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to Resurrect OUR Constitutional Republic

IF these simple steps were followed…
WE could have our unique way of life back.


This outline is an overview of WE SOVEREIGN OWNER’s current plight, and the simple remedies that YOU –individually and collectively– can undertake to regain your former status as the highest authority of the land… because as of now, you have been stripped of virtually all of your authority.

Assessment of Current Situation

As of year-end, 2021, ‘We the People’, the Sovereign authority and owners of the several States of our Republic, are collectively under siege by a group that is determined to destroy our Constitutional Republic and —by extension— our uniquely American way of life.  The driving visible force of this group are the 2 major political parties, who have demonstrated a willful disregard of our Constitution and the limits it imposes on them and the offices they hold.



The following guidelines are presented as an authentic, ground-up way to stop this assault on US and our clearly defined Constitutional way of governance… and to re-impose the Constitutionally mandated limits on all officeholders.



Elect Individual People, Not Party Representatives

The founder’s vision for their Constitutional Republic was a collection of States managing themselves without the burden of political parties.  The entire reason for the outlined terms of elections was to directly maintain a close watch and control over their elected officials, at both Representative and Senatorial levels.

The Founders knew that each generation had natural-born Leaders who would serve their friends and neighbors well, by representing their basic interests. That has been replaced by minions who lack resolve and vision… who virtually oppose the will of the people they purportedly represent… to act instead as political party operatives who further the Party’s agenda, regardless of the Peoples’ desire and will.


Stop Funding and Supporting Political Parties

  • Recognize that you are the only means of support for the political parties… without your personal or corporate funding, they would vanish… like a mining town with played-out claims.
  • Recognize that oppressive political party control is what’s created this colossal and combative mess we are all in.  ‘We the People’ are the recipients of divisiveness, overt rights violations, massive and uncontrolled debt, raging inflation, and world disdain.
  • Recognize that political party control has replaced your control, and consequently they’ve stripped you of the many freedoms that were outlined in our Founders Declaration of Independence.



At an absolute minimum, we should establish Litmus Tests that clearly identify a candidate’s (or incumbent’s) ideology and affirmation to defend and uphold our Constitution and our Sovereign rights.  This minimum standard should be uniformly agreed on by ‘We the People’ and promoted nationwide… for every County, State, and National election.


Any oath violation should be looked upon as a LEGAL BREACH OF TRUST, since that person clearly agreed to uphold and defend our Constitution, and is not honoring their agreement.  Lying and Oath Violations must be punishable with incarceration and fines.  They must pay for these fiduciary violations.

We Sovereign Owners should develop a policy that all elected officials –upon election to office-
pre-sign a letter of resignation that clearly stipulates that if they violate their Oath to Defend and Uphold the Constitution, the letter becomes enforceable and they must vacate that office.

Currently, because of our (Sovereign Owners) lack of ongoing management, many current officeholders take advantage of our trust and capitulate to the financial allure associated with the current political party process and let money corrupt their values and decisions… creating many direct violations of their oath of office!!

Start Funding and Supporting Constitutionally Avowed Individuals

It is ‘We the People’s’ responsibility to pay attention to what our elected officials are doing…
as Sovereign Owners of our Republic… it is our unique privilege and responsibility to manage and control them.

If Sovereign Owners supported and funded only individuals that freely and openly declared that their tenure and actions would solely support Constitutional laws and actions, we could quickly return our failing Republic to its original form and processes… all without the need for artificial controls such as term limits.


Resurrect Our Original, Unique Republic

‘We the People’ must remember –or relearn- the basic tenants of our Constitutional Republic…
that it is a simple set of guidelines that preserves unfettered rights and responsibilities to ‘We the People’…
by championing a way of life that exudes and encourages spiritually-guided, personal responsibility and care of our daily lives.

Constitutional Sovereign Owners have many Rights…
and along with these Rights go responsibilities.

Our most fundamental responsibility is the overall management of those we choose to manage our governmental affairs for US.  There is no greater gift that we could receive or extend to future generations than this precious opportunity.  Additionally, each generation of Sovereign Owners must rotely learn the unique nuances of our Federal Constitution… and the reasons for its focus and limitations, both domestic and foreign.

For example, the reason our Federal Constitution lacks sections on domestic issues is that those are the Jurisdiction of the Sovereign Owners through their respective State Constitutions.  The Federal Constitution is specifically a State Consortium management tool… created by the States to provide subjugated uniformity… and to outline how our conjoined States will deal with each other and foreign nation-states.  Additionally, it sets clearly defined limits for any Federal officeholder… for how they are to exercise their limited authority.

The most important aspect of our Federal Constitution is that it is there to protect ongoing generations of Americans… to preserve their rights as well… BUT ONLY IF, past and present generations know and understand what it is… its purpose and intent… and then hold those they elect to the limitations of their respective offices.

Potent, Effective Government Starts Locally

Here’s some great news!! 
The most accessible, fundamental jurisdiction is still completely intact and available to ‘We the People’. 

What is it?  It’s our most basic Constitutionally recognized legal jurisdiction… our Counties.  Regardless of whether they are rural or metropolitan… small or large… they represent US… where we live.  Our Counties are our most important legal jurisdiction… it is where our daily lives happen, it is the legal jurisdiction that most affects our lives… so consequently elected County offices should be very important to US.

An example of this is your elected County Sheriff.   This is the most important and powerful law enforcement agency in our Constitutional Republic.  This office is directly controlled by the Sovereign Owners who reside in their County.  Jurisdictionally, the Sheriff’s authority is right below the Sovereign Owners they represent, and above all other legally defined jurisdictions… above all federal and state law enforcement agencies.

All County positions directly influence the quality and harmony of your daily life… so recognize their importance.  This includes all of the various elected and appointed boards and committees.  Think of it this way… each properly functioning County is analogous to healthy organs of a body and contributes to that body’s overall health and vitality.


Paradigm Shifting Filters

Consider applying the following 3 fundamental filters to all of your thoughts.  When applied they provide exceptional clarity and understanding, which allows you the ability to make constructive, grounded, and purposeful Constitutionally oriented decisions.

  1. Faith Not Fear Filter –  Understanding this most basic energetic filter can lead US toward orderly progress and away from chaotic setbacks.
  2. Generational Filter –  Understanding our uniqueness associated generationally can reestablish tolerance and cooperation.
  3. Leader-Follower Filter –  Understanding this most basic human interactive dynamic can reestablish the most basic relationship necessary for stability and progress.

Regarding Available Reference Material

The Sovereign Hope website was specifically created for this purpose… to clearly detail the uniqueness of our original management system and the responsibilities of all succeeding generations in maintaining its limited form and scope.

Currently, we are way far afield of the original intent and purpose… sadly, we’ve been outside of the Constitutional Fence for several generations.  The current real danger is that it’s now become accepted… which causes a majority of Americans to resign themselves to the current situation.  Prayerfully, enlightened, Constitutionally minded leaders will emerge to guide US back within the parameters established and enjoyed by previous generations.

We 4 current generations… the Babyboomers, Gen-Xers,  Millennials, and Gen-Zers… are the generations who have a chance to fix this… and the majority of the burden lies with the Babyboomers since they are the only generation who experienced and witnessed the wholesale destruction of our unique way of life over their lifetime.

Roadmap to Restoration

    • First, become aware of the potent power you hold as a Sovereign Owner.
    • Next, exercise your power in your local County by demanding Constitutional loyalty and adherence.
    • Next, band together with other Counties in your State and DEMAND a return to our Constitutionally guaranteed ‘Republican Form of Government’ (Article 4, Section 4)
    • Next, reinstate your original Constitutionally designed State control over your Federal Senators…
      so that your State can once again have a direct seat and active voice in our Federal Congress.

My Urgent Plea

  • I call on all fellow Babyboomers to focus on this most important task. 
  • We must admit to our lack of attention and participation and vow to correct our past mistakes. 
  • We must reach out to our children and grandchildren and admit our mistakes.
  • We must ask them to help fix this colossal mess…
    so that our Constitutional ideals can survive into another generation.


Will you join me in this most important and noble use of our remaining time on earth?
To resurrect and re-establish the only and most unique
people-owned and controlled form of government on earth…
our Sovereign Owned Constitutional Republic.
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