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The Business of Our Government

Then & Now… Our Crises Define US

As a benchmark… the business of our government, as outlined in our Constitution,
is to serve the People that created it, to have the least intrusive and limited structure,
which insures the People the most control & freedom over their lives.

Never before in American history has the glaring deficiencies of the business of our government been so evident…
and so important to resolve.

What Happened???

Crisis happened. Why? Because foundational principles & responsibilities were disregarded.
Our current crises highlight glaring problems that ‘We the People’ have chosen to ignore…
and continue to ignore. Crises create stress… and this current worldwide organic Health
Crisis is stressing both our political structure and our corresponding civility to unimaginable limits.

Hopefully, the following will clarify our current situation… and will provide context that encourages us to be more selective about who we trust… that we make balanced, grounded choices that restore US, rather than destroy US.



Crisis formed our country. Crises rooted in overbearing policies pushed the colonists to rebellion. Forced to confront the many injustices heaped upon them, the founding generations miraculously won their fight for independence from the then world superpower… but –comparatively speaking– winning a war was the easy part.

Their real challenge was refocusing and channeling their energy into a tangible and constructive form of government… because every year after the treaty was signed in 1783 saw social and economic deterioration, with the newly independent colonies struggling and almost failing during this critical period.

What saved them –and formed the structure that became the world’s best example of what humanity could aspire to– was a divinely inspired group of men who understood how critical a situation they were in… who understood that they would have to dig deep… go beyond normal wants… and identify the core principles and values that have driven humanity since its first attempts of civilization.

Finally, in 1787, after four uncertain years, the Constitutional Convention convened.   After many months and countless hours of sharing, debating, even shouting… a document emerged… formed through consensus… that described the business of the government they wanted. What did the founders view as important aspects of a government they could create?  Graciously, they left us written thoughts and documents… and also clearly distilled and stated them in the Preamble of our Constitution.


The Preamble

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,
establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense,
promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”


Nuggets many of us have heard often… but what do they mean?  I want to break this paragraph down… to expand the genius, simplicity and unique purpose of the rules of government conceived for our American families to act together.  Because that is what we are, a family of States… each with unique geographic traits… each with localized interests… yet at our core, all wanting the same things… freedom, prosperity, and peace… as highlighted above.

‘We the People of the United States’… A phrase I use often to describe the uniquely powerful position ascribed to the ‘Sovereigns’ or ultimate owners of our country… and quite different from the later defined and subordinate ‘Citizen’.

’in Order to form a more perfect Union’… Not ‘a perfect Union’, because that would unrealistically infer complete conformity… but ‘a more perfect Union’.., the best balance possible among free thinking States and their collective inhabitants.  This particular phrasing also denotes the founders’ practical desire to strengthen the Articles of Confederation without giving too much power to a central government.

’establish Justice’…  Of particular importance, because of the King’s repressive policies which stripped the colonists of legal standing and protection under the king’s law.

’insure domestic Tranquility’…  Create a sense of calm and connectedness between the States and among their inhabitants… which was lacking from 1783 to 1789.

’provide for the common defense’…  Present a unified front to the rest of the world, thereby minimizing foreign aggression… again, lacking from 1783 to 1789.

’promote the general Welfare’…  By establishing clear and concise governmental limitations, the People had knowledge of, and a clear understanding of those limits.

’and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity’…  Having a written document crafted by the People’s representatives gave a sense of security and relief from undue government incursion or control.

’do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America’.  An acknowledgement of Sovereign Owners capable of making such a formal declaration.


Constitution’s Singular Uniqueness

Our Constitution’s singular uniqueness is that it’s ultimately formed around the intangible precepts of a deep abiding faith and core spiritual values.  Our Constitution holds these values above ethnic and cultural traditions.  All other countries around the world are primarily formed around ethnic and cultural traditions, from which they derive their social order and structure.  OUR FOUNDATIONAL PREMISE IS BASED ON TRUST… AND IT’S WHAT MAKES OUR COUNTRY UNIQUE.

While Americans do have individual ethnic and cultural histories, our challenge as a People was –and still is– to place our common trust, values and ideals above our more obvious ethnic and social mores.  The genius of the founder’s creation is derived from, and based solely on the priority assigned these intangible values.

It’s not apparent to me that the founding generations realized and actualized these lofty sentiments completely… they were too busy getting used to the idea and practice of truly having complete control over their lives and destinies.

Even though every past generation had these tools… as hindsight shows us… many apparently, did not grasp the full breadth and scope of how to use those tools… as outlined for them in the early writings and documents.  If they had, we would not have an enormous governmental structure with an obscene amount of irresponsible debt.



Over the past 11 generations (Strauss & Howe), America has morphed from a land of contiguous States that was home to various regional populations and lifestyles to a homogenized place primarily focused on business.  This transition accelerated in the past 3 generations… spurred by the equally rapid technological boom, and aided by a misguided, progressive, party-controlled national agenda.

Today, we have an out-of-balance, massive, top-down, party-controlled system that focuses on business.  It has virtually stripped ‘We the People’ of our freedom, prosperity, and peace.  Daily life in America now prioritizes constraint and conformity… the hallmarks of homogenization… rather than freedom and uniqueness… the hallmarks of individuality.  As a result, free thinking and free speech are openly challenged, stifled and even rebuked.

This homogenization is so pervasive that independent free thinking outlets have virtually disappeared… replaced by massive, stereotypical media outlets and overreaching bureaucracies.  The overt control exerted by these organizations has suppressed and choked off the freedom to share ideas that was guaranteed ‘We the People’.


Short-Cut Mentality

Efficiency and creativity are the trademarks of a balanced human mind… always looking for better ways to achieve results… but when does it go too far?  How do we gauge our progress and decide when it’s beneficial or damaging?  The simple answer is morality… and in this case, established medical precepts like the Hippocratic Oath.  When we ascribe to the greater good… from a place grounded in Natural Law, we’ll most likely benefit ourselves and our environment.

When the depth and breadth of this crisis started to unfold in March, 2020
I quickly realized that this single event
would become an indictment on the current pharmaceutically
dominated and driven medical conglomerate.


Offense or Defense

For decades, I’ve watched this industry create more defined and costly shortcuts to health through the almost exclusive use of patented pharmaceuticals, which are generally not grounded in Natural Law.  Their stated goal is to alleviate pain and discomfort.  While laudable, I view this as shortsighted and unnatural… since the pain receptor function is a primary part of our response and healing system.  Creating and encouraging these shortcut methods of treatment has evidently fostered some serious out-of-balance conditions for the human body… and consequently our immune system.

And dealing with this Pandemic is no different.  In their classic style, they are again focusing on the disease (defense) with this single-minded solution of yet another patented pharmaceutical rather than focusing on understanding and strengthening the body’s immune system to resist and defeat it (offense)… which –incidentally– would have many other associated benefits.  It’s interesting to note that many of these pharmaceutical shortcuts exacerbate the very same ‘underlying conditions’ which are created by these short-cuts.

In studying the various medical disciplines available today, I find vast differences between the pharmaceutically driven treatments and the naturally driven treatments.  I am not advocating for either one here… I am merely pointing out the obvious.  Unless you’ve completely isolated yourself, you know what I’m referring to.


The Business of Control and Profit

Today, the Business of Control and Profit has become the focus and objective of the current political and pharmaceutical leadership.  And while business is a natural extension of our organized efforts, and profit is a worthwhile goal of those efforts… they should not become the single minded focus and end goal, especially under the guise of such onerous control.  The current Crisis has really made that clear to me… as outlined below.

Both the National Political leadership and the pharmaceutically driven Medical leadership are clumsily herding us down a path toward social and economic disaster, all while significantly increasing our already staggering debt.

They are practicing the very definition of Insanity… doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome… and as a result…

Are unwittingly forcing us to participate in their Worldwide Deprivation Experiment. 

We’ve been told that we’re in the midst of a very serious crisis… that they have no immediate solution… that their only solution is over a year away… and that it’s experimental.  And their immediate solution?… cover your face… keep hiding… and above all, keep away from other humans.  This is patently a recipe for human and social disaster, as we are now seeing!


Collateral Damage Invites Paradigm Shift

This Deprivation Experiment is creating extensive collateral damage.  It invites disorientation, agitation, outbursts… and eventually, chaos.  I attribute these reactions and the resulting violence to the emotional strain created by this Deprivation Experiment.  People are becoming increasingly isolated and fearful… they are becoming openly hostile… afraid of human proximity, let alone human contact.  This will have profound psychological and sociological effects on society long after herd immunity is reached.

Any reasonable, comprehensive-thinking person should realize that NO ONE on this planet is going to escape contact with this virus because viruses are a natural part of Spaceship Earth’s biome.  Cutting-Edge Research Science is starting to understand that viruses are not living entities -yet they perform an essential function as messengers meant to assist us… created and released to synchronize our biomic response… and that the inevitable Natural Law outcome is ‘herd immunity’ because we are ALL CONNECTED.

We need an immediate Paradigm Shift away from constantly waging war on things we don’t fully understand to an acceptance of their presence as something beneficial… while we study and learn about them.  We do not escape contact with any of the other tens of thousands of bacteria, fungus or virus that comprise life within and around us… so why should this one be any different… especially now that it’s in the public domain.

Nor should we expect the Natural Law outcomes to be any different.  The friendly ones help us… the unfriendly ones need to be dealt with… and that’s what our Immune System does –unless– we’ve unwittingly allowed those that we trust with our health… to do things to us, that would compromise our immune systems.


Chilling Synchronicity   

So, what does this have to do with the business of our government?  Just this…  Over the past several months, it’s become disturbingly clear that the current political leadership is completely synced with the pharmaceutically driven medical leadership’s monotone message.  The only official solution they tout is their patented, not yet created vaccine. This has produced the most audacious fear mongering and mind control campaign I’ve ever witnessed, and has taken on the overtones of medical malfeasance.

They… in perfect harmony… are driving the American population toward a vaccine squeeze chute, for which they will be handsomely rewarded with billions of dollars… and in the end… nothing will have been done to address the primary issue of supporting our immune systems… which incidentally, still leaves us vulnerable to whatever other pathogens manifest.  It makes me wonder, what’s behind this single-minded campaign?


New Direction Urgently Needed       

The business of our government should still be to protect ‘We the People’ from anything that impinges on our ability to choose what’s best for US.  Today, the American people have lost that ability, and many are paying dearly because of it.

Remember… our original federal government was a simple, balanced framework that ‘We the People’ –through our various representatives– created, with the singular focus of preserving life, liberty and happiness.

The driving focus of these pursuits was –and still is– a sense of morality… linked to our greater good.  Here is where the Spiritual aspect of our humanity comes into play… to balance out our intellectual and egoic aspirations.  So… what happened to this vibrant and necessary energy?

Sadly, we’ve lost sight of its importance.  It’s clear to me that recent generations have chosen to veer away from that spiritually guided original premise and intent of a People’s limited government.



Technological, intellectual and egoic distractions took over their lives… so practicing the wisdom and genius of our founding principles –those that highlighted a faith-based, self-reliance with limited governmental intrusion– lost its importance.

Past crisis-driven migrations added to the problem.  Those new arrivals brought their own experiences of more government bureaucracy… and educating those new arrivals to the subtle yet critical differences between their homeland and our country was not deemed important… then or now.

Over time, the founders’ structure of spiritually-guided, self-reliance, exercised through freedom of choice, became burdened with other countries bureaucratic habits and patterns.  Slowly, balance succumbed to the evolving ‘status quo’… and choice was sacrificed to satiate fear.  The result?

Today, America is a hodgepodge of disparate political ideologies… many with decided socialistic tendencies… and they don’t work here… just look at the enormously tangled web of bureaucracies and the massive debt accumulated trying to satisfy these misaligned desires.  ‘We the People’ need to wake up and realize that printing money and having a supreme ruler will not solve our problems… only ‘We’ can solve them.

Decades ago, I coined the following… and it’s actually more appropriate in this current crisis.

The United States IS a Republic,
masquerading as a Democracy,
while operating as an Oligarchy.

The original Republic and its purposefully lean and balanced skeletal structure was never designed to function as, or support a bloated and massive socialized democracy.  I’m not sure how much more obvious it has to be that the current hodge-podge is not working… and is actually making things worse.


Crises and Natural Law

As mentioned earlier, our constitution presupposes an acknowl­edgement of a higher power.  These beliefs explain the order and precision of our world and lives… and are what was referred to as ‘Nature’s God and Nature’s Law’ (Th. Jefferson).

Our world operates in a dynamic state of balance and harmony, and we are an extension of that.  Humanity has finally reached the point where we are affecting that precise balance and harmony… where we are affecting the very environment we rely on for our existence.

When we choose to ignore Natural Law, crises are sure to follow.

Simply put… our continually ignoring Natural Law has created a situation where now, we CANNOT ignore it anymore… because doing so is creating grave consequences for humanity.

Conversely, this crisis also presents a golden opportunity… IF… and only if… we get our Leadership’s egoic, intellectual minds under control and ‘We the People’ start living more balanced, morally oriented lives.


Our Most Important Inter-Generational Task

Our current generations have it relatively easy… we don’t have to fight for our independence… we don’t have to come together in a time of crisis to craft a document that defines our deepest human desires.

Our task is arguably more important…  to reacquaint ourselves with the profound gifts offered us by the whole Constitutional process and then restore them… to once again make them the guiding premise of our land… to regain the original genius of limited, balanced government… managed by ‘We the People’ (not the political parties).


Now is the Time for All Thoughtful People…

Our future as a sovereign people and a nation are at stake… is that clear enough?

PLEASE view this current crisis as an opportunity… then create the paradigm shifts necessary to make the bold and necessary changes that restores both our health and our Republic.

Our focus should be on manifesting a modern-day, divinely-inspired group, who under­stands the critical situation that we’re in… that humbly takes on this mantle of leadership… that rebuffs the temptations of political grandeur or affiliation… and selflessly goes about the business of extricating and re-establishing our simple, limited and balanced, People-controlled government.


You know how it goes…

“We the People of the United States,
in Order to form a more perfect Union…’

Hmm… A more perfect union…
crafted with balanced humility…
with people chosen by the Sovereigns…
using the benefit of hindsight…
that could actually work this time!

Are you onboard?

Then pass this along…

and become part of our Constitutional Republic’s rebirth!

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