro representation of the Natural Law.  Our earth and everything created on it is subject to this Natural Law of dynamic balance.  Humanity’s long history shows a steady awakening and awareness toward an understanding of this naturally occurring truism.  What we seem to have missed is the exponential rate at which it occurs.


Exponential Factor

Consider that any form of propagation… happens naturally and effortlessly at an exponential rate… as long as the environment can sustain it.  Consider trees, plants, animals, and humans… effortlessly and exponentially evolving… in a balanced environment.

We must take this exponential factor into account when trying to understand and predict natural and human processes… if not, we will surely ‘miss the mark’ (sin) in our understanding and projections.

Consider human population growth in Billions.  Our planet  reached
our 1st billion in 1804… our 2nd in 1927… our 3rd in 1960… our 4th in 1975…
our 5th in 1987… our 6th in 1999… our 7th in 2011… and our 8th in 2023.

Three things jump out at me…

  • The curve starts to become more linear after we reach 3 Billion in 1960.
  • The rate of doubling also becomes more linear.
  • The sheer increase and volume of people showing up at this point in world history.
This is despite natural disasters, wars, societal norms, increased immune distress, and natural attrition.

In its broadest sense, we have to realize that exponential growth brings with it commensurate exponential needs… consider basic needs, like sustenance and shelter.  Then add all of the trappings we ‘modern’ humans consider essential… like indoor plumbing, flush toilets, kitchen and work appliances, communication and entertainment devices, and various transportation modes.


Dynamic Energy Evolution

Production and maintenance of all this infrastructure requires design and production (time), capital (money), and educational training and disciplines (energy).  So, we see that research, design, development, and production are also occurring at an exponential rate.  So much so, that the adaption rate of human consciousness to these ever-evolving advancements is struggling to keep up.

All of this technology… initially heralded as societal time savers is now an intellectual time burden.  We’ve become slaves to the very technology that was supposed to free us from laborious tasks.

How did that happen?  Somewhere along the way… in the 1960’s… the Babyboom generation became mesmerized by all of the possibilities… and they ungrounded themselves —both literally and figuratively— from their naturally occurring and experientially ingrained lifestyles and spiritual practices.  More accurately they became distracted… and started violating the established Natural Law of energetic balance.



…had a powerful and mesmerizing effect on this generation, who were just coming of age.  They were drawn to all the intellectual creations and possibilities, and became the media and entertainment industries’ vanguard generation —and because of their sheer population size— propelled major lifestyle and social changes in our culture.

All of this created a ‘brain candy’ stimulus that was addictive.  The net result was wholesale changes to generations’ old norms and traditions… and the energetic part of US that suffered the most was our spiritual practices.  Babyboomers and then their offspring… the Gen Xer’s… immersed themselves in this massive, intellectually stimulated, technological boom, without much apparent thought or care about the long-term consequences… they were otherwise distracted, and the part that suffered the most was their soul/Spirit identity.

This pattern continued —virtually uninterrupted— through the Millennials and Gen Zer’s… so today in the US, we have four continuous generations indoctrinated in a culture that is;

  • intellectually immersed in timesaving devices and processes, yet have no time…
  • emotionally inundated in mindless chatter and noise, yet have no peace…
  • subjected to virtually nonstop displays of gratuitous, graphic, violence as a form of entertainment, and yet don’t comprehend the impact of all the violence around them…
  • suffering from a substantial spiritual energy imbalance, that affects every aspect of our being.

The simplest way I can describe this is that we currently have 4 Generations of egoically-oriented, Adult-Children in America.  (See Generational Perspectives)


Intellectual Abyss

Our Country… is a hot mess.  We’ve industrialized —for profit— every aspect of our existence at the expense of our generational family traditions, our family structure, and our children’s innocence.  Gone are the ingrained and supporting familial and social structures that helped transition generations through their progressive maturation.  Gone are the necessary human nourishment and spiritual support structures that traditionally protected our young.

Now, the air is tainted… the water is tainted… the food lacks vital nutrients because the soil is tainted… our flora and fauna support systems are seriously damaged… which inevitably damages US… all of our own doing… all because we succumbed to the egoic allure of undisciplined mind distractions… in other words… we lost our core energetic sustaining familial and sustaining soul/Spirit Balance.


Energetic and Sustaining Balance

When I speak of energetic and sustaining balance, my primary focus and concern is the loss of moral balance because of a wholesale abandonment of Spiritual practices… of not making the time each day to contemplate and balance out the experientially accumulated events with spiritually inspired wisdom.  This lack of process has had a decided impact and effect on each generation’s collective experiential patterning… since it’s a Natural Law engrained pattern.

To me, there’s an obvious connection to various other imbalances that plague all four generations… like energy imbalances identified as Faith/fear issues… alkaline/acid imbalances leading to chronic health issues… and health maintenance/fight-or-flight imbalances related to chronic physiological and emotional issues.  These imbalances are tangential manifestations of the energies that work with or against each other, every day of our lives.  Ultimately, each one of US, in every generation, becomes the living embodiment that becomes the collective US.

IF our daily experiential patterns are devoid of spiritual influence
—and thus moral patterning—
can we expect any other outcome than the one we are currently experiencing?


Do you remember the saying… ‘Every Choice Has a Consequence’?  The complete saying includes this…  ‘Not Choosing Is a Choice’.  We are experiencing the consequences of our choosing and not choosing… and the outcomes are predictable when we finally realize that many of our past choices were devoid of spiritually grounded, moral overtones.

The good news… it’s not too late to choose better.


The Presidency, Then

The creation of the Presidency was a hotly debated topic during the Constitutional Convention.  Because of their experience with a Monarchy… the Founders shied away from the idea of a single person with far-reaching powers and authority and leaned toward a multiple-person board to fill the office.  Other initial considerations, were limited authority, no power to wage war, single term… generally, they wanted the majority of the authority to be vested in the Congress.

Yet, the founders recognized the need for 3 separate and equal branches… and the presidency would have the task and duty of being the ultimate arbitrator and enforcer of Congressional legislation.  This office was charged with ultimately passing judgment over Congressional work product, to approve or reject their interpretations and refinements to our Constitutional landscape… and then monitor how the States interpreted and adapted these changes into their individual State Constitutions.

The President ultimately would be the Chief law enforcer of our Federal system.  This branch was an equally critical component of the Founders’ original vision of limited, separate, and equal representation of the Sovereigns’ delineated, self-management process.

So, how did they get to what was penned in the document?   Many weeks of debate… sharing and listening… consensus building… until they created the vision and office outlined in our Constitution.  They came to see the role of the President as a visible presence… one of a stabilizing influence… a focal point to promote ideals and leadership… to provide a visible, human interface between the government and its citizens.


Founders Vision of the Office of the President

Article II of our Constitution highlights the details that define the office but does little to define the character of the person in the office.  The Founder’s vision of the role evolved to one of a single figure, whose character and values would visibly represent our country on the national stage.

This person would embody and epitomize the morals and principles that our nation was founded on… with strong moral convictions, exhibiting Christian/spiritual values demonstrated through a lifetime of morally guided experience.  This person would be educated and articulate, demonstrating leadership and stewardship, with excellent communication and problem-solving skills… and they had a divinely inspired role model in George Washington.

The Founders knew well the Leader/Follower principles… they understood that for generations to come… a majority of the country’s citizens would be looking to this office for guidance, reassurance, and leadership… leadership that provided solutions for all the citizens.  Their vision of a President was what they actually had… a man who personified a compassionate yet principled leader, who demonstrated a sense of calm and hopefulness… who possessed a wholesome vision, and who was not swayed by egoic dalliances and petty differences.

Our current needs and solutions should also be grounded in these same tried and true qualities… if each of our current generations still recognizes their value and importance.


The Presidency… Reality, and Potential

Currently, the Presidency is acting like a command center for a multinational conglomerate… whose primary focus is on business, with little attention or care about the true foundation or health of our nation’s families.  American leadership stopped caring about American families in the 1960’s.  Sadly, the 2-Major Party Alliance has dramatically altered and expanded that high office with partisan chicanery to the point where the Office of the President can control the government without the aid or consent of Congress.

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.” — George Washington

That has to stop now.  We are NOT on a sustainable path.  We must return to the philosophy and experiential patterns that prioritized families.  We must learn about our unique history… about how —over successive generations— we’ve evolved away from the disciplines and values that formed our union.

What is the potential of the Presidency?  Quite simply…  this office is uniquely suited to use its high visibility to educate and promote a return to familial values and encourage generational reconciliation, encouraging our nation to slow down the exponential technological onslaught… and find ways to manage its effects on our intergenerational families… to properly integrate and balance the intellectual and spiritual energies.

The inhabitant of this office has a unique opportunity to create and implement cohesive reconciliation and healing. As a highly visible public figure, the President could promote a return to a morally balanced and focused way of life.  The role and capacity of the Presidency should emulate that of a patriarch… a person whose primary responsibility is to shepherd the able and to protect the voiceless and vulnerable within our society.

This national leadership position could spotlight the current egoically driven, exponential frenzied problems, and provide morally guided ideas and direction that promote intergenerational calm and a return to a sustainable balance.


Current Situation and Solutions

Currently, our country desperately needs presidential leadership that focuses on people, not business.  Business should not be the focus of government… people should be their focus.  People, as families… as neighbors… as communities… all wanting to live peacefully… all wanting to collaborate for mutual prosperity… much the same way our Founders did.

Today, the majority of the citizens in our country are deeply immersed in vitriolic anger promulgated by purported leaders using relentless fear campaigns designed to specifically control and divide our population.

This pseudo-leadership promotes fear of certain ethnicities and religious sects… fear of unseen microbials… fear of authoritative agencies… fear compounded by fear… until the citizens are so beaten down that they arrive at this feeling of hopelessness.  The younger generations, who’ve been immersed in virtually a continuous fear environment are affected the most… and are lashing out in particularly violent and destructive ways.

The willful and deliberate breakdown of our family structure, combined with the misguided notion of individual independence has created an isolationist mentality and environment.  With no other stable and experiential reference, it’s easy to understand how these isolated and confused younger generations lose their way, and lash out in violent and life-altering ways.

We older generations —who know and have experienced family values and ties— need to IMMEDIATELY devote time and energy to creating intergenerational ties that support and acknowledge our younger family members… to help them find and feel a sense of belonging and value.

We must stop listening to —and accepting— fear-laced and divisive speech that foments separation from those in contrived leadership positions.  Just because a person has money and access to a microphone… does not mean that they are a leader.  A constructive leader respects and values those who follow them.  A morally grounded leader would not violate or misdirect their followers’ needs or values.


Choose Leaders Wisely

The foundational blessing of our Constitutional Republic is our delineated right to choose those who represent us.  I encourage you to carefully choose your leaders. Choose those that speak to your morally inspired visions… that promote a sense of harmony, trust, and an environment of cohesiveness.  Do not be swayed by promises of material gain… choose ethically.

We must return the office of the Presidency to a position that portrays a positive, morally grounded image for our country and other countries around the world.  The United States has been the de facto world leader for over 100 years.  Each upcoming generation must learn and understand how critical this role is in maintaining both a balance of power and preserving unfettered, worldwide human rights.

We must set —and demand— a high standard for this office, one that reflects the moral tone and values of our founding documents and our collective higher self.

This will only happen when we create a spiritually-inspired, morally grounded list of qualifications… and strictly adhere to it.  Our President should reflect the best of who we can be… and above all, this elected leader must willingly and continuously honor their oath of office to uphold our Constitution, and champion as well as submit to the Rule of Law.

Generations MUST collaborate and support each other… to create a feeling of authenticity and belonging… so that each person, in each generation of their family lineage, feels seen, recognized, and valued… to the point that they want to be a proud and continuing representation of their family, community, and country.

I pray that future Presidents Days reflect a more morally-grounded, celebration of quality leadership… that reflects family unity and intergenerational harmony.

I pray that future Presidents Days are celebrated in the atmosphere of a vibrant Constitutionally grounded Republic, represented through a limited government structure… and managed by Statesman whose singular and unanimous goal is faithfully representing their constituents… the rightful sovereign owners… our American citizens.


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