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We The People

From Crisis to Opportunity

Today, many Americans, from all three current generations are disoriented…
disconnected from the foundational elements that originally formed this country.

Most do not understand – or appreciate – the simple concepts that are our founding ideals…
concepts like Divine Guidance, Gratitude, Accountability, Sovereignty, Republic, State and Civility…
enabled through Stewardship, Awareness, Choice, Compromise, Consensus and Agreement.

Disconnection leads to isolation… and isolation – at any level – creates dis-ease in that body, whether in
our national or personal bodies… which – if left unchecked – leads to the destruction of that body (cancer).

We are experiencing a level of disconnection & anger not witnessed in this country in several generations…
Generational discord is normal, but the levels currently exhibited are alarming & destructive.

The following pages are my humble attempt at collecting and presenting salient facts
regarding the ideals and generational impact a Constitutional Republic COULD HAVE on our daily lives.

I say COULD HAVE because recent generations have unwittingly allowed themselves to be led away from our
Constitutional foundation towards a divisive Progressive Democracy… our founders worst nightmare.

We are truly living the adage… “those that do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”…
and our lesson has painful consequences that will set back the progress of human history.

My goal is to create an understanding of what was abandoned…
to reconnect us into a trusting collection of Sovereign Americans…
that recognize & support our individual sovereignty, united as a Constitutional Republic…
which ultimately creates healing of our Grand Experiment in Human Collaboration.

FYI… this site contains a collection of thoughts accumulated over the years…
that contain evidence of the slow and steady drift away from our foundational roots.

 Please be aware of 3 filters that unconsciously affect your processing, retention & actions…

Knowing how you use these (either consciously or unconsciously) will greatly assist you in
understanding how you assimilate and use information….
and hopefully in creating a Paradigm shift that aligns you with the founders’ ideals.

1. Faith or Fear FilterRealize which filter you use to influence your thoughts & actions.
2. Generational FilterThis filter affects each group and how the groups interact with each other.
3. Leaders/Followers FilterKnowing this most basic energetic demeanor creates essential wisdom & calm.

So, let’s start at the “official” beginning of the United States of America…


The Treaty of Paris, 1783

A Most Unique Gift

When King George III signed The Treaty of Paris in 1783, ending the Civil War with England, he gave the colonists the most precious gift imaginable… he gave the people living in the colonies complete and total freedom over their lives and the land they occupied.  This declaration from a recognized sovereign nation gave the newly formed collection of sovereign States immediate legitimacy… allowing them to establish their own Rule of Law.  This Act put the colonises on an equal plane with England and other sovereign nations.  He essentially made them all Sovereigns… legal rulers over their own lives and the Colonies they inhabited. The colonists officially took their place among the League of Nations as a collection of Colonies whose fates were completely controlled by the people that inhabited them.

They immediately became…
A Sovereign People whose Spirit led Leadership carefully chose to create a Constitutional Republic

This has never occurred before or since that occasion. 

Current generations of Americans are lost…  struggling to understand the gifts we’ve been given… or more accurately, that’s been handed down to us.  We tout certain visible aspects of that gift, such as the Constitution, and it’s equally famous predecessor… the Declaration of Independence, but do we really understand what they represent?

For more than 25 years, the founder of Sovereign Hope has devoted his energy to passionately advocate for an understanding of, and return to, our original Constitutional Republic… to a Sovereign controlled Constitutional government.

See Founder’s Note

If that does not make sense to you, then I welcome you… and encourage your curiosity… to learn about a precious gift that you’ve already received, that can lift you out of the malaise that is taking over our country.


Think of this country as a CO-OP,
a giant co-op… the grand-daddy of all co-ops…
because that’s exactly what we are…
and you as A Sovereign, each own a share of the co-op.

See Co-op

This site shares my message…
There is Hope…
It is NOT complicated 

Simply understanding and grasping the full meaning of being a
Sovereign People operating as a Constitutional Republic
can reorient us and once again bring Hope to all of us and the world.

See FAITH not Fear

‘Americans need to start acting more like Owners
and less like Renters or Squatters’.

Babyboomer’s… Generation X’rs… & Millennial’s
need to understand  this and come together

Common Bond


We breathe the same air… Drink the same water…
We function independently… yet rely on the same nutritional sources.  

When one is traumatized… it affects all of us, directly and indirectly.

We need to consciously recognize our unique similarities…
And learn to embrace our unique differences.


Think of this as an Owner’s Manual,
Imparted upon your Spirit,
for your individual mind and our collective country.

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