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The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease

By Dr. John H. Tilden

This treatise was written in the 1920’s and contains foundational and well-reasoned information
regarding the root cause of all the diseases that aflict mankind.

Reprinted and Presented by Sovereign Hope
as Part of the Sovereign Hope Fundamental Health Series
under the title of   HindSight Verified

I am happy to present an electronic version of Toxemia Explained: The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease.

I also have a limited print version of the book.  It is in a 8.5″ x 11″ size.
The price is $15.00 which includes shipping.  Please contact me if you are interested.

I feel that this is one of the most profoundly enlightening books written in the 20th century, by an independent and focused doctor who had a very successful practice because of his tenacious efforts.  He was a medical maverick… as his thinking and practice was way outside the conventional medical norm…  even in the 1920’s!!  This book was written for doctors and laypersons alike.  Dr. Tilden’s hope was that through his discovery and practice, the insanity of chasing disease would stop.

Sadly, almost 100 years later, we find ourselves in a world-wide health crisis because the information in this book is still being ignored… and if anything, it’s gotten worse because of the burgeoning toxicity created by an expontentially increasing population.

I think he should be nominated for the Galileo Award… if there is such a thing… which should be given to those who make colossal discoveries and are then vilified and are not acknowledged until well after their death…. you know −like Galileo.  Mankind −and society in general− would be much better off if this information became common knowledge.

Once you read this, the absurdity being portrayed by the current medical establishment should become clearly evident to you.  His book also includes a very interesting and timely perspective and discussion on vaccines… how they are completely unnecessary… and how they upset the delicate balance that is our immune system and cause futher problems.

I pray this benefits many people.  I pray this becomes another reason for America’s Sovereign Owners to stand up and reassert their freedom to choose for themselves.  Each one of us inhabits a durable, highly adaptive, biologically advanced organism that is fully capable of correcting anything it confronts… if we only understood how to honor that… and this booklet will give you those answers in a simple and straightforward presentation.  Your health, sanity and existence is at stake.

If you find value in my effort to reproduce this and make it available to you, please consider reciprocating with a donation.  Thank you for your heart-felt consideration.

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